The State of Freelancing: What New Graduates Can Expect If They Pursue Freelancing

This is the time of year when many new graduates – diplomas fresh in hand – are either looking for jobs and/or trying to figure out a career path for themselves. After all, student loans must be paid, parents may be hounding you to get out of the house –for good – and life as a “real” adult begins. Yep, childhood is officially over.

As the The Next Web article, Freelancing after graduation? Here’s what to expect, points out, many graduates have seen their parents and other loved ones laid off and/or completely downsized out of jobs. For many new graduates, job security is a foreign concept. It’s against this backdrop that many decide to pursue freelancing.

Graduated? Want to Freelance? Here’s Some Insight on What to Expect

So if you decide to brave the freelance (writing) waters after graduation, here’s what to expect.

Money: It takes a while to work up to creating a full-time / livable income, so keep this in mind as you start. Exactly how much will you need to earn? As the aforementioned article points out:

The amount of monetary compensation you need depends on your current situation. With recent grads, you are either living at home with your parents, living with a roommate, or living on your own. Those three situations can drastically change how much money you need to get from your job. Only you have the answer as to how much money you need.

Get on the Grind: As in, now that you no longer have school and other commitments, you can focus your full energies on freelancing. And, this means getting up every day and getting on the grind – just as if you had to report to a full-time job.

Freelancing is not hard (in my opinion); it just takes consistency of commitment – which is where so many fall down.

As I’ve told hundreds of freelance writers via my ebooks and freelance writing e-courses, if you get up and do what you’re supposed to do EVERY DAY — and this means putting in 8, 10 and 12 hours per day (especially in the beginning of your freelance career), it’s not IF you will succeed, but when.

Learn more about what to expect if you pursue freelancing after graduation.

To all graduates, congrats on getting that diploma (you’ll never regret it!), and good luck if you decide to pursue this career option.

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Your Take on Freelancing?

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