Apply to Become a Regular Contributor

We’d love to have you aboard as a regular guest contributor. Following is what we look for.

Guest Posts I’m Always Interested in Receiving . . .

(i) Freelancing Internationally: A non U.S.-based freelance writer who can shed some insight on what it’s like to freelance from another part of the world; and

(ii) A Tech-Savvy Freelance Writer: Ie, someone who can submit posts on search engine optimization, web design, social media, mobile SEO, technology that’s helpful for freelance writers, etc.

What I Look for in Regular, Featured Guest Posters

1. Experience: This can be one month or 10 years, but you must actively be involved in the freelance writing profession to be considered.

2. Ability to Submit at Least One Post Per Month. You can submit more (up to four per month), but a minimum of one is required. FYI, if you don’t want to become a regular guest poster, you can still submit posts for consideration. The “minimum” only refers to those who want to become “regular, featured” guest contributors.

3. Site/Blog Relevant to Freelance Writing: You will get a link back to your blog, but it must be relevant to the freelance writing profession (eg, web design, self-publishing, SEO writing, logo design, etc.). One of the main reasons to guest post is to build authority in your niche. And one ways to do this is via credible backlinks.

If you don’t have a site/blog (eg, you’re new to freelancing), you can still be considered. Just know that having one benefits you.

4. Pay: Inkwell Editorial does not pay for guest posts, but the exposure is good if you cater to this niche.

And FYI, as the site publisher, I would never ask freelancers to do anything that I don’t do/haven’t done. I’ve guest posted regularly on many sites. It’s one of the ways I’ve grown this blog’s readership.

5. Length of Posts/Topics: You can write about anything you want – as long as it’s relevant to freelance writing. Posts should be at least 500 words. Get more in-depth guest posting guidelines.

What I’m Specifically Seeking:

As you can see, this blog covers a variety of ways to make a living as a freelance writer. To this end, I’m looking for freelancers who can contribute posts regularly on:

  • Self-Publishing;
  • Freelancing (The first two years): Here I’m specifically looking for someone new who can contribute first-hand accounts of their ups and downs as a freelance writer as they traverse the first two years;
  • SEO Writing (or any other niche in freelance writing, eg, technical, magazines, etc.)
  • Blogging/Blog Design/Web Design;
  • Affiliate Marketing (how to put your writing skills to use to make money in affiliate marketing);
  • The Mechanics of Copywriting (eg, how to write good headlines, how to write sales letters, how to write landing pages, etc.);
  • Finances for Freelancers;
  • Confronting Your Fears as a Freelancer;
  • Social Media; and
  • Marketing for Freelance Writing Work in General.

Again, you can write about anything you want as long as it relates to making money writing … for yourself or for others. These are just some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.


I look forward to having you grow with us!

How to Apply

Via the Contact link on every page of the site, send in a link to your site/blog and a short pitch describing why you think you’d be a good fit. I will respond to everyone who applies as soon as I can (usually within 14 days).

Yuwanda Black, Publisher

P.S.: Don’t have time to compose a guest post or become a regular guest poster? Submit a “Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success.” How? Simply answer the question:

What one piece of advice can you share that’s helped you the most in your career as a freelance writer?

It can be as short as 100 words. Send it in and we’ll publish it.

Quick Tip Submission Guidelines

Length: 100-400 Words

Bio: 25-50 words; a link to your freelance writing website/blog and a link to one of your social media profiles.

How to Submit: Send in the body of an email (info*at*InkwellEditorial*dot*com). Put “Freelance Quick Tip” in Subject Line.

You’ll be sent a link when/if it’s published.

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