Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week …

Reach Out to Fellow Freelance Writers for Jobs

Yep, other freelance writers are not your competition (at least you shouldn’t think of them that way); they can be one of the best ways to land freelance writing jobs. And, most of them are happy to help out.

3 Ways to Network with Other Freelance Writers

I. Social Media: Find online groups that cater to freelance writers, eg, Facebook4Freelancers.com : Freelance Writing Jobs : Freelancing Group.

Not only can you find job leads, you can actually converse with other freelance writers to find out almost anything you want to know about freelancing, eg, which companies are slow to pay, which niches pay best, how to put together RFPs (requests for proposals), etc.

II. Networking Events: Many online companies have networking events offline, eg, MediaBistro. Carol Tice over at MakeALivingWriting.com talks about this in the post, 3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs, writing:

For instance, I’ve attended local Media Bistro live events in my town . . . . (These are also great places to get referral business, too.) …Especially for local markets, other writers in your town are the best sources to get the real dirt. Who takes six months to pay you? Who pays $1 a word? … So find your local DSC04833-copyrightedequivalent of these types of networking groups, whether virtual or in-person.

III. Offline: I’ve said this a bunch of times, but your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to find writing jobs. Often, you’ll be the only freelance writer there. But if you already belong to a Chamber (or even if you attend a couple of free meetings as a guest—which many allow you to do), ask the business owners there if they know of any commercial writers.

Often web design firm owners and internet marketing firms know of freelance writers – because they often outsource work to them. Tell them you’re looking for someone to exchange leads with. Who wouldn’t want to tell a colleague that they know someone who’s looking for someone to exchange leads with?


Now’s an especially good time to utilize this way of getting freelance writing jobs because many freelancers – like any other working professional – want to spend time with friends and family. So, they may be glad to refer some work your way.


Also, successful freelance writers tend to be busy freelance writers – and they may be overwhelmed with work at this time and anxious to get some jobs off their desk so they can start their holiday celebrations.

So, reach out to – you just never know who could use help right now and would be glad to throw some work your way.

What Did You Do for Thanksgiving?

For my American friends, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. I did. I had dinner on Negril’s infamous 7-mile beach at the restaurant at Country Country here in Negril with one of my sisters and my “baby” Khadijah (a 5-year old little girl here in Jamaica I long to throw in my suitcase and take home with me every time I come). She’s sooo adorable and full of energy.

Then, later that night at Khadijah’s mom’s bar, Natural Mystic, I had a potluck dinner with plenty of the regulars who happen to be mostly ex-pats (Americans), while watching football. So it was a full-on American celebration – just with the Caribbean sea as a (gorgeous) backdrop.

Throughout this post are a few pics from the day (click each for larger view).

DSC04804-copyrightedHow did you spend your Thanksgiving (share in the comments section below)?

Share Your Thoughts

Have you ever landed a freelance writing job via referral from another freelancer? Do you think this is a good way to find freelance writing jobs?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Enjoy the rest of the holiday, (for my American friends) and the upcoming weekend for the rest of my friends worldwide.

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