Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Cold Calling Tips and Insight for Freelance Writers

Written by Yuwanda Black

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week . . .

Do Some Cold Calling . . .

Before you cringe and shake your head and stomp your foot, “No, never!” hear me out.

3 Reasons Cold Calling Is So Effective for Landing Freelance Writing Jobs

(i) Get to Speak to the Decision Maker: Many times, you get the owner of the firm/company themselves. This is especially true if you target small businesses like graphic design and web design firms. Many of these have less than 10 employees – and a great number are solopreneurs.

But if they’re good, they tend to stay busy. And, they can almost always use a good writer to call on to provide content.

(ii) Charge Ahead of the Competition: Many freelance writers are afraid of this method of marketing, so by doing this, you increase your chance of landing clients that they never even reach out to like this.

Cold Calling Tips and Insight for Freelance WritersI know, I know, it’s COLD CALLING!

And I personally detest it, but I’ve done it. And you know what, once you get a few calls under your belt, it’s really not that bad. And not for nothing, but most prospects are nice – many even pleasantly surprised to hear from you.

(iii) It Works! As the freelancer featured in this series underscores, it works. She had her first $400 day as a freelance writer by doing some cold calling.

Also, in the Freelance Writing Business Challenge that’s going on over on SeoWritingJobs.com, this blog’s companion blog, an aspiring SEO writer wrote in the comments section:

I started cold calling companies and then following up with emails. I find that I get a better response rate by calling because it allows me to get an exact email address. If it’s a small company, you usually get to speak to the decision maker pretty quickly.

If it’s a larger company, I usually ask to speak to the person in sales. When I asked the receptionist to speak to the person in charge of hiring freelance writers, he or she is either really confused, or I get bounced to the HR department — which is a big black hole…

In the ebook, How to Really Make a Living as an Editorial Freelancer (an oldie but a goodie for those who are really new to freelancing), there’s a cold-calling script I’ve used before. It’s geared for freelancers who target local businesses and can meet with clients in person, but can be easily adapted to prospecting for online clients.

Cold Calling Tips

Keep it brief;

Get contact info (ie, email);

Ask how they like to be kept in contact with;

Be clear about how you can help them;

LISTEN to what the prospect says;

Do exactly as the prospect asks (eg, call back later, email your materials, schedule a Skype conversation, contact X in Y department, etc.); and

Follow up – unless they never ask you to call them again, always follow up. Use their preferred method. If they don’t provide one, your follow-up can be via another phone call, email, a thank you card (really special and gets attention because practically no one sends thank you cards any more.

Gain more insight into how to make cold calling effective in 7 steps to a perfect cold call.

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