Self-Publishing Secrets: 3 Mistakes I Made When I First Started Out that Cost Me a Ton of Money

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably read where I recently became a contributor to e-Junkie.info. The site publishes info on everything from self-publishing to internet marketing. In short, it features content on how to become a successful online entrepreneur – no matter how you choose to do that.

My most recent article on the site discloses some mistakes I made early on in my self-publishing career (well, more than early on – as I committed many of these mistakes for years!). I hope you learn – and earn – from them if you’re an ebook writer.

In other news, the . . .

Living in Jamaica Series Is Back

I’ve received quite a few emails since I stopped writing this series as to when it will start up again. Well, I’m in in the midst of a month-long stay here in gorgeous Jamaica; I’m here for the Reggae Marathon, which is coming up on the 1st of December. I’ve been training my toukas off – and working as well.

New Freelance Writing Clients Coming Out of My Ears!

It seems whenever I travel, I tend to earn more. I’ve landed two new clients since I’ve been here (two weeks exactly as of today) and have projects due for both within the next 7 days. I will be working over the Thanksgiving holiday; I don’t mind as Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, which (obviously) is not celebrated here in Jamaica.

I have friends here, but most of them are native Jamaicans or from other countries (eg, Canada), so it’s not like I’ll be missing anything by working. Thanksgiving is just another day here in Jamaica. I do miss home though – terribly! I was here in Jamaica last year over the Thanksgiving holiday, and while I had a nice time, it’s wasn’t the same as celebrating at home with friends and family.

FYI, a new post in the “Living in Jamaica” series will be posted this Friday. I know most of you will be stuffed with turkey leftovers and taking a nap on (probably) a relative’s couch. But if you log on, it’ll give you some “mindless, fun” reading to do if you just want to drown out your tipsy Uncle Bob or loquacious Aunt Mable.

BTW, I’ve been posting some Jamaica pics on my Twitter stream if you’re interested.

If you’re travelling this holiday – by land, sea, or air – please be careful. And have some fun darnit! You work hard, you deserve it. 🙂

Update: 10:39 a.m. EST U.S. (and in Jamaica): I was out for my morning workout and ran into one of my American friends here. Apparently, I will be part of a Thanksgiving dinner celebration after all. She told me that she’s commandeered a friend’s bar for a potluck. Everyone is to bring something — she’s bringing the turkey. Think I’m gonna contribute a fruit salad.

So, I’ll be up extra early on Thanksgiving morning to put in 4-5 hours of work, then head to “Thanksgiving dinner” here in Jamaica at around 12:30.


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