Start a Freelance Writing Biz in “Real Time”: Look Over My Shoulder While I Do It

In February, I was featured in a podcast on JustAddHustle. Paul Buzan is the blogger behind this creative podcast, which he describes this way: “I interview brilliant copywriters, authors, publishers, and freelance writers who teach YOU how to make more money writing!

Build a Freelance Writing Biz in 90 Days

In the comments section of the post I linked to above, Paul said:

Thanks again for taking time out of your schedule to stop by the show. Our talk lit a fire in me to ramp up my marketing efforts in 2017.

Well Paul is a man of his word ladies and gents. He’s holding a writing challenge where he’s going to build a services-based writing biz from scratch over the next 90 days. And the best part? He’s going to document the process via daily emails — what’s working, what’s not, etc. You, in essence, will get to look over his shoulder to see what he’s doing.

You can sign up to follow his journey at Just Add Hustle. It’s free, and again, he’ll be offering daily updates. So head on over and sign up, ok?

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What You’ll Learn in this 90-Day Writing Challenge

Paul’s impetus for startBecome a Freelance Writer Starting from Scratch: 90 Day Freelance Writing Challengeing this challenge were the questions he received from listeners. He wrote:

As a full-time copywriter, I know how tough it can be to start and/or grow a writing business. You wonder about things like:

Sound familiar? I get questions like these, from writers like you, on a weekly basis. And if you’ve ever asked yourself those questions, then you’ll be glad you joined this 90 Day Writing Challenge.

So again, head on over to Just Add Hustle and sign up. Seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and extremely helpful — for new and experienced freelance writers.


I’ve signed up to follow along, and will be blogging some of my thoughts along Paul’s journey probably every week or so. I’d love to hear yours so we can “compare notes.” 🙂

Share Your Insights

I know you’ll find Paul’s journey insightful, spurring thoughts you might want to share. Also, feel free to submit a guest post with your thoughts and I’ll publish it.

Also, do me a favor? Leave a “I’m in Yuwanda!” comment below so I can get a feel for how many of us are in this “together.”

The Benefits of Participating in Writing Challenges

Freelance writing challenges are fun, but a ton of work for the creator. I’ve done a couple over the years. One was a “non-fiction, how-to” self-publishing, ebook writing challenge. The other was a “writing any kind of book” writing challenge. Some things I learned were:

  • What my writing blocks are (and how to overcome/work around them)
  • How to write faster
  • How to develop characters
  • The benefits of writing — even when you don’t feel like it
  • Why to “trust” the writing process
  • That I’m not nearly as bad as I think I am sometimes
  • That I’m not as good as I think I am sometimes
  • The value of sticking to a deadline
  • The benefits of writing regularly (daily)
  • And so much more.

If you read through some of those posts I did during my series, you’ll see just how invaluable they can be to you as a writer. No matter what stage you’re at in your freelance writing career, you can always learn something by participating and/or following along. So go on; sign up. And don’t forget to leave me a “I’m in Yuwanda!” comment below ok.

What a banging way to start off the busy season, right?!

P.S.: Become an Online Writer: Free Ecourse.

P.P.S.: A Practically Fail-Proof Way to Start an Online Writing Biz

With the right knowledge, it’s a great work-from-home career. Get trained to get started!

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