Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: Diary of My Quest to Publish 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year, Part XI

In the last post in this series on self publishing ebooks on Amazon, I relayed that I had 24 ebooks on the site. I misstated that. I have 22. Just wanted to clarify that. But, it will soon be 23 because I …

Self-Published a “Non” Freelance Writing Ebook

Yep, I created a pen name and published an ebook outside of the freelance writing/small business/internet marketing genre. To be honest, even though I have so much more to say in these niches, I get tired of writing about how to become a freelance writer – and the other topics I cover.

I blog about these topics, create newsletters about them, answer questions about them – in short, I cover them ad nauseam. So, it was nice to write something that had nothing to do with these topics. And because I wrote under a pen name (it’s a relationship ebook), it was freeing. I could “let it all hang out,” so to speak.

I’m also anxious to see how this title fares as it is in a different niche. I won’t be doing any marketing for this ebook because I just don’t have the time right now. I’m just going to let it “do it’s thang.” It’s an evergreen topic, so it’ll be fun to see how it performs – especially around Valentine’s Day.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Here’s the site’s affiliate disclosure policy for full details. FYI, you can read all entries in this ebook writing series at the end of this post.

Note: As it’s published under a pen name, you won’t be able to find it by searching my name on Amazon. You’ll just have to trust that – to date – that’s my 23rd title on the site.

Make Money Selling Ebooks: How “Pullout” Sales are Going

My ebook pullouts are accounting for about 10% of my ebook sales. I’m encouraged by this because I haven’t uploaded nearly as many as I want to. At this point, it’s all I can do to write a title and upload it. I just don’t have a lot of time to go back and divvy the book up into pullouts and upload them.

But I think that having these pullouts push sales of others because they allow a reader to “sample” my writing cheaply. For example, the pullouts I have on Amazon all come from the “How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days” ebook. They sell for about a quarter of what the entire ebook retails for.

So when readers buy one and see how in-depth and well-written it is, it gives them faith that the rest of the ebook will be just as informative. Hence, doing pullouts is not only beneficial from a direct financial perspective, it helps ebook sales indirectly as well.

Selling Ebooks Online: What Sales are Looking Like This Month Compared to Last Month

My sales have more than doubled what they were last month, and we still have more days in the month. If I really pushed it, I could probably triple them – but as I talked about in the last post in this series, I just don’t have time to market like I need to.

I’ll do more of this early next year when this “quest to publish 50 ebooks” is over.

Why You Need This to Make Money Selling Ebooks Online

What is it? A lot of products. As stated, I currently have 22 ebooks on Amazon. And, I’ve sold copies of 14 different titles. There are about 5 that account for the bulk of my sales, but the others certainly add up – and I think they push sales of the main sellers.

Another benefit of writing a lot of ebooks is that it allows you to see what’s popular with your ebook buyers. Then, you can add more titles in these niches. This is like “money growing on trees” because when you see one ebook “take off,” you’re practically guaranteed sales if you produce follow-up / complementary titles.

While writing and selling ebooks online is not all that hard; it’s not easy either. So, why leave sales on the table? Give readers what they want.

Make Money Selling Ebooks: How Many Do You Need to Sell to Make a “Good” Living?

This will be different for every person, but when I looked over my sales and figured out what my average sale per ebook was, I was dumbfounded to learn that I only have to sell about 1,000 copies per month to be making some very good money (a financial milestone I’ve had in mind for a few years now).

Many fiction authors like my self-publishing guru, JA Konrath, average hundreds of ebook sales per day – and sell tens of thousands of ebooks per month.

Although it would be nice, I don’t need anywhere near these numbers to make a very good living – and I mean, very good. By 2013, I hope to be there, although at the rate I’m going, it’ll probably happen before that. Why do I think this?

Why I Expect My Ebook Sales to Continue to Grow

  • I don’t market my ebooks anywhere near as much as I should;
  • I haven’t even published on other outlets yet, eg, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, etc.
  • I’ve hired an e-publishing assistant to help me with many of the backend duties of self publishing; and
  • I have many more titles planned – across different genres.

So again, I’m encouraged.

One final thing I want to point out is that I still sell the majority of my ebooks from this site – which accounts for about 60-65% of my income these days. Internet marketing and freelance writing jobs from clients account for the other 35-40%. So averaging 1,000 copies per month in ebook sales on Amazon is gravy. Even if I didn’t sell another copy via Amazon, I’d still be ok.

I just want to because it’s another income stream – that’s almost passive — which is what I’m striving for.

Some Insight about Pricing Ebooks You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of

My ebooks are priced all over the map – from 99 cents to $59.95. And you know what — the higher priced items sell very well too. This pushes the average price of each sale way up. So it helps to have a mix of lower and higher-priced items in your ebook catalogue.

Ebook Writing Going at a Turtle’s Pace

I’m constantly behind schedule, but will start to pick it up this month. I’ll be publishing two ebooks this week (God give me strength – please!).

A lot of this is due to non-work-related stuff: I’ve had family and friends visit, I’ve gotten a personal life (yes!) and I’ve been enjoying the summer (a little too much). Hey, I’m currently living in Jamaica – can you blame me?! But now that summer is almost over, my brain is starting to refocus. I practically can’t wait for fall because I’ve had a bang up summer in ebook sales.

So, how’s your ebook writing coming along? Have questions, comments, insights? Share them in the comments section below. Enjoy the week. I’m off for a long beach run now, so I can come back, have some lunch and settle into a long afternoon/evening of . . . what else, ebook writing!

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ebook-publishing-packIf you are courageous, hard-working and self-motivated, you really can make a lot of money selling ebooks online (I’m proof of this) – if you don’t forget that last ingredient – perseverance.

Share Your Ebook Selling Tips and Questions?

Have any ebook selling tips to share? Have a question about how to make money selling ebooks online? Share in the comments section below.

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