Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: Diary of My Quest to Publish 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year, Part VII

This week I was a writing machine – and I still don’t feel like I accomplished everything that I wanted. But, following is what I did do. Note: See links to all entries in this ebook writing series at the end of this post.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Here’s the site’s affiliate disclosure policy for full details.

My Ebook Writing Progress This Week

I created a cover and uploaded the SEO writing ebook to Amazon (and sold one). I was surprised to sell one of these so quickly because I didn’t drop the price. As for the cover, I’d never created an “official” one for it; I just used the graphic that the web designers created for me when I got my site redone in wordpress a couple of years ago.

But, covers are important in selling ebooks on Amazon. I discuss this in the new title I finished and uploaded this week — How to Create Ebook Covers for Less than $5.

So that’s two new titles I added this week, which brings my total ebook count to 13 on Amazon. I’m still behind by one ebook though, which I’m just going to have to find time to make up somehow.

Why/How I Got Behind This Week in My Ebook Writing

I operate a few minisites, and one that had kind of just been chugging along just kind of took off – earning double, triple — and in some cases quintuple — what it had been on an average day.

It’s one I operate “in secret,” because of the problems I’ve had with a “business” internet stalker.

$100/Day in Google AdSense Income?

So when this happened, I took some time and started paying more attention to it – creating content, tweaking it, etc.

Funnily enough, I almost sold this site several times, but now, I think it’s going to be the one that I make my first $100/day in Google AdSense earnings with.

Karma – What You Put Out Always Comes Back to You

You know, what you put out truly does come back to you and some things truly are a blessing in disguise. When I had all that trouble last fall, I was a little taken aback.

So, I went underground a little bit – doing some things that I don’t discuss openly (I can’t tell you guys EVERYTHING!) in order to ensure that I could always earn a living online.

So this little site I started BECAUSE of my internet stalker is now one of my most solid little “passive income” earners (and I put passive in quotation marks because I still have to put work into it). But, it’s not nearly as much as I do with most of my sites.

How’s that for cosmic justice!

Ebook Sales Growing – Part of It Due to “Negative” Publicity

Summer can be intensely slow  for everything “editorial.” This includes ebook sales. JA Konrath, the mainstream and self-published author who’s sold over 300,00 ebooks that I often refer to in this series, even said his ebook sales were down across all sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

So I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my ebook sales this month overall. I still sell the majority of my ebooks from my own site (this one), not Amazon, and I think a lot of it has to do with some negative stuff that’s been published about me.

July is turning out to be a very profitable month for me – one that’s looking like it’s going to rival March and April, which are two of my biggest earning months. Why do I think the negative publicity has turned into a positive?

Because when people read such wildly disparate opinions on you, they take the time to look a little closer. As an example, if you visit any of my sites and read my material, then you read some of the stuff in the articles on the “Scam” page here, wouldn’t you dig a little deeper if you really, really wanted one of Inkwell’s products?

Apparently so, as the following illustrates. Following is a snippet from an email I received from a site visitor yesterday. Today, he bought one of my ebooks (the one on how to make money placing free classified ads on backpage):

Greetings Yuwanda

I came across a sales pages of yours today in my search for creating an income online. Specifically: How to make money placing free classified ads.

I must tell you that I do not contact the creators of products in this manner, but I felt compelled to do so today because of what my research on you revealed. In a nut shell, it showed you to be a person of integrity. (emphasis added)

I read a number of your articles, perused your sites and was pleased with what I saw and read. Which is why I’m considering purchasing one of your products. And possibly more in the future. I’ve often considered freelance writing.

I responded to some questions he asked in his email and he sent a second email, stating:

Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. Less than 24 hours is what I call excellent customer service. I will be purchasing your product right after I send you this. The LORD bless you and yours.

And he did make the purchase, as I stated above.

Jeremey Schoemaker from ShoeMoney.com (one of the most successful “online marketing/make money online” sites on the web by the way) said this would happen, stating in the post Why You Should Embrace Negative Press:

New visitors – Whenever there is a new “shoemoney sucks” or “shoemoney is a scam” post you will notice a ton of new visitors that have never visited your site before. . . . Its like you just launched a PPC campaign…. only its free traffic!  . . . As much as people like to label others as “mindless sheep” people will form their own opinions when they come to your site. And when you have a quality site with quality content… thats the win.

I really think this is what has happened to me over the last few weeks, as the above interaction with a “new visitor and customer” proves.  The last negative article was published about me on July 3rd; the last week has been a bang-up week in sales. Coincidence? Hmmmm . . .

To bring this back around to ebooks sales – the lesson I take from this is, the more you publish, the more chance you have of encountering some negative publicity. But, don’t let it stop you – just keep doing what you do and know that if you put out quality products/quality content (as Jeremy states above), you will make sales.

Ebook Theft: How Someone Stole Not Only Portions of My Ebook, but My Professional Credentials as Well — WTH!

A couple of nights ago (Wednesday), I was sitting at the computer all bleary-eyed close to midnight uploading my latest title to Amazon. I got an email notifying me that not only had someone stolen portions of my eboook that they were using to promote their products, but she had stolen my professional credentials as well – passing them off as her own.

Not only that, affiliate earnings I’d earned, she claimed that they were hers (eg, where an affiliate sold $1,200 worth of my ebooks in one day and half was mine).

Yeah, she word-for-word stole it and claimed those were “her” earnings.

And get this – she had participated in the ebook writing tournament back in October where I wrote the ebook she stole content from (How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days).

I was flabbergasted – because I’d corresponded with this person on several occasions. She stole the works of another writer as well, who alerted me to this fraud.

I fired off an email to her blasting her to Kingdom Come and told her if she didn’t remove it within 24 hours, I’d sue the friggin’ pants off her – and I meant every word.

Can you believe?!

She removed it, of course. But, this prompted me to take action.

Steal at Your Own Risk: Copyright Attorney on Permanent Retainer

I contacted three copyright attorneys yesterday – spent almost all day researching, composing queries and just reading up on the legalities of it all. Learned a lot. It convinced me more than ever that I need to put one on retainer.

I’ll be doing a post here next week about copyright infringement (one IP (Intellectual Property) Attorney – who’s also a professor — graciously consented to answer some questions for this blog’s readers).

The reason I want an attorney on retainer is two-fold: (i) I see stuff like this happening more and more, particularly for self-publishers. And, as I write nonfiction, “how to” stuff, I think people are much more tempted to steal it than a fiction novel (although, thieves will steal anything).

(ii) The second reason is, I want damages. That’s why I did so much research. I want a bulldog attorney who will make someone homeless if they have to. Every attorney I contacted, I told them that if/when I file suit, I don’t want to stop at “cease and desist.” I want punitive, compensatory and any other type of damages I’m entitled to.

And when I win a judgment, I want an attorney who will do everything they can to collect – eg, garnish wages, attach liens to homes, take cars away, get tax refunds, etc.

The Walmart Brand of Law: What Every Self-Publisher Should Practice (IMO)

coverThis is what I call the Walmart brand of law. Why? Because Walmart will spend $200,000 in order NOT to pay out $10,000. You see, many people fake falls, etc. in order to get money. For Walmart, $10,000 is not a lot of money, but for a scammer, it can be a good pay day.

But, the retail giant thwarts this by fostering a reputation for not “settling”; not paying just to get someone to go away. Hence, many don’t even try it, and most attorneys won’t even take on cases against them – unless they’re legitimate.

This is the reputation I want to foster as an ebook seller.

You can steal my stuff, but you’d best believe I’m gonna make your life a nightmare if I catch you. I work too hard – and have done so for too long – for someone to just come along and steal 20  years of hard work with one click of the “Control C” (copy) button.

I don’t think so buddy!

Learn more about how thieves are targeting Amazon’s self-publishing platform.

What’s on Tap for Ebook Writing Next Week

Uploading two existing titles this weekend (just have to create covers). Then, starting a new title on Monday.

How’s your ebook writing going? Tell me in the comments section below, and have a great weekend!


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