Why Web Writing Is an Easy Career to Start Compared to Other Types of Freelance Writing

A couple of weeks ago, I received the following question from a prospective freelance writer. He asked:

Hello Yuwanda..I wanted to ask your opinion on the opportunities for SEO article writing in 2010. I am about to be laid off in my present job. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I don’t want to buy an ebook on SEO writing if the market is saturated now…any thoughts on this?

See the answer to this question on SEO writing. A day later he followed up with another question, which gave me the idea for today’s post. He wrote:

Thank you for your quick reply to my question yesterday Yuwanda. In my previous incarnation I sold advertising (print media) and in order to get some deals, I told the prospective advertiser that I’d write/re-write their ads to increase response. My experience is not in online web writing. Which of your ebooks would you recommend to someone like myself, who wants to be able to break into web copywriting as a new career in 2010?

In my opinion, if you want to start a freelance writing career, starting out as a web writer is easier than other types of freelance writing for the following reasons.

how-to-become-a-freelance-web-writer3 Reasons Freelance Web Writing is an Easy Career to Start

I. The Writing Sample Conundrum: When I started out as a freelance writer in 1993, you almost always had to provide writing samples. It was difficult to land assignments without them. I was lucky in that I worked for a publishing firm and so got gigs by way of referral.

But if you didn’t have this type of hookup, you usually had to write for free (or practically for free) to get some samples. And then, they had to be the right kind of samples. For example, if you wanted to write for magazines, most editors wanted to know which other magazines you’d written for.

II. No Experience Required: With web writing (especially SEO writing), clients not only practically never ask for samples, they don’t ask about previous experience. All they really want to know is: (i) if you understand how to write for the web, ie how to write SEO copy; (ii) what your rate is; and (iii) what your turnaround time is.

Sometimes clients will ask if you’ve written in their particular niche. For example, recently I had a prospect ask me if my firm had written on law office technologies. I responded in part:

As a professional SEO writing company this is routine [writing on new topics] for it’s impossible to possess intimate knowledge on every subject. However, the diversity of the subjects we’ve written on is wide and varied — from welding to legal marketing to desktop virtualization to wedding cake toppers. All it takes is research.

This is why I tell all aspiring freelance web writers to bone up on their research skills if it’s a weak spot.

III. There’s Lots of Work: The main reason I think web writing is a good place for aspiring freelance writers to start (as opposed to writing for magazines, for example) is that there’s a lot of work out there. And when clients need copy, they need it now!

This is also why I think many of them don’t care about if you have “name brand” samples and/or a lot of experience. If you can handle their needs – that’s what they care about.

Case in point: In tomorrow’s post on SeoWritingJobs.com, I’ll tell you about the new SEO writer who just landed a contract to do 50-100 articles and blog posts – per month — for a real estate firm. She had no previous experience and is not even a month into her career as a “web writer.”

The Best Part of Starting a Web Writing Career: Get Paid in 24 Hours

get-paid-to-writeWhat I like about being a web writer is that the projects come quickly – and you get paid quickly. In the old days when I first started, it was not uncommon to wait 30 days or more to be paid.

Now, you can literally have money in your PayPal account the same day you start marketing, as the following email I received from a new web writer proves; he wrote:

It is still less than 24 hours since I purchased the book, and I already have a payment in my Paypal account. Wonderful advice that works! –JL, New SEO writer who landed 2 clients in 5 hours.

I bill clients on Fridays for all work completed during the week and most of them pay before day’s end. I have a few that will pay the following week, and I have a couple that may take 2-3 weeks to pay (they are in the minority). The point is though, I rarely have to wait longer than this.

As a web writer, most of my clients pay the same day I send out the invoice, or within a few days.

If you’ve been laid off, want to quit and/or are just looking for an easy, home-based business to start with little to no overhead, look into freelance web writing – specifically offering SEO content. It’s an evergreen, fast-growing, good-paying freelance writing niche – and you can start immediately.

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###Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone. Don’t forget to catch me on SeoWritingJobs.com tomorrow.

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