The Benefits of Guest Blogging: 3 Days, 3 New Prospects & New Business

By Jennifer Brown Banks

Guest blogging has become the “new black.” And as someone who has had more than my share of guest posts accepted throughout the blogosphere, I can vouch for its many virtues. The proof is in the pudding.

  • My guest post at Pro Blogger on ghostwriting garnered 3 requests from potential clients within 72 hours — and ultimately landed new business.
  • ŸAn acceptance from “Men with Pens” paid off in prestige and an impressive publishing credit to add to my portfolio. (Getting through here is the equivalent of breaking into Fort Knox). 🙂
  • ŸMy periodic posts at “lesser known sites” have yielded increased incoming traffic, new followers and loyal subscribers.

Guest Blogging Tips and BenefitsIn fact few “serious bloggers” would argue that guest posting is one of the best ways to build your blog following and subsequently, your bottom line. But, there’s more here.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging: Beyond the Obvious

Guest blogging can have other perks for today’s bloggers. Here are a few worth considering and exploring, that you may have overlooked.

1. The opportunity to “let your literary hair down.”

Like “Rapunzel,” sometimes I need to let my hair down. Meaning that I may need to rant, or address a controversial topic, or share something by way of a blog post that is not intended for my clients or my reading audience at my blog.

Guest posting affords me the opportunity to express myself at someone else’s spot, without the same judgment or consequences. And you can too. Of course, it should still always be professional and in good taste.

2. The opportunity to “woo” other readers.

Sure, your blog readers love you. But, like many “loving” relationships, sometimes…well people can take you a little for granted. They don’t always compliment you or comment when they’re pleased. They assume you already know.

But, new audiences often see you with new “appreciative” eyes. Sometimes they’re more inclined to share your posts through Tweets and social media efforts, as their “new discovery.”

3. The opportunity to reinforce your blog’s “brand.”

There’s great truth to the expression: “Repetition reinforces.”

The more that people see your name associated with reputable sites, repeatedly, the more they remember you, establish trust, and ultimately support your projects and products.

4. The opportunity to expand your “expertise” in other areas.

Though I am widely known for being somewhat of an authority on blogging, I’m no “one trick pony!” I also have extensive experience in crafting, entrepreneurship, teaching, and professional shopping.

As a firm believer that writers should always diversify to “stay in the black,” I periodically pen pieces that speak to different skill sets and allow me to have different avenues for making money. Not a bad idea for you either.

5. The opportunity to improve your writing and develop your creative muscles.

As with many things in life, “practice makes perfect.” I find that the more I branch out and write for different blogs with different audiences, themes, demographics, and ideologies, the easier it becomes to think outside the box, expand my vocabulary, write longer, more in-depth pieces, and keep my creative flow.

Try it, and you’re sure to have a similar experience.

The Many Ways to Profit from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging provides many benefits, big and small. And though some bloggers don’t view it as “profitable,” because it doesn’t always pay “monetarily,” it definitely pays big dividends in terms of exposure, influence, and establishing your brand.

Get on board to enhance your blogging horizons (and your bottom line) this year.

About the Author: Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, ghost writer, and columnist. Her work has appeared extensively online and in print publications for more than a decade. Publishing credits include: Pro Blogger, Men With Pens, Write to DoneDaily Blog Tips, and Today’s Black Woman Magazine. Her blog, Pen and Prosper, was recently chosen as “The Power 100”–Top Blogs for Modern Writers, (by Livehacked.com). Follow Jennifer on Twitter.

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    1. Gayle Figlioli says:

      Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

    2. Good stuff here, Jen. Point number 5 resonated with me, in that guest posting on other people’s sites has made me write for a different audience and, thus, with a different tone and purpose. Some of my blog’s followers came over from sites on which I guest posted. Like you say, it pays to guest post!

      Thanks for your insightful tips!

    3. Yes guest blogging can be both a blessing and a curse. You have closely screen the guest bloggers or you could end up affecting the performance of your blog due to substandard and plagiarized content.

      • Very true Ryan, which is something a lot of webmasters (especially those who are new to the guest blogging game) don’t think about. Thanks for dropping by and lending your insight to the discussion.

        FYI for anyone reading this — Copyscape.com is a great, free resource to quickly check for plagiarized content.

      • Ryan,

        Great input; thanks for commenting on this.

    4. The biggest benefit of guest posting are the relationships that are built. Some are brief exchanges while others develop into long-term relationships.

      It also gives the site owners a break, which I’m sure they appreciate.
      Marcie recently posted…62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block Available is Now Available on Kindle!My Profile

    5. Thanks, Yuwanda. It was indeed a pleasure. 🙂
      Jennifer Brown Banks recently posted…The 3R’s to Awesome Writing! (Rap, R&B, and Rock-n-Roll)My Profile

    6. Thanks so much, Karen. I appreciate your time and feedback.
      Jennifer Brown Banks recently posted…The 3R’s to Awesome Writing! (Rap, R&B, and Rock-n-Roll)My Profile

    7. Excellent points, Jennifer. Looking forward to “enhancing my blogging horizons” for the remainder of the year!
      Karen Lange recently posted…Miscellaneous MondayMy Profile

    8. Thanks Jennifer for gracing this blog with your presence. I loved this post, especially #4 b/c too often, as a writer you can get pegged as a “one trick pony,” as you put it.

      Guest posting is a chance to break out of that rut and not only expand your writing portfolio, but explore different topics — hence, products and services — you can offer that you might never have thought of.

      As writers, it’s important to stretch, stretch, stretch our skill sets — and guest blogging is a wonderful outlet for this.

      Again, thanks for sharing here. I really appreciate it. :_)