Freelance SEO Content Writing Package: Everything a Newbie Needs to Get Started — Immediately

Jumpstart Your SEO Writing Career: Get the Following 5 Ebooks for 1 Low Price!

If you want to start a successful SEO writing career, this ebook package gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started — from how to market for SEO content writing jobs, to how to deal with clients. Save almost $110!

Publisher Note:
This ebook package is no longer offered. You can still purchase most of the products individually (except for the How to Write SEO Copy That Sells ebook, which is no longer offered).


If you want in-depth SEO copywriter training, check out our school on Teachable. There are two course offerings: one on just SEO writing, and a bundled course offering How to Write SEO Content & How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs on Upwork.


In How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles, you’ll learn how to start marketing for — and getting — SEO content writing jobs.

Earning $85 Per Article

In this ebook, I detail how I went from 0 clients to 4 paid projects in less than one week writing SEO articles — at $25 per 500-word article. In 2008, I formed a full-service SEO writing company (NewMediaWords.biz), and now charge $85+ per article.

You can do the same thing, as the testimonials of those who followed the plan I outline in this ebook demonstrate. In this easy-to-follow ebook, I’ll cover how to bill clients, what to charge, tools you’ll need to get started (if you have a computer, you’re practically there already) and much more.

I’ll also show you actual correspondence from clients sent in response to the marketing queries I sent out — and how I responded to them. You’ll have all the tools you need to start making money as an SEO copywriter almost immediately.

FYI, this ebook has sold for as much as $74.95 as a standalone product, but you get more with it.

Freelance SEO Writing Content PackageEBOOK #2

With the purchase of the SEO writing ebook, you also get — absolutely free — The Small Business Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit.

No matter what type of product/service you offer, you must market to be a success. Consistent marketing is the key to increasing sales and this e-book will put you two to three years ahead in marketing your business.

This ebook sells for $24.95 as a standalone product, but remember, it’s absolutely free when you purchase the SEO writing ebook.

Note: This ebook is PART OF THE SAME FILE AS THE SEO writing ebook; hence, when you open the .zip file, you will only see 4 ebook files, not 5.



We’re bundling the above two ebooks with the best-selling, How to Write SEO Copy That Sells.

This ebook teaches you (and/or your staff) how to write lead-generating, sales-producing copy like the pros. We know, we’re the “pros” who produce thousands of SEO articles, blog posts, press releases and other online content that drives traffic to client sites!

We hold nothing back — we teach you every trick in the book about writing (and distributing!) SEO content.

This ebook sells for $99.95 as a standalone product.



You also get Freelance Writing Advice for SEO Writers: In-depth Answers to 26 Commonly Asked Questions from SEO Writing Clients.

New freelancers particularly seemed scared to death of client interaction. As SEO is considered somewhat of a technical form of writing, it’s understandable to be a little freaked out if you’re new to the niche.

Because SEO is a constantly changing field, it can take some time to understand the concepts around it and to get comfortable speaking the language of this niche (eg, keywords, keyword density, anchor text, organic search, etc.).

An SEO Writing Reference Guide

So this ebook will serve as a handy “SEO writing reference guide,” if you will – for new SEO writers and those who just want somewhere they can go to get answers to the questions they’re most likely to receive from clients when they start this type of freelance writing career.

We cover everything from how to answer when a client asks you what you charge, to what to do when asked about SEO writing samples. This ebook will take a lot of the fear out of interacting with potential clients.

This ebook sells for $9.97 as a standalone product.



You also get SEO Examples: 10 Illustrative SEO Writing Samples. 

This ebook is for those who may be thinking about starting an SEO writing career, but want a better understanding of what this type of copy looks like, the key concepts around it and how to write it.

An SEO Writing “Visual Aid” Ebook

Some experts say that more than 60% of us are visual learners, so that’s why I put this ebook together. This way you can SEE what an SEO article looks like, which helps you to better understand all of the tech language around it.

Once you see an actual SEO article all laid out and get past this “tech speak,” you will have no problems comprehending how to write SEO content.

This ebook sells for $9.97 as a standalone product.


Sold separately, these five ebooks retail for $219.79. But, you can get this entire package for almost 50% off — only $99.99 (You save $119.80!). To recap, you get:

1. How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles;

2. The Small Business Owner’s Marketing Kit! (NOTE: This ebook is part of the same file as the SEO writing ebook. It’s at the end. It is NOT a separate file); and

3. How to Write SEO Copy that Sells;

4. Freelance Writing Advice for SEO Writers: In-depth Answers to 26 Commonly Asked Questions from SEO Writing Clients; and

5. SEO Examples: 10 Illustrative SEO Writing Samples.

All for one low price: $99.99, a savings of almost 55% (Again, you save $119.80).

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