Setting Your Freelance Writing Goals: The #1 Thing to Keep in Mind

About a week ago, I received an email from a very successful freelance writer who was considering expanding their biz. They asked if I thought it was a good idea. Note: They told me the idea, but to protect privacy I won’t state it here.

As I discussed and explained in this post, I think every freelance writer should set annual goals. I shudder to think where I’d be without mine. Even if you don’t accomplish every one, having a road map keeps you on track towards your overall life goal(s), which brings me to the main thing I want you to keep in mind about setting goals.

Following was my answer this freelance writer; a timely reminder as the New Year approaches and many of us turn our attention to what we want to accomplish.

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Answer This Question Before You Set Any Goals

Funny you should mention this, as it’s something I’ve thought about over the years. And the main reason is, recurring revenue. Even so though, I’ve decided against it for myself because when I look at my life plan, what I want is a less hands-on business; not one that requires more involvement.Setting Your Freelance Writing Goals: The #1 Queston to Ask (and Answer)

So I guess my advice would be, if this is something that fits in with your overall life plan. If so and you’re up for the involvement (that the idea would entail), then I say go for it.

But, try to gather more info on how to do it first. Because once people start paying, they’ll be pissed if you shut it after a few months. It could hurt your online reputation and harm sales for your other products.

I guess what I’m saying is just be sure.

Freelancer Response

This person took my advice to heart and since the plan they had didn’t fit in with their life plan, they implemented a “Plan B” if you will, of something else they’d been thinking about doing. They wrote:

My partner, when I asked what they thought about [my idea], even said “what would Yuwanda do?”

[So] I think this was just what I needed to hear. You’re so right and what I love is [that it’s] less hands on, too! Maybe it’s time for me to finally get back into [another idea they had for their business that they’d dibbled and dabbled in].

Thanks for all your insight.

Plan A didn’t fit their overall life goal; so they implemented Plan B — which did. And this is what goal-setting is — getting you where you want to be in life overall; not just professionally.


Life is all too fleeting, and we think we have all this time. But once you start to set annual goals, you’ll see, the years fly by. So have a life plan. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in life a year, five years, 10 years?

Once you answer this question, it’ll be easier to assess opportunities that come your way – as a freelance professional, and in other parts of your life as well.

Consider your overall life plan when you set freelance goals because your professional life is inextricably linked to your personal life (or it should be). Click To Tweet

Coming Tomorrow: SEO Writer Who Earned Over $120,000 in 6 Months

Recently, Laura (my co-course creator in this freelance writing bundle) sent me an email about something. And in it, she mentioned in an off-hand way: “… I’ve actually been able to hit 20k every month since [June 2017]

Why HostGator is the best web hositing company for freelance writers (IMO)I was like, “What!”

Some people hit a milestone like that and it’s an anomaly. Laura’s made it her norm. So when she asked if I’d like a post providing some insight about how she made it happen, I was like, “Well duhhhhh, yeah!”

Hey, I’m no dummy!

So that’s what’s coming tomorrow. In the post, Laura gives some specific advice on how to choose clients who will get you  to the six-figure mark, and perhaps more importantly, how and when to let go of those who might be holding you back from reaching this income milestone. Good stuff … so watch out for that post, ok.

Update: Here’s the post!

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    1. Great advice Yuwanda! I’ve been setting annual goals consistently for at least the last decade and a half. I don’t usually accomplish 75% of them, but I do make progress and move in the right direction. One of the keys I’ve found over the years is to be flexible and open to new opportunities that may come your way, because you never know what’s around the corner. Of course, this can be a hazard too with so many opportunities that come at you every day online. So I’ve also had to develop the discipline of not becoming distracted and not chasing every shiny object that gets put in front of me while at the same time looking closer at the ones that could fit into my plans.

      You know, it must be something about turning 50 that makes you think more about your mortality because I’m turning 50 in February and, like you, I’m far more mindful of the end (even though I expect to live another 40 years or so) than I was even 5 years ago. Actually, I’ve lived a pretty good life already and I’m thankful for all I’ve done and had, but I also believe that God has a lot more work for me to do before I leave this planet. I also look forward to my daughter growing up and doing great things – she turns 15 next month.

      You are totally spot on about new ventures needing to fit into your overall life goals. For example, in my case, I could expand my freelancing business, take more clients, hire writers to service them all, and make more $. But I’m actually looking to transition away from writing for clients and into more profitable ventures, like affiliate marketing, which I’ve had some success with in 2017. I’ll probably still be freelancing for the foreseeable future, but hopefully doing less of it in 2018.

      One last thing – that doesn’t surprise me at all that Laura P. is hitting $20K a month consistently. I had the privilege of working with her on a project over the summer and another more brief project this past fall. She is very professional and incredibly well-organized. I learned a great deal from working with her, and I’d suggest that anyone who wants to accelerate their freelancing success should pay close attention to her upcoming post.

      • Paul my b-day is in February too! And yeah, there msut be somthing about the big 5-0 and beyond that makes you much more aware of your mortality. Like you though, I plan to be around another 40 or 50 years. I want to live to be at least 100 (as long as I’m healthy; don’t wanna be old and sick, which is why I work out regularly and watch what I eat for the most part). But only God knows how long we’re going to be here. I just try to do my part not to rush things along! LOL! 🙂

        As for SOS (shiny object syndrome), the ONLY thing that keeps me centered are my life goals cuz I’m kind of an entrepreneurial junkie. There’s so much more I would have done had I not taken a second to assess and say, “Does this move you closer to your life goal or farther away?” The answer to that question is always my guiding light. Over the years, I’ve found it much easier to say no — even when it seems like an opportunity is tailor made for me. I like to think it’s God testing me to see if what I say I want is what I really want.

        Good luck with your affiliate marketing. As you know, I made the turn away from writing for clients full-time a few years ago. It took a few years to get to that point, but it definitely makes freelancing soooo much more fun because I get to pick and choose the projects I want to work on. So be patient as you make the turn, knowing that once you get there, your hard work will be worth it.

        As for Laura — yeah, she kills it! I wish I’d been much more organized early in my freelance career. I could have been successful that much sooner. But, live and learn, no?

        Sarah – 15?! No way! Just no way! May you live long enough to enjoy grandchildren and great-grand children.

        Happy holidays to you and your family, and may 2018 be a prosperous one for you (spiritually and financially). 🙂

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