Starting a Freelance Writing Biz from Scratch in 2017: A 7-Step Process That Works Every Time

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Paul Buzan from Just Add Hustle, who describes his blog this way: “On this blog & podcast I interview brilliant copywriters, authors, publishers, and freelance writers who teach YOU how to make more money writing!

I’m among the “brilliant” people y’all! How friggin’ cool is that? Anyhoo, Paul reached out, sending me the following email.

My name is Paul Buzan. I’m the host of a new podcast for freelance writers called Just Add Hustle.

I learned about you through your excellent “The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook.”

As I was reading the book yesterday at Barnes & Noble a funny thing happened. I was skimming through the freelance success stories in the back of the book and a particular story stood out:

It was the story of an ex-inner city teacher who is now a six-figure writer. As I skimmed along I thought “Boy, that sounds an awful lot like Laura…” And what do you know—it was!

Laura was kind enough to be a guest on Just Add Hustle back in November. Our audience loved it — one of most popular episodes yet.

I’d be honored to invite you as a guest on the show to share your own insights and advice on building a successful freelance writing career.

And that’s how I wound up meeting Paul and doing his podcast. He’s super nice and a great interviewer.

Freelance Issues Covered During the Podcast

One of the questions he asked me was, “If you had to rebuild your business from scratch today, what’s the one thing you’d do right now?”

I laid out a 7-step process near the end of the interview, which became the basis of the title for this post.

Following are all the questions he sent me before the interview. We covered all of this – and a whole heck of a lot more – during our chat.

  1. What is a “hybrid freelancer”?
  2. What are the benefits of being a “hybrid freelancer”?
  3. Why continue to write freelance for clients if you’re generating income through e-books, affiliate marketing, etc.
  4. Because working for clients is a key part of being a “hybrid freelancer” how do you find new clients online? What’s working for you right now?
  5. What advice would you give someone who feels stuck at a 9-to-5 and isn’t sure how to get her freelance writing business off the ground?
  6. If you had to rebuild your business from scratch today, what’s the one thing you’d do right now? 
  7. Where can our listeners go to learn more about you?

Listen to the Podcast

So I’m gonna direct you over to Paul’s site now so you can learn more, and listen in on my brilliance. Hey that’s his word, not mine, remember?! 🙂

I’m warning you, I talk – a lot! (Sorry about that Paul). But, I hope you enjoy it. Paul was kind enough to say he found it very informative and that my story has inspired him to “up his writing biz hustle.”

He’s a very nice guy … he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean it, right? LOL!

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    1. Hey Yuwanda!

      Thanks again for taking time out of your schedule to stop by the show.

      Our talk lit a fire in me to ramp up my marketing efforts in 2017.

      Looking forward to seeing how your affiliate efforts grow this year and beyond.

      Hopefully I’ll be joining you soon as a “hybrid freelancer”. 🙂
      T Paul Buzan recently posted…JAH 12: Yuwanda Black On Why You Should Be A Hybrid FreelancerMy Profile

      • Ahhhh, Paul, you are so sweet.

        I think more and more of us freelancers will be going the “hybrid” route. As you pointed out during our podcast, there are many like Bob Bly who’ve been doing it for years. And if someone as successful as him is doing it, it’s definitely something to look into.

        Hope to see you “in group” — the affiliate marketing group. 🙂

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