The State of Freelancing: Why “Project Work” Is Taking the Place of Full-time Employment

Written by Yuwanda Black

The last few years have been rough economically for most countries. It’s made finding full-time, stable employment extremely difficult for many. To make ends meet, many professionals have turned to “project work” (ie, freelance assignments), forcing them to be semi-entrepreneurs, if you will. Some are embracing this, and turning it into full-time careers.

The Growth of Freelance Project Work: Some Sobering Statistics

According to the World Future Society article, The Great Freelancer Movement: 8 Reasons Why your Next Job will be a Project:

**Within the next 10 years, the average person who turns 30 will have worked between 200-300 different projects.

**The overhead costs alone for the average full-time employee in the U.S. are now in excess of $10,000 per year.

**oDesk, the online work marketplace recently announced they hit the magical tipping point of $1 billion in brokered work between businesses, many of them solopreneurs and freelancers who moonlight, and in many cases earn their entire living, online.

**The number of independent workers is expected to rise to 23 million by 2017.

Who This Workplace Shift Is Affecting the Most

Millenials – ie, those born roughly between 1982 and 2004. And many of them are highly educated (over 63% of them have a four-year degree). Despite this though, roughly half (48%) work in jobs that don’t require a degree – perhaps because they can’t find one.

Why Freelance Work Seems to be the Wave of the Future

The aforementioned World Future Society article discusses 8 reasons project work (ie, freelancing) is ushering in a new way of doing business.

Are you qualified to capitalize off this trend?

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