Writing As a Career: Questions from a Freelancer Who’s Just Starting Out about Niche Marketing & More

Many are turning to freelance writing as a career in this economy, and the reasons vary. Recently, I was contacted by an old friend whose wife has been a stay-at-home mom for the last couple of years. She’s pondering going back to work, but really wants to find something she can do from home. He knows I’m a freelance writer, and as we talked, I told him I thought freelance writing would be an ideal fit for his wife. He agreed and now she’s in the process of setting up her freelance writing business.

About a week ago, I received the following questions from her that deal with niche marketing. She wrote, in part:

Questions from a Stay-at-Home Mom Who’s Chosen Freelance Writing as a Career 

One of my areas of writing expertise is Financial Services due to my background working in Marketing Communications for a Registered Investment Advisor firm for eight years. The initial domain that I reserved is [she listed the domain she registered].  First, do you think this is too cheesy?

Second, do you recommend going after a financial SEO-oriented URL that can be redirected to the broader [domain name she’s chosen] since I don’t want to limit myself to just the financial markets?


On my website, in addition to SEO writing, I’m planning to offer editing services and creative marketing flyers. So, maybe going with [domain name] or [domain name]. 

Do you have any recommendations here?

I realize I need to just get it up and running but I’d rather get the name right from the get-go.  I sooo want this to work!  I’ve started to get my resume back out there and really, really don’t want to go back into the corporate world – uggg!

My Answers

Let’s take her questions one by one.


1. The initial domain that I reserved is [she listed the domain she registered].  First, do you think this is too cheesy?

As long as the domain name is professional, I don’t think it could be cheesy. So don’t worry about that. She’s chosen SEO writing, and the domain name she chose was actually very good – it was straight, simple and to the point, alluding to exactly the type of writing she’s chosen to provide.

2. Second, do you recommend going after a financial SEO-oriented URL that can be redirected to the broader [domain name she’s chosen] since I don’t want to limit myself to just the financial markets?

Actually, this is a VERY good idea. This person is new to SEO writing. She read my How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500 Word Articles ebook and the How to Write SEO Copy That Sells manual – that’s the extent of her training. And, she’s already picked up on the fact that having an SEO’d domain name would benefit her.

So, kudos on that M!

FYI, when I first started out as an SEO writer, I had two domains as well – one was for regular SEO content, the other site was used to sell PLR content (which my firm no longer provides, by the way). But this was EXACTLY why I had two separate domains – so that I wasn’t limiting myself. They linked to each other.

Once I start New Media Words, my full-fledged SEO writing company, I folded both sites into that and expanded my service offerings from just SEO articles and blog posts to SEO press releases, article distribution, case studies, etc.

Learn more about expanding your service offerings in the post, SEO Copywriters: How to Make an Extra $61,880 This Year. Even though this discusses SEO content, it’s relevant no matter what type of writing services you decide  to offer.

One Word of Caution When You Choose Freelance Writing as a Career

As this new freelance writer alluded to (ie, “I realize I need to just get it up and running”), when you first start, the priority is to do just enough so that you can start marketing for work, then expand as you get going.

But for freelancers like her, taking time to “get it right from the get go” is the right course of action. “So,” you may be wondering, “what do you mean for ‘freelancers like her?’”

I mean someone who has not only gotten the material, read it, and grasped it, but she’s taken the initial steps to getting started. Many newbies get stuck at the starting gate. In short, they procrastinate and fool themselves into thinking they’re “starting,” but they need “more direction,” they need to do “x” and “y” and “z” – BEFORE they start marketing for freelance writing jobs. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given advice to someone who’s asked me for it, and six months later they come back and ask the same questions. They never ACT – but they still think they’re “starting a business” because they are, after all, “seeking advice from experts.”

This newbie didn’t do that. She got the material, immediately studied it and formulated a plan of action. This tells me that she’s motivated to, as she stated make this work.

So that’s why I say that if she wants to do a little more than is necessary in the start-up phase, then it’s – in my opinion – the right move for her.

How Her Journey Parallels Mine When I Chose SEO Writing as a Career

As I already stated above, I started out with two websites. This was just one of the things I did when I transitioned into SEO writing.

Other things I did was to wrap up existing client projects, researched SEO writing rates and decide on which niche I wanted to focus on (real estate). In short, I took the time to plan my foray into SEO writing because — like this newbie — I knew that I wanted to (knew that I COULD) make a real go of this niche.

Like me, this freelancer has a real motivating factor that’s pushing her to take concrete steps to make her writing business a success. Hers is not wanting to go back into the corporate world; she wants to be able to continue to stay home with her kids.

Mine was money and a change of pace in my career. I was bored and when I discovered SEO writing, it ignited my passion for freelancing again because not only was the work plentiful, it was different, exciting and paid well.

As always, I hope this insight helps if you’ve chosen writing as a career and are a little stuck at the starting gate.

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