What Is SEO Writing? A Comprehensive Overview, Including Salary, Education, Skills Needed & More

I started writing SEO content in 2007. I had to Google “What is SEO writing” to discover what it was. Now, some 10 years later, people are still Googling the term, and I still receive questions almost weekly asking what it is. How do I know this?

Because articles I wrote years ago and posted to the article directory EzineArticles, still gets hits. Every month, EzineArticles sends contributors a report on how their articles are performing.

What Is SEO Writing Explained

The article, What is SEO Article Writing? – SEO Copywriting Explained, was my top performer for April 2017. It’s — by far — my top performing article on EzineArticles of all time, as the graphic below illustrates.

Following the keywords web surfers typed in to land on that article:

  • soe writing
  • s.e.o. writing
  • what is seo writing

Note: The phrase “soe writing” instead of “SEO writing” was actually what a web surfer typed in; that’s not a typo. Search engines work kind of like spell check; they’ll guess at what you mean and return results based on that.

That article has been viewed almost 30,000 times since I wrote it in 2009; 29,859 times to be exact.  That’s an average of over 300 times per month, or 10+ people per day wanting to know what this form of online writing is all about.

SEO Copywriting: Everything You Wanted to Know

Usually, when I get these queries, I forward them a link to this post on this blog’s child blog, SeoWritingJobs. I first wrote that post in 2012 — a full five years after I started writing SEO content because I kept getting so many questions about it.

In 2017, I updated it. It answers the following questions:

    • What Is SEO Writing;
    • How Much You Can Expect to Earn;
    • Education Requirements;
    • Interview Questions You May Be Asked by Prospective Clients (as a freelancer); or Employer (as a FT employee);
    • How the Industry Has Changed Since 2012;
    • And a Whole Lot More.

If you have a question that’s not covered there, feel free to email me, and I’ll answer it, and add it to that post.

What’s Considered “Content?”

Content is not just limited to web articles and blog posts. It includes any type of informative content on a website — from case studies and interviews, to infographics, memes and slideshares.

FYI, here’s a monster list of 105 types of content — yes, over a hundred different types of content. And who do you think is producing a lot of it?

That’s right — freelancers, because many companies don’t have the in-house staff necessary to handle all of their content needs. Proof?

75 percent of companies are currently increasing their content marketing budget … 

To meet this demand, over 60 percent of companies are now outsourcing content creation to freelancers and agencies. Source: Curata

With the above being said, it’s easy to see …

Why the Job Outlook for SEO Content Writers Is So Good

It’s as bright as a twinkling star on the top of a Christmas tree. I’m not exaggerating. There has never been a greater need for skilled writers who know how to write search engine-optimized content. And the main reason is the explosion in content marketing.

Everybody and their mother these days needs more and more content for their sites. And, it needs to be more in-depth. Studies have proven that Google seems to prefer longer content. Proof?

Publishing in-depth content can improve rankings — significantly;

Google loves fresh content; the more often you update your site, the more frequently Google bots visit it to look for it — giving you a chance to rank higher; and

Search engines love to see “mixed media” results (see #2 in this article). In addition to articles and blog posts, it also returns video, slideshares, infographics, etc., in search results.

All of this means more work for qualified SEO copywriters.

P.S.: The Quickest, Easiest Way to Start Earning as a Freelance SEO Writer.

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