Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: Diary of My Quest to Publish 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year, Part IX

Since my last update, I’ve uploaded one more title to Amazon, which brings my total to 17. I’m working on my latest title, a travel ebook about how to live and work from the Caribbean (finished it; get it here). It’s kicking my butt because it’s so packed with info.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Here’s the site’s affiliate disclosure policy for full details. FYI, you can read all entries in this ebook writing series at the end of this post.

But I’m getting very detailed because I want it to be a valuable, step-by-step resource for anyone who wants to take the plunge (it’s easier than you think). Nothing will be left to chance; you’ll have a roadmap to follow from as long as one year out, all the way down to the day you make your move (see why it’s a monster write!).

Yeah, I’m still behind by a title or two, but will be doing some shorter ebooks in the coming weeks. Also, I still have pullouts and existing titles to upload, so I’ll make my 50 by year’s end.

That’s the latest on me. Here’s what’s been on the mind of fellow/aspiring ebook writers.

Some Questions from Aspiring/Fellow Ebook Writers

Question: When you submit your ebooks, have you had problems uploading graphics, certain fonts, links etc.? Is there any type of formatting that you know of that just doesn’t work?

My Answer: I follow the directions found here. FYI, I don’t bother with the coding (eg, <p width=”0″>, which is probably why I have some of the formatting problems mentioned below.

The formatting can get a little screwy (eg, font changes from upper to lower case and indents sometimes happens where they shouldn’t, but really, no major problems).

I need to do more digging around the Amazon formatting forums to learn how to fix simple stuff like this, but no readers have complained (and from what I understand most just want well-written content), so I’ve let it slide for now.

Question: How well do your ebooks do on Amazon?  I never added mine . . . not sure it’s worth the effort? Note: This question is from a self-published author who has a pretty good selling ebook on social media.

My Answer: I do ok on Amazon; I still sell the majority from my site, but for me selling on Amazon is about developing a long-term strategy for self-publishing success. I think it’d be worth it for you simply because of the traffic Amazon gets.

Although to make a “bundle” I think you need more than one ebook — especially as our niche is “non-fiction business.” Fiction, especially in certain genres (eg, horror, murder) does very well.

Hope this insight helps.

Question: I am an Inkwell Editorial subscriber so I received one of your latest e-books for free and it was truly inspirational. You are my favorite e-book writer and all-around freelance writing blogger because I feel like you bare your soul to us fellow writers and I for one appreciate it. I definitely enjoyed that e-book.

I couldn’t resist purchasing two more of your e-books for my Kindle on my iPhone-the FT self publisher and e-book writing and marketing e-books and I was not disappointed.

I have an almost finished e-book about to publish to boost my . . . writer platform and that is thanks to you, as is the fact that I am very confident in my goal to write on e-book a week for the rest of the year. I hope to be successful and to do the same thing in the coming year as well. Woohoo is this exciting-I am glad that I came on board for this.

I just wanted to let you know that your kindness and your advice has been very helpful to me and you’re helping me get to a point where I can support my family like I want  . .

Oh, and before I go, I wanted to ask you what you think of the formula I have been using to project monthly sales income of my e-books:

Pat from smartpassiveincome.com says that in the top slot of Google you can expect 40% of the traffic, and I know as a copywriter that a 1% conversion rate is a moderate estimate, so I have been using the targeted keyword’s estimated global monthly searches * .4 *.01 to arrive at an estimated number of sales, then multiplied that by the expected royalty per sale.

My Answer: I’m not quite this organized when it comes to my ebook sales. But, I think this is an excellent strategy to use to write ebooks that will sell.

Why haven’t I taken this very good approach?

Because I have a built in audience who basically tell me what they want me to write about. So I know the ebooks I write have the potential to sell even before I write them. To be sure, some titles do much better than others, but as I talked about in the free ebook you get when you subscribe to this website, I don’t worry so much about individual ebook title sales.

I’m focused on getting my “catalog” of ebooks published (ideally 200-300 over the next four or five years). Once an ebook is written, it can be a “forever” money maker. One that doesn’t sell so well now could become your best seller in three years. As long as you have quantity, you will make sales (if you’re not writing junk).

My Ebook Sales to Date

Speaking of ebook sales, for June and July, my sales were basically the same (I sold one more in July than I did in June). But, August is off to a banging start! I’ve already sold half as many this month as I did the ENTIRE month of July, and it’s only 5 days into the month.

Individual Title Ebook Sales

Also, I’m noticing that I’m selling a lot of different titles; ie, my sales aren’t coming from just one or two ebooks. Last month, I sold copies of 11 different titles. I ended the month with 15 ebooks on Amazon (I think). So far this month, I’ve sold copies of seven different titles.

Ebook Prices Don’t Seem to be Affecting Sales

Another thing I’m noticing is that the higher-priced ebooks have been selling too. I have ebook prices on Amazon that range from 99 cents, to $59.95.  I could probably sell more by lowering some of the prices, but I’m seeing steady increases in sales, and I’m happy with my overall ebook earnings, so I’m just gonna leave them alone for now.

Amazon Sales Seem to be Driving Website Sales

I’ve also seen an uptick in ebook sales from this website. I think some of this may be because of the wider exposure I get from being on Amazon.

I literally can’t wait for the fall because summer is supposed to be a slow season (especially July and August), and I had a fantastic month last month. So October, November and December should be really good.

Self-Publishing Ebooks on Amazon: What’s Up for Me Next Week?

Even though I’m behind by a title or two, I don’t think I’m gonna start on a new ebook next week. I’m doing what I call “Upload Week.” There are some titles I want to package and sell; some others I need to do ebook pullouts on; and yet others are already created pullouts that just need to be uploaded to Amazon.

So that’s what I’m going to work on for the most part next week. This travel ebook is kicking my butt (packed – and I do mean PACKED with details), so I’ll be good and ready for an ebook writing break when this one is done this weekend.

And that’s the latest on my quest to get at least 50 ebooks on Amazon by year’s end.

How’s your ebook writing coming along? Have comments/insight? Share in the comments section below. Have questions? Send them in (see contact link on every page of this site). It just might appear in my next update in this ebook writing series.

Here’s to some productive writing time!

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ebook-publishing-packIf you are courageous, hard-working and self-motivated, you really can make a lot of money selling ebooks online (I’m proof of this) – if you don’t forget that last ingredient – perseverance.

Share Your Ebook Selling Tips and Questions?

Have any ebook selling tips to share? Have a question about how to make money selling ebooks online? Share in the comments section below.

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    1. Yuwanda:

      No problem. I’ll be sure to provide fodder for future posts.

      As far as the working insanity/working constantly, I was afraid of that. It was something I could do when I was single, but as married momma not so much.

      Looking forward to hearing more. I think that an ebook (lol) that I finished the other day at Starbucks is fairly relevant to matching working insanity with my current lifestyle.

      Looking forward to more posts – I’ve even committed to blogging about my bold goals!

      • I look forward to it Jessie, and will be sure to address your concerns in a future post. Amazing how just one comment starts my brain to turning.

        Reminds me that we have a lot more information stored in our heads than we ever know (and people say they don’t know what to write about) and that it must be true that we only use 2% of our brain power.


    2. Jessie:

      First, you’re welcome on answering your question. Thanks to you for being such aloyal reader — and for giving me good fodder for this spot.

      In answer to your question, I just committed myself to having a year of “working insanity.”

      I’ll expand upon this in a not-too-distant future post.

      But basically, I work all the time (nights, weekends, holidays — ALL the time!). There’s just no shortcut substitute for it (at least not one I’ve found).

    3. Jessie Haynes says:

      Yuwanda, thanks for answering my question 🙂 My next question: how on earth does one schedule ebook writing, freelance writing work and niche site development?

      Best wishes on the ebook front. I know I have so much to do but I am already thinking about how I might chronicle all of my ebook writing efforts as I plan on publishing nonfiction and fiction.

      Best of luck!


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