Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week . . .

Tell Everybody You Meet What You Do

I’m sitting here at a bar having a hot flash – I’m not kidding y’all. I’m almost 48, so I think I’m going through “the change.”

Sorry to get so personal, but my reason for telling you this is — my sister, CasssandraBlack.com, is sitting right across from me. We’re working – at Canoe Bar (on the veranda which is steps away from the ocean — where I wanted to just dive in I was so hot!).

Anyhoo, I’m in the middle of this hot flash and I couldn’t think, so I said, “Sis, give me an idea for marketing a freelance writing business.” My sis is a business genius, so she says, “Give me minute, give me a minute.”

Well, ten seconds later she says, “Tell them to become business card whores.”

I’m like, “What?!

Cassandra Black, Romance WriterShe said, “You see how I give everyone I meet here a business card and tell them what I do?

And she does. She had business cards made up before we came to Jamaica. See? And she literally tells EVERYONE she comes into contact with what she does. It appears to be working.

She’s like, “Wanda, my ebook sales are up and I’m convinced it’s because I’ve been handing out my cards and telling people what I do. People are visiting my author site and buying.

I’m inclined to believe her because people are on vacation here. And, there’s not a lot to do in Negril besides go to the beach, bar hop and hang out with friends. So people have a lot of time on their hands and of the people she’s told, a lot of them say, “My wife loves reading romances,” or “Really, you write books for a living?” You see …

. . . people are fascinated by writers – they really are. So they’ll naturally be curious when you tell them that you’re a freelance writer.

And, once you explain to them the type of writing you do (if you get a chance), they just might say, “My brother, sister, boss, cousin, aunt, nephew, co-worker, etc. is looking for some to write a newsletter, write a book, edit their paper, etc.”

You never know where your next writing job is going to come from. So, tell everyone you meet what you do. It can pay off, as I talked about in this post (scroll down to the heading Getting SEO Writing Projects While Travelling).

FYI, sis’s latest release is Loving Logan. She’s doing really well as a romance writer as discussed here; I have to catch her butt in sales!

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