Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week . . .

In yesterday’s post on SeoWritingJobs.com, we talked about content theft and how you can profit from it as a freelance/SEO/online writer.

Create a Free Special Report on Content Theft

One of the ideas I proposed was writing up a short, special report on content theft and offering it as a free download from your freelance writing website/blog. I also said to actively distribute it to present clients and prospects you market to.

Let me expand a bit upon why I think this could land you some writing gigs.

Why Take the Time to Write a Special Report on Content Theft

First, content theft is increasing so I think it’s a worthy, hot topic to create a special report on.

Second, content theft is profitable (which is why it’s increasing). Proof?

The Copyright Alliance post, Study Shows Sites Distributing Stolen Content Profits Significantly Through Advertisement, revealed that “even the small content theft sites can make $100K/year from advertising.”

With that kind of profit potential, do you think content theft is going to be decreasing anStop Content Theft Tipsy time soon?


The final reason I think it’s worth your time to create a special report on this subject is, as touched on in the yesterday’s post on Seo Writing Jobs, many who post stolen content are unaware that they’re doing so.

So in your report, you could tell them some ways to vet freelance writers or writing firms they may hire to help them avoid this.

One that immediately come to mind – over and beyond using copyright checking tools like Copyscape and CopyGator — is asking for references. It’s old-fashioned, but can be highly effective in preventing a lot of content theft.

One Easy Thing You Can Do to Help Your Clients Prevent Content Theft

I’m simply amazed by how many times my firm has been hired without nary a reference being checked. In fact, many clients never even ask for them. While this can be a good thing for you as a freelance writer, it leaves a door open for content thieves.

So in your report, advise companies/clients to ask for – and check – references of any person/firm they’re thinking about hiring. I’d advise at least three. And, have your references at the ready at all times.

Now, if you go out of your way to give them solid info like this, who do you think they’re likely to entrust their content needs to? [You, right?]


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P.S.: Learn What to Do If Someone Steals Your Content and/or If You’re Falsely Accused of Stealing Theirs

Content theft, libel/slander and plagiarism are going to happen a lot more as more and more people start to do business online. In this ebook, I detail exactly what a copyright violation notice is, my story and what you can do if this happens to you.

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