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Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week …

Decide Where You Want Your Freelance Business to be in 3 Years

Yesterday on SeoWritingJobs.com, this blog’s companion blog, I wrote a post entitled, Why I Love Cheap SEO Writing Gigs. I explained, writing:

. . . have a plan for how you want YOUR freelance writing career to go. Know where you want to be in a year, three years, five years, etc. It’ll make deciding whether to take on certain jobs much easier – and sometimes you may come to the realization that that cheap writing gig can be just the ticket you need to get you where you want to go.

Where I’m coming from is this – freelancing is means to an end for me; it’s not my final destination. THAT would be financial freedom – from products and services I create. But your goals may be different.

I think a lot of freelancers get stuck in that they don’t really think about their careers beyond getting away from a job. But freelancing should be part of your overall life plan.

Where do you want to be spiritually, financially and emotionally next year?

In three years?

In five years?Freelance Advice: Why You Need a Life Plan

A famous philosopher said something to the effect of, “You can reach any destination without a charted course of action. But to get to a DEFINED destination, you need a map.”

Do you have one for where you want your freelance writing business to take you?

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Have you ever thought about freelancing in this light? Do you have an exit strategy for you freelance business? Do you want one? Do you ever think about retiring from freelancing? Please share in the comments section below.


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    1. If you haven’t already found a host for your website, Hostgator is currently running a Black Friday sale which runs until Monday. Worth a try and Good luck!

    2. Donald Daniel says:

      Donald Daniel My question to you Yuwanda is, I am considering purchasing Your SEO writing course How to make $250+A Day. How would I go about getting a website if I need one? I am just starting out as a new SEO writer.

      • Donald:

        First, thank you for your interest in the SEO writing ebook. FYI, this is the SEO writing e-course, which is different from the ebook.

        In answer to your question, the first thing you need to consider when getting a website is your host provider. I use — and highly recommend HostGator. This linked-to post explains why. HostGator (as almost all web hosting companies do these days) has a DIY option that is VERY easy. Just look for the “Creating a new website?” section when you log onto the site.

        FYI, I did a website review post for another freelance writer recently. You should find plenty of helpful info in that post.

        I hope this info helps, and good luck! 🙂


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