The State of Freelancing: 4 Reasons It’s “The New Career”

While in the past many may have turned to freelancing as a stopover / stop gap measure on the way to their “real” career path, nowadays, freelancing is the real career. Proof?

According to the Parade article, 4 Reasons Why Freelancing is the New Career:

Right now, millions of people are answering work emails in their pajamas. Why? Well, it’s not because their office has an extremely generous casual Friday policy. It’s because these workers have made the choice to become freelancers. (emphasis added) . . .  One in nine workers were self-employed in 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. . . . According to a survey by Intuit, by 2020 more than 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancing. That’s just over 60 million people.

4 Reasons Freelancing Is Growing: Some Obvious & Not So Obvious Reasons

This new career choice is not surprising on some levels, eg, the flexibility you gain by being able to work from home and the ability to gain experience in a new field.

But there are other reasons that may not be so obvious at first glance that a freelance career appeals to millions, eg, freelancing helps you to find – -and take advantages of — global opportunities, and it expands your business network.

All of these are discussed in the aforementioned Parade article.

Your Take on Freelancing?

Do you freelance? If so, why? If not, would you like to? Would you recommend this career choice to others? Please share in the comments section below.

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