17 Romance Writing Tips for Self-Published Authors

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am all about showing you ways to earn money in many ways as a writer. This means not just focusing on getting freelance writing work from clients, but self-publishing your own content as well — whether it’s a book or an ecourse.

Since 2010, over half my annual income has come from self-publishing. And, it’s steadily increasing each year. When I first started self-publishing (back in 2002), all of my titles were non-fiction, how-to ebooks; mostly on/about freelance writing, SEO writing, small business marketing and self-publishing.

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In 2011, I published my first fiction work. In 2013, I published my second one (a romance novel). I’ve been an avid reader of romance novels since my early teens, and have published half a dozen more titles in this genre this year, simply because I am the demographic. Proof?

Who Reads Romance?

  • 78% of romance readers are female
  • 18% are between the ages of 45-54
  • 42% have a bachelor’s degree or higher …
  • 64.6 million Americans read at least one romance novel in the past year.
  • 29% of the Southern population reads romance (I’m a southerner by birth)

Gain more insight about who reads romance novels.

17 Romance Writing Tips for Newbies

As a reader, I simply write the type of books I like to read, which brings me to the topic of today’s post.

Over on my blog at SheWrites.com, I wrote a series of romance writing tips. As this is a new self-publishing genre for me, I share what I’m learning along this journey. So if you want to give romance writing a try, I hope these insights help.

The following tips are ones I’ve picked up since I started this genre of writing that I wrote down — more to keep  in mind for myself when I did find myself, for example, stuck or needing one more way to describe a certain body part – LOL! Here is a link to all of them in the series:

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #1: How to Find a “Jump Off” Point for Your Story

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #2: Insight on When to Write an Outline for Your Romance

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #3: How to Find Time to Write

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #4: Give Yourself a Daily Word Count

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #5: On Describing Body Parts

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #6: When Characters Start  to Speak

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #7: How Important Is the Cover on a Romance Novel?

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #8: About Writing Romance Series

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #9: About Character Development

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #10: One Simple Way to Sell More Copies of Your Romance Novel

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #11: How Much of a Preview Should You Give Readers of Your New Romance Novel

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #12: When Short Previews Sell Better Than Long Previews

Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #13: How to Write Your First Romance Quickly

Romance Writing Tip #14: Should You Use Your Own Love Life as Material for Your Romance Novel?

Romance Writing Tip #15: Should You Design Your Own Romance Novel Covers?

Romance Writing Tip #16: Why You Should Wait to Market Your Romance Novel

Romance Writing Tip #17: A REALLY Easy Way to Sell More Books

Your Turn?

What romance-writing tips would you add? Please share in the comments section below.

FYI, you can find all of my romance novellas here.

Income Security for Freelance Writers

Remember, if you write, there are tons of ways for you to make money. You don’t just have to rely on one income stream (eg, projects from clients). Get your own info products out there – whether it’s writing romance; or suspense; or how-to, non-fiction; or developing e-classes; etc. What you can publish is only limited by your imagination!

And creating and self-publishing your work is one of the easiest ways to ensure income security as a freelance writer. It’s never been easier — or more lucrative — than it is right now. Take advantage!

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That initial meeting in the Caribbean four months ago seemed like a lifetime, Kingston thought.

Now, she was Mrs. Christian Grant, wife of the heir to the Grant billions – and she couldn’t have been more unhappy. Where had it all went so wrong?
. . .

“Christian please, we don’t have to continue this charade,” Kingston pleaded. “Neither one of us is happy. Just let me go.”

“It’s not that simple my darling Kingston,” Christian said, looking at her through half-hooded eyes. “There’s never been a divorce in my family. We are the Grants don’t you know,” he said sardonically. “I won’t bring shame to my family’s name. Not now. Not ever. How would it look if my wife – even an ex-wife – was out on the street, struggling to make ends meet?”

“My family has never been in the tabloids for anything but our good deeds. I plan to keep it that way. Besides, my dear, there’s no pre-nup between us. That’s a testament to your incredible beauty, by the way. You bewitched me on that island you know,” he said, moving towards her. “And, why shouldn’t I enjoy all the advantages of your wifely beauty.”

Kingston backed away from him until she felt the wood of the large, oak desk behind her.

Closing the few feet between them, Christian lightly lifted a lock of her chocolate brown curls. She could smell the cognac on his breath. She loved the smell of cognac on him.

“I’ve never desired a woman the way I do you. Your lips were made for kissing,” he said, lowering his head and taking hers to prove his point.

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