Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: Diary of My Quest to Publish 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year, Part XIII

Since my last update in this ebook writing series, I’ve uploaded 7 more titles, for a total of 35 ebooks on Amazon.

Yep, I’ve been cranking because I fell severely behind over the spring and summer. I was busy with client projects and kind of got lackadaisical to be honest because, after all, I had time, right? Sooo NOT!

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Recent Titles Added

In addition to the fiction novel (discussed and linked to below), following are the new titles added. Note: Some of these are existing titles that have been updated and uploaded to Amazon; others are extensively updated takes on subjects I’ve previously blogged about.

As an aside, updating/revising existing material can take just as long — or longer — than writing from scratch. I expect this from client projects, but I never dreamed it would take so long working on stuff I’D written. Boy, has this been a big lesson!

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Times Runs Out Quicker Than You Realize

This year has flown by and although I toyed with the idea of throwing in the towel on this crazy mission, it’s just not who I am. And, quite a few have contacted me telling me how I inspired them to start writing and self-publishing their own ebooks. So I felt like not only would I be letting myself down, I’d be letting others down too.

Hence, instead of throwing in the towel, I dug in and worked harder. It’s been some crazy long days, and I’ve had to let a lot of stuff slide, which I talked about in the last post in this series.

But, it’s been necessary.

Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: One Big Lesson Learned

One thing I’ve learned is not to have too many ambitious goals at once. I’ve been training for the Reggae Marathon (on Dec 3rd here in Negril, Jamaica). I’m doing the full one. This will be my sixth marathon; I’ve done four half ones, and one full one. Every five years, my goal is to do a full one – and this means a full one this year.

I can do a half one (13.1 miles) no problem, but I have to train religiously for a full one (26.2 miles) and that’s taken up a huge chunk of time. So lesson learned there. As for writing . . .

My First Fiction Novel – Published!

I’m excited about one of my most recent titles because it’s a short fiction novel, Werewolf in Paradise (werewolf fiction). I’ve never, ever written fiction before, so this was a huge learning experience for me.

Fiction Writing: Lessons I Learned

  1. Fiction is a helluva lot harder to write than nonfiction (at least for me);
  2. Characters will take over – as if they’re real people (really!);
  3. I need to take a class to hone my skills as a fiction writer; and
  4. I like writing fiction!

Next year, I’m gonna focus almost exclusively on fiction as opposed to non-fiction, because as I said in a previous post in this series, it sells a lot more than non-fiction.

How Amazon Ebook Sales Are Shaking Out

In Amazon, you can view your sales by the week, the month and every six weeks. This last six weeks has been my most profitable yet. I sold more last month than any previous month since I first uploaded an ebook to Amazon in December 2010. Also, at the end of last month, I received my biggest payout ever (for August sales; Amazon’s payout lags 60 days behind).

While sales are still nowhere near where I want them to be (I still sell the majority of my ebooks via this site), they are creeping up every month. And, this month is off to a fast start already compared to last. So, as self-publishing guru JA Konrath says, “Forever is a long time for someone to discover your ebook;” hence, many more seem to be discovering mine.

Note: I think Amazon sales definitely drive the website sales.

Road Trip!

I’m off again to the mineral springs in the Blue Mountains here in Jamaica tomorrow. This will be my third trip there in two years. I love going because the route my friend takes carries us through every parish in Jamaica (a parish is like a state in the U.S.). So it’s a lot of fun.

Even though I grew up poor; road trips were one thing we used to do a lot as a family. So I’m particularly fond of them. More video/pics to come in a post next week in the living in Jamaica series.

Have a great weekend!


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