Tips for Travelling Freelance Writers to Make Good Money While on the Road

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How to Keep Your Income Consistent (Even Increase It) While on the Road

If you’re a freelance writer and you travel – even if it’s just the next town over to visit grandma, following are a few lessons I’ve learned that will help you make good money (or at least maintain your existing income) while on the road.

Bunch Write: I haven’t missed a deadline since I’ve been away because I “bunch write.” For example, I have one client who commissioned my SEO writing company to do one blog post a day – every single day, including the weekends. So, I write a week’s worth at one time. This way, if I can’t get online one day, I don’t have to worry about missing a deadline.

A side benefit is that I free up more time to have more fun!

internet-cafeFind a Few Internet Connections: As I wrote in last week’s post here, I’ve been a signal whore since I got to Jamaica. What does this mean? Quite frankly, that I’ve had to hunt down an internet connection about a third of the time I’ve been here.

Hence, if there’s one thing I’d tell all travelling freelance writers is to find a few places where you can get online when you’re away from home. Don’t rely on one place because their internet service could be acting wacky, or they could close early for a private function or they may simply be too crowded once you get there.

So, find two or three places with an internet connection so you can hop from one to the next if need be.

Don’t Burn the Candle on Both Ends: I’ve kept a pretty regular schedule since I’ve been away. While my work days are much shorter than when I’m at home, I manage to get almost as much done because I get my butt up and get to work.

This means I can’t cavort all hours of the day and night drinking, carousing and having fun (as I’m won’t to do). I get in bed at a decent hour because I know that I have to be focused to work. It’s practically impossible for me to write if I’m hung over or too tired. So proper rest is a must – even in paradise.

A side benefit of this is that I sleep even better. At home, I’m practically an insomniac (I AM an insomniac). But the tropical heat of Jamaica knocks me right out. I’m usually in bed at 9:30 or 10:30 here. At home, I’m wide awake until well past midnight usually.

Tell Everyone What You Do: In my post here last week, I referred to the story about a web developer I met that commissioned me for some SEO writing. I see him every day and the firm he’s consulting with is thinking of throwing “a lot of money my way.” He said to me this morning:

Yuwanda, what if we wanted to pay you like $5,000 to do tons of SEO articles so we can raise our rankings? We really just want to throw money at someone like you who can crank out some content to get us where want to be in search engines.

While I was tempted to say, “Great, bring it on,” I told him it wasn’t quite that simple. They’re deciding exactly what they want. My feeling is not a matter of “if” I’ll get a lot of work from them, it’s “when.”

So tell everyone what you do. Many will ask you out of curiosity anyway. Especially if you tend to go to the same spots and are working for hours on end every day.

Get a Long-Lasting Laptop Battery: My laptop’s battery lasts about 2.5 hours. There are “extended use” batteries that can give you 6 to 6.5 hours of time. I’m investing in one of these when I get back home. The reason is, not all places allow you to plug into their electrical outlets.

This hasn’t been a problem here in Jamaica, but sometimes you feel funny doing it, especially if you’re only ordering a coffee but are sitting and working for three or five hours. Also, when you want to go to a beautiful spot that doesn’ t have internet access  and just write, it’s good to have the extra juice.

Stick to a Schedule: As I mentioned above, I keep a pretty regular schedule. While this can be a little hum drum, it means I don’t have to worry about making less while I’m travelling. One guy remarked to me today, “Are you really on vacation in Jamaica? You work way too hard.”

I told him it was necessary to allow me to have the life I have, but that I do have my share of fun, which brings me to my last piece of advice . . .

snorkeling-in-jamaicaMake Time for Fun: I have to admit, I’ve worked more since I’ve been here than I wanted to. But, it’s not because I’ve absolutely had to. I like to stay on top of things and I’ve dubbed this the year of work, so even though I’m “on the road,” my long-range goals are always top of mind.

Credit it to my my A-type personality but once I set a goal, I rarely waver from it. But, I did take off half day on Friday and really didn’t do much at all this weekend. On Sunday, I didn’t log on at all.

FYI, I took a glass bottom boat ride and went snorkeling on Sunday. Saw a baby sting ray, an old ship wreck and fish in every color of the rainbow. Would love to do more of this. I loooovvvveeee snorkeling, especially now that I know how not to “drink” an ocean of salt water!

I could literally write a book on what to do when travelling as a freelance writer, but these are the tips that rolled right off the top my head.

One more thing: We are so lucky in the United States. I’m off to New York on Thursday and literally can’t wait to be back on home soil. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jamaica, but the modern conveniences – and the immediacy of everything — we have in the states is  unparalleled.

In spite of all of her problems, as U.S. citizens we really are so spoiled in so many areas. Makes me grateful to be American; not a sentiment I’ve always readily embraced.

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