I love the free publicity of negative press. So get all the dirt on me firsthand — right here on my site. Then, comb through it and make up your own mind. Get more reviews, feedback, kudos and testimonials on Inkwell Editorial, and me, the site publisher (Yuwanda Black).

Editor Note: Why I created this, the “Inkwell Editorial Scams“, page Yuwanda Black: Scam Artist of InkwellEditorial.com, SeoWritingJobs.com, FreeAdsSell.info, NewMediaWords.biz and SeoRealEstateWriter.com

Following are some links to some of the libelous content you may have read about me (Yuwanda Black, publisher of this site) and my online entities. I post it here so that you don’t have to waste time researching. I’m happy to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly (in short, the truth) about me, my businesses and my business practices, so you have all the info you need on which to make a sound decision.

Complaint Review: INKWELLEDITORIAL.COM  Nigeria 419 Scam Artist: Yuwanda Black (same fake post found on many other sites, eg, RipoffReport.com).

Complaint Review: INKWELLEDITORIAL.COM (on RipOffReport.com): And yes, I do go to Jamaica a lot, as you can read about in detail here.

Fake Blog about InkwellEditorial.com created to post same info found on RipOffReport.com.

FYI, you can always find out who owns a site and when it was registered by going to http://WhoIs.com). “Mr. Brad Parks” and “Happy Customer” (two of the pseudonyms most likely created by one Carl Williams of the backpage auto posting software scam) has been having problems with others whom he decided to defame under a fake name. So, he goes to different sites and posts under various names/usernames.

You’ll find the same articles all over the web because they were distributed via different article directories (again, same libelous content, just different outlets). They were distributed because of this post, which ranks well for a keyword for this business and which I refuse to remove from this site because it’s a true story.

Scams: InkwellEditorial.com, SeoWritingJobs.com, NewMediaWords.biz, SeoRealEstateWriter.com? How to Tell Real Businesses from Fake Ones on the Web

Please use due diligence before doing business with anyone on the web. It’s so easy to hide behind fake names, fake email addresses, libelous articles and websites that disappear overnight. In short, anyone with a laptop and internet connection can say whatever they want about you. And, it’s happening more as more people start online businesses.

Hence it’s up to you, the discerning web surfer, to do a little research. And it takes surprisingly little research to figure out who’s real and who’s not.

Some Specific Things to Look for before Doing Business with an Online Company

Look for transparency of the company you’re thinking of doing business with. How long have they been in business, who is the REAL person behind the company, can you even find a real name of a real person, company contact info, feedback from others in forums that are completely unrelated to the site in question, social media sites, etc.

About Me and My Companies

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993;

Am considered an authority source in the freelance / SEO writing communities;

Have written and self-published over 50 ebooks  to date — on the above subjects, as well as small business and internet marketing (which can be found on this site as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble);

Have owned/operated this site since 1999;

You can Google my name and find out tons of info about me from sources totally unrelated to me and/or my enterprises (from legitimate sources you can contact directly);

I’m on social meda (Twitter; Facebook; Google+);

I’ve guest posted for some of the most respected sites in my niche (eg, FreelanceWritingGigs.com, CopyBlogger.com, BloggingTips.com and FreelanceSwitch.com, to name a few); and

Have been featured in national media (eg, Entrepreneur.com; the Wall Street Journal Online; The New York Times, etc.).

Get full bio at http://InkwellEditorial.com/about.

If you see other articles, comments, etc., accusing me/my businesses of unethical behavior, please send the link so it can get posted here. Thanks in advance, and be careful doing business on the web.

Yuwanda Black, Editor/Publisher
P.S.: Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, feedback, etc. via the contact link found on every page of the site.

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