Self-Publishing Short Romance: A First-Time Author’s Success Story

In February of this year, my sister wrote a short romance novel. To her amazement, she sold 541 copies in 25 days. She also writes non-fiction and hadn’t had this kind of immediate success with any of those ebooks, so she was really pleasantly surprised.

FYI, I write non-fiction, how-to ebooks and none of mine have this kind of ruanway success either. Sales tend to have a slower build with non-fiction ebooks in my experience, unless of course you’re some famous author. I’ve had good success self-publishing in this genre  though. I think it’s because I have a few tightly defined niches (ie, freelance writing and self-publishing mainly).

Anyway, back to my sister’s ebook . . .

She wrote it in about week; it was about 65 pages long. The morning after uploading  it, she checked her ebook sales  and was astounded to see 13 sales — and her numbers kept growing throughout the day.

Self-Publishing Profits: Over $1,100 in Just 3 Weeks

As I said, some 25 days later, when I interviewed her about her self-publishing success, she’d sold 541 copies.

She priced it at $2.99, which means she netted approximately $2.09 from Amazon for every copy sold (authors get 70% of the sales price for all titles priced between $2.99 and $9.99 when they sell ebooks on Amazon).

So, she earned $1,130.69 from that one ebook — in just over three weeks.

Now, while this isn’t a fortune, the idea is to think in terms of multiple titles. For example, imagine if you wrote one short ebook per month — 12 per year. And, what if you sold just one hundred copies of each title per month (about 3 per day for each title).

If you priced your ebooks at $2.99 and sold them on Amazon, under their current author payout system (70% for this price point), you would earn over $2,5000 per month.

See the potential? This is why self-publishing can be so lucrative.

3/25/2013 Update: FYI, I just called my sister to get an update on her ebook sales for this post, and she kindly shared the following numbers with me.

110 ebooks sold so far this month (averaging 4.4 copies per day this month for that one title); and

651 copies of that one ebook sold in total since she first published it on February 3rd of this year.

Total Earned from 1 Ebook in just over 7 weeks = Over $1,360

So, “shorts” (ie, short fiction ebooks) do sell. Of course they must be well written, have a professional ebook cover and be thoroughly edited, copy edited and proofread to have a shot at sellling. But you knew this already, right?

The point is, you don’t have to wait to finish a full-length novel to make money selling ebooks. And I believe this trend of selling short works of fiction is only going to grow in popularity, for the reasons I discuss in the post Self-Publishing Profits: Do Short Fiction eBooks Sell? $1,100 In 25 Days Says Yes – Here’s Why, on e-Junkie.info, a blog I write for twice per month.

Click thru to learn why, and share your feedback/experience.

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Is Self-Publishing for You?

Making money ebook-publishing-packselling ebooks and ecourses online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for lazy people. It’s not for those who need others to motivate them.

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Package: 4 Ebooks. 1 Low Price.

But if you are the anti-thesis of this, ie, courageous, hard-working and self-motivated, you really can make a lot of money selling ebooks and ecourses online (I’m proof of this) – if you don’t forget that last ingredient – perseverance.

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