SEO Copywriting: How One Freelancer Earned $20,000 in One Month

Many of the most frequent questions I get about SEO copywriting from aspiring freelancers go something like, “Is SEO writing still viable? Can I make a living at it? Is it too late to make money writing SEO articles? Is the SEO copywriting niche too saturated?” Well boy do I have a doozy of a story for you today that answers this question definitively.

A couple of weeks ago, the following email from a freelance online writer hit my inbox. It stated in part:

June 2017 is set to be my biggest month ever- from SEO writing alone I pushed past the $20k mark for the first time. I’m crafting a blog [post] around that … about how I did that and how SEO writing is still very relevant and lucrative.

Funny thing is, this didn’t surprise me. Why? Because the need for SEO content just seems to grow and grow and grow, thanks to content marketing.

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A 5-Figure SEO Writing Month: One Freelancer’s Success Story

That email was from Laura Pennington, my partner in this SEO writing course bundle. Today, in a guest post on ProofreadAnywhere, Laura shared exactly how she went from earning $1,100 as a public school teacher back in 2012, to earning well over $300,000 the last few years as a freelance writer – writing mostly online content.

You can read her full interview here.

Doing SEO Copywriting: Is This Kind of Freelance Income REALLY Possible for Me?

Right now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, but she’s an expert. What about an Average Joe like me with no experience? Is that really possible?” And my answer to that is, “Absolutely!” And here’s why …SEO Copywriting: How One Freelancer Earned $20,000 in One Month

Laura began her freelance writing career in 2012. She was new. She had no experience whatsoever. Just like me when I first started in 2007, she had to Google what SEO content was. Then she found this site, bought the SEO writing ebook, and was off to the races.

Via my SEO courses and ebooks, I’ve trained a few hundred (or more) SEO writers. And one thing that sets those like Laura who achieve major success apart from others is that they develop a plan — and they work the hell out of it!

Freelance Success Stories

Laura decided to dig into Upwork and make that part of her marketing strategy.

I, on the other hand, stayed away from freelance marketplaces like this for the most part and found clients by contacting prospects directly (mostly via cold emails).

Some days, I’d email up to 100 prospects or more. Just from a numbers prospective alone, you’re bound to get work if you do this kind of intense marketing. This is all discussed in the ecourse.

Yet another freelancer I know, who quit her job after freelancing for a couple of years, hopped on the cold-calling bandwagon to achieve her goals.

Another jumped on the themed SEO content bandwagon early on, got success for his clients, and built from there.

Yet another six-figure SEO copywriter I know specialized in a tightly defined niche; hired a VA (family member) to send out a certain number of targeted emails per week; and pretty soon became the “go to” person in that niche. He once wrote to me something along the lines of, “I have more writing jobs in my niche than I really care for at this point.” But they pay well, so he keeps getting referred and keeps pumping out the content.

Lessons from Successful Freelance SEO Copywriters

My point? As the above success stories highlight, there’s more than one way to skin the freelance writing SEO cat. But, it does require a plan — one that works that you’ll stick to. Devising and working a plan means you’re serious, dedicated and focused – and much more likely to succeed.

How to Become a SEO Writer: Free Ecourse (Click to Enroll)

So head on over and check out Laura’s post on ProofreadAnywhere. It truly is awesome. You’ll also discover why we think our “Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career” package is super awesome for newbies, and even more experienced freelance writers who just want to take their career to the next level.

Laura became a six-figure freelance writer in just 18 months. And, except for an 18-month period between 2006 and 2007, I’ve been a full-time freelancer/small biz owner since 1993. And this is why you get a jump start with our package – a huge jump start; because you get the benefit of all of our experience and avoid some of the mistakes we made.

How Easy Is It to Start a Freelance SEO Copywriting Career?

Very. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you’re literally ready to go. BUT … like any business, jobs are not going to come to you with half-hearted attempts. It takes hard work, dedication, and a plan (which our course gives you).

Also realize, freelance writing is NOT a road to riches. There will be long days. There will be assignments you’ll hate. There will be clients who will be difficult (although truly, I have to say, 99% of people are gems to work with). It’s that 1 percent though that’ll have you pulling your hair out at times. Don’t worry though, you’ll learn how to avoid them and rock on.

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you know that I’m American, but currently live and work from Jamaica (full-time since 2013). When I go on vacation these days, it’s for a month, or two months or more – unless I’m going with friends, most of whom have to go back to their jobs. Sometimes even then, I stay longer.

This is all made possible because I have a portable career. As long as I have an internet connection and my laptop with me, I can earn. That’s the kind of freedom having a mobile career like SEO writing gives you. And that, you can’t put a price on in my opinion.

When’s the Best Time to Start a Freelance SEO Writing Business?

My pat answer to this is, “Anytime you’re ready.” And that’s the truth. But summer tends to be one of the slower times in the industry because editorial is cyclical. Things tend to pick up after Labor day.

So if you start now and do all the behind-the-scenes work, eg, take the SEO copywriting course, get a website, decide on your service offerings, rates you’ll charge, create writing samples, etc., you’ll be well prepared to start marketing and landing jobs when the busy season rolls around.

Questions about SEO Writing

Here’s some in-depth info about what SEO copywriting is, how much you can expect to earn, skills required and much more.

P.S.: Make Money Writing in 3 Different Ways: Get full details.

P.P.S.: A Practically Fail-Proof Way to Start a High-Paying Online Writing Biz

As these freelance writing job listings highlight, there are many online writing opportunities in SEO these days. And, with the right knowledge, it’s great work-from-home career to start – PT or FT. Get trained to get started!

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    1. Pranav Bhati says:

      Hey! That was a great post. 🙂
      Is guest posting on big sites to build portfolio also important in SEO Copywriting success like Freelance Blogging, or are the samples enough to start pitching clients?

    2. Jameel Orday says:

      I’m new to freelance writing and could really use some guidance and coaching on how to become successful doing it. I look forward to letting this community know how things are going for me and getting as much feedback as possible. I’m very happy that this blog is here to offer support to newbies like myself.

    3. The idea of working from Jamaica has peaked my interest

    4. Great post, Yuwanda! So true about there being so many ways to succeed with freelance writing. My path was more like yours — cold emailing, and I’ve been very fortunate to find some really good clients that have stuck with me for several years. I, too, have broken five figures in a month — I believe that’s happened for me 3 times since I started back in 2010, so it hasn’t been a regular thing. But even if you stay within the $5K to $10K a month range most of the time, you can still make a pretty good living doing this.

      BTW — it’s been a pleasure working with Laura on the project you guys recently hired me for. I appreciate working with someone who is so well-organized and on top of her game. I was definitely not surprised to learn she is breaking $20K monthly.

      • Paul that is truly awesome to hear. I’m so happy for you. I remember when we first started corresponding — oh, what 5, 6, 7 yrs ago now. You were skeptical that you could find something legitimate to do online to make a living, but you gave this “seo writing thing” a try. And now, look at you. I feel like a proud mama bear. You have worked your tush off and are one of the amazing success stories I know of in this niche.

        Again, continued success, and letting me know that the info I work so hard to provide actually works (if you put in the work). 🙂

      • Hey Paul, you rock! One of the editors on that project literally just sent me a message complimenting your work today and how on top of it YOU are, so I can definitely see why you’re so successful as a writer, too! Thank for your positive comments and it’s a pleasure to work with you as well.

        • Laura I just corresponded with Paul last night and told him I was gonna make sure you saw this comment. You beat me to the punch.

          He thought I had a hand in his getting hired. I was like, “Laura knows talent when she sees it, so I’m not surprised she selected you. Not surprised at all. I’ve never worked with you, of course, but you ooze professionalism obviously; your success speaks for itself.”

          Seeing you guys’ success just tickles me pink. 🙂

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