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  2. I brainstormed some social media strategy and ideas with a couple of friends who have businesses. I also have taken some courses related to the field and engaged in discussion with people in this field. I found , like you said, that many businesses, for the most part, are “fishing” for a solution to make fast money by going viral instantly. They want to buy ready made words and images. If that’s what they want, there are businesses online that can provide private label rights.

    Unfortunately, these type of business owners have bought into the idea that big splash brings traffic and consequently sales. But that’s a short sighted view. Relationships are what build solid sales as well as a good quality product or service and professional sales experience.

    I have found that there are businesses and freelancers who want to build relationships. Those would be the type of clients I’d look for if I were in this business.

    Ironically, the social media strategist has to decide, just as they are telling their client, that they too are in the relationship business and want to forge relationships that lead to strategies that work and future referrals. Your reputation is at stake.

    I think a social media strategist might find it more fulfilling to work with businesses who see the value in relationship.

    If a business person doesn’t get that, then their are plenty of other SM strategist to serve them. They will, unfortunately, by any means necessary, find get them zillions of “likes” and “follows.” However, that approach doesn’t insure internet or solid sales in the future. And it hurts a brand.

    Some businesses just want a copy writer who can instill their copy in sound bites for as cheap as possible. They know the costs of copywriters services. I would say, as you suggested, to feel the client out and explore just specifically what they want. Often what they want are dollars and they could care less about nurturing their brand and relationships.

    One of the rewards for being a social media strategist is that you get to choose who to work with and find those who trust you and your style(as a consequence of building a relationship)

    If you want clients to be happy over the long term, they need to “get you”, your style and the service nature of your brand. Your reputation as a SM strategist depends on their happiness.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings on this issue in your forum.

    It’s so much more satisfying to work with clients who is excited about building their business and a solid brand reputation rather than just big numbers of followers.

    • Totally agree with everything you said Sandra.

      Another side of this are clients who want “simple maintenance.” For example, I have one client who hires my firm to just update her Twitter account. All she wants is 6-8 relevant tweets sent out each day. We find them and send them to her. She doesn’t have time, and she says if we didn’t do it, her account would remain dormant and she just likes to “stay visible”.

      So there are lots of different types of clients — those who want an in-depth strategy, those who require simple maintenance, and those who want ongoing campaigns that are tweaked along the way. ALL of these services can pay really well though, but as you say, it’s up to the freelancer to find and work with those “trust you and your style” and who “get you”.

      Thanks for sharing your feelings on this subject — definitely great insight for freelancers who might be thinking of dipping their toes into the social media marketing waters.

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