Yuwanda Black: Scam Artist of InkwellEditorial.com, SeoWritingJobs.com, FreeAdsSell.info, NewMediaWords.biz and SeoRealEstateWriter.com

One thing my mom used to say is, “The more successful you become, the more people will try to tear you down.” Hence, the following is kind of funny to me. I’m posting this so that if it ever happens to you, you’ll know how to deal with it, and why you should really rejoice in it, especially as it’s amazing how easy the web makes it for people to try and harm your reputation.

Success Breeds Contempt

See all scams and reviews of the Publisher / this site, here: Inkwell Editorial / Yuwanda Black: Scams & Reviews.

I, Yuwanda Black, am a Scam Artist Y’all!

A couple of articles have been posted accusing me of scamming others. And apparently, I’m pretty good at it because I steal people’s credit card information, when I never even have access to it because I use PayPal (see Article #2 below entitled, SCAMS: INKWELLEDITORIAL.COM, NEWMEDIAWORDS.BIZ, SEOWRITINGJOBS.COM, FREEADSSELL.INFO, FREELANCE WRITERS SCAMS – BACKPAGE AUTOPOSTER SOFTWARE BAIT & SWITCH SCAM).

FYI, here’s my favorite of the scams I’m accused of: Yuwanda Black: Nigerian Scam Artist — Scammed Me for $5,000 and ran off to Jamaica.

By the way, one of the reasons my companies use PayPal is that it protects the buyer and the seller. Why/how? Because neither party has to reveal confidential financial information like credit card numbers, bank account info, etc.

In short, when someone purchase from one of my sites, me and/or my staff never even see your payment info. PayPal handles all of that – and it’s one of the reasons many online merchants use it. We DON’T WANT access to any customer’s credit card, banking, checking acct, etc. info. So you’re always protected.

Yuwanda Black Scammed Me for $75

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and I apparently scammed Mr. Brad Parks out of $75 on a writing project and he wanted to do the “right thing” by informing others not to use my services or pay me until work has been completed (see Article #1 below entitled, SEO REAL ESTATE WRITER (SEORealEstateWriter.com), Scam Site …)

FYI, the site he’s referring to is not mine. And I assure you, if I was going to risk damaging my reputation of almost 20 years as a freelance writer, it would certainly not be for $75, when I’ve gotten SEO article writing orders for 30 times (or more) as much.

But maybe I was hard up for the cash, ya know?

If Mr. Parks had provided contact info, I would have posted it so you could contact him directly to find out why I apparently scammed him out of his hard-earned $75. But alas, he didn’t provide any so I can’t pass it along.

Anyway, pasted below is the lastest round of libelous content about me. I’ll be keeping a running tab here, just to remind myself to:

Go girl! You’re on the right path is if someone is taking time out of their day to write about lil’ ole you.

Why You Should Rejoice When Someone Slams You – Even If It’s a Blatant Lie

Don’t let negative press interrupt your flow, ie, don’t let it cripple you, make you mad or stop you from what you’re doing. In fact, Jeremey Schoemaker from ShoeMoney.com (one of the most successful “online marketing/make money online” sites on the web by the way) says you should really kind of be glad when people slam you online.

In his post, Why You Should Embrace Negative Press, he writes:

I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with how hard some people will work to try to discredit you. . . .  Its [sic] truly amazing. They are the best PR ROI you will ever see. . . (emphasis added) there is no such thing as bad press when you have a quality product. And when you have a quality site with quality content… that’s the win.

Thanks for this reminder Jeremy. 🙂

Aliases & the Anonymity of the Web: A Coward’s Best Friend Because They Don’t Have the Balls to Publicly Confront You

It’s so easy to post something on the web anonymously. If you had a problem with a company, wouldn’t you have the balls to say:

This is who I am, this is what my business is, this is how they scammed me, this is my direct contact info and “Oh yeah, here’s proof in the form of emails, payments made, screenshots, etc.?”

In light of the lack of this, think aliases are being used by “someone” to post libelous content about me all over the web because of the info in this post: https://inkwelleditorial.com/backpage-poster-software-scam, which shows up all over the first three pages of Google when you type in keywords related to this software (eg, backpage auto posting software (Page 1 Google); backpage auto poster (Page 2 Google); backpage posting software (Page 3 Google)?

One of those things that make ya go “Hmmmm” (or maybe, “Not so muccchhhh.”)

Article #1 Where I, Yuwanda Black, Am Accused of Being a Scam Artist

SEO REAL ESTATE WRITER (SEORealEstateWriter.com), Scam Site …
Posted On Sunday, 03 Jul 2011 By bradparks. Under Business Articles;   Article Source: Hunt4Money.com (and a whole bunch of other sites)

I am posting here as this is general marketing and I want to make sure other DP’rs do not fall for the same scam I did.

The website SEO REAL ESTATE WRITER (SEORealEstateWriter.com) by Yuwanda Black is scamming people. Please be careful if you decide to do any business with her. I lost $75 dollars to her SEO REAL ESTATE WRITER (SEORealEstateWriter.com) scam and want to make as many people as I can aware of what they are doing. Do not pay up front, only pay after work is complete.

SEO REAL ESTATE WRITER (SEORealEstateWriter.com) also run under these names which are SCAMS as well: INKWELLEDITORIAL.COM, NEWMEDIAWORDS.BIZ, SEOWRITINGJOBS.COM, FREEADSSELL.INFO, all FREELANCE WRITERS SCAMS so be careful there as well.

If you have been scammed by Yuwanda Black as well please let others know.

Article #2 Where I, Yuwanda Black, Am Accused of Being a Scam Artist


(What Not To Do When You Are Part Of A Affiliate Program If You Want To Get Paid)

Fellow Writers,

Beware of the “Bait & Switch” BackPage AutoPoster Software SCAM being perpetrated upon you by Yuwanda Black the WebMaster of www.InkWellEditorial.com, www.NewMediaWords.biz, www.SeoWritingJobs.com, www.FreeAdsSell.info . She lures in the innocent thinking that they will receive the BP Sender AutoPoster softwares based upon her experienced with the BP Sender AutoPoster Software when her Bp Sender Software was terminated because she was using a Pirated hi jacked Illegal copy.

Now she tries to relate her illegal experience in an effort to try and covert the innocent unknowing into purchasing another alleged BackPage Software that claims to have a Demo Download but is never down loadable because it does not exist and does not function. we came to know about her illegal activities from the following events:

1.) Upon placing security controls into our BpSender BackPage AutoPoster Software to make it required to contact us for activation is how the mischievous YuWanda Black entered into our realm. She contacted us saying that her copy of BpSender did not work any more and was telling her that she was “Un-Authorized”.

2.) We inform her that “YES” your copy of our BP Sender Software is Un-Authorized and you need to purchase a Legal copy in order to gain access to our SoftWare platform.

3.) She tries to purchase a $10.00 Access Pass for one month which is reserved only for our Authorized clients, we inform her of that and that she needs to purchase at least a $19.95 Access Pass in order to gain entrance.

She kicks and screams about having to pay $9.95 extra (The first sign that we were dealing with a very “UnStable” person), so we credit her $5.00 from a sale that she had made as an affiliate of the BpSender Affiliate Program, leaving her with a balance of $4.95 to pay and of course she kicked and screamed about that also, total paid $14.95 to activate her illegal copy of our software, not to mention that prior to this she had actually been making illegal sales of pirated copies of our BpSender AutoPoster BackPage Software.

4.) Upon allowing her to become a member of our Affiliate program she consistently demands more than our normal 10% payout, we explain to her that there is a 5% increase for every 25 sales made until one reaches our 20% cap payout.

5.) Her 2-Month subscription expires and trying to be kind to her we offer to apply her Affiliate commissions to her Software subscriptions account, she refuses and we explain to her that in order to be a part of our Affiliate program that it is required to have a active subscription, otherwise forfeiture of your affiliate commissions occurs. We have this policy in place to deter Affiliates from using our popular software to make sales with and then either try and purchase a competitors software and or become an competitor themselves.

6.) She lives up to the reason for our having instated that policy and threatens us with becoming a “Competitor”, this is after we tried to be nice and send her the commission that had accrued upon her Affiliate account even though she did not reach our $100 dollars in commissions payout, she was only halfway at around $50.00 .

7.) Immediately upon threating us with becoming a “Competitor” we immediately canceled the funds transfer and told her “We are not in the business of financing Competitors” and was not legally bound to pay her because she never reached her $100 minimum Affiliate Payout requirement and that we were simply trying to be nice.

8.) Angered and wanting retribution she creates the oldest con game in the book, the classic “Bait & Switch”, she seeks out a competitor software vendor and / or possibly creates a fake back page Software company of which we believe to be fake because they offer a demo download that is never available for download, this combined with the fact that there are absolutely zero “ScreenShots” of this alleged BackPage Software to prove that it even exists !

9.) Then the kicker, we discover that she is trying to sell this “Fake” ripoff BackPage Software using graphics / photos of our BpSender BackPage AutoPoster SoftWare with clickable links that would direct her readers to the “Fake” rippoff BackPage Software that does not exist, just a landing page to rippoff un-suspecting consumers, or what is technically known as a “Phishing WebSite”, a site that is only setup to rob you of your credit card information.

10.) She goes even a step further and try s to do the same thing on HubPages.com, this was the final transgression from her that we had patience for and immediately contacted not only HubPages.com but also her hosting company BlueHost.com and brought to their attention her infringements upon our copyrighted material. HubPages and BlueHost.com contacts her and demands that she Cease & Desist immediately.

11.) She then makes cut and paste clip shots of this illegal phishing site that she has created to rob unsuspecting consumers of their money and places these clip shots on her website.

12.) Again angered she then contacts us and tells us that we are using articles written by her to promote the legitimate BpSender AutoPoster BackPage Classified Software. We explain to her that our Affiliate Agreement explains that any and all Marketing material that a affiliate creates during their tenure with us also becomes shared rights to the company.

13.) Again angered she contacts our hosting company and our hosting company explains to simply comply and make her happy she fabricates claims that she did not read the Affiliate Agreement, but as we explained to her it’s impossible to join our Affiliate program without first checking off and agreeing to these terms because our Affiliate software will not allow it.

14.) Every since “Outing” her and exposing her for the fraud that she is with her illegal phishing BackPage AutoPoster Software SCAM she has consistently harrased us constantly on a daily basis because now her online income has come to an abrupt end since

a.) We ended her illegal sales of pirated copies of our legitimate BpSender AutoPoster BackPage Classified AutoPoster Software.

b.) Terminated her from our legitimate BpSender AutoPoster BackPage Classified AutoPoster Software affiliate program.

c.) Exposed her “Bait & Switch” SCAM Con game she was perpetrating upon her readers at InkWellEditorial.com with her illegal BackPage.com phishing website setup to rob unsuspecting consumers of their credit card information.

Readers / Writers / Buyers / Consumers beware of InkWellEditorial.com illegal practices, for a legitimate copy of BpSender BackPage AutoPoster Classified Ad Software simply visit www.Wealth-Distributors.info or www.RobotLike.com


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Dear Yuwanda,

You might remember you sold me a copy of your ebook about making money on Backpage.com . . . a few months ago. I just wanted to update you on what I’ve done and perhaps offer a testimonial.

The truth is, I initially started testing out various affiliate products and marketing them via Backpage, as it suggests in your ebook. But I went off at a tangent and started marketing musical services . . . since I am a musician myself. Within days of marketing these services on Backpage.com, I ended up getting plenty of enquiries, much to my surprise.

Over the past few months I’ve steadily made money like this, and am very happy, and have branched out to marketing on various other free classified sites and discussion forums.

None of that would’ve been possible if I hadn’t read your ebook. Although your ebook was about marketing affiliate products, I actually used the concepts in your book to market services and got so much response that I didn’t bother with marketing any affiliate products. When I get a bit more time, I’d like to test out some more affiliate products to market on Backpage….but the concepts in your ebook work for marketing services as a middleman too.

So thanks to you, I’ve made money online, despite doing things slightly differently to what your ebook was about….it got me thinking in the right direction anyway and I wouldn’t have known about things like Backpage.com etc if it wasn’t for your ebook.


Order your copy today at http://FreeAdsSell.info, and start building your online business.

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