Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Freelance Writing Advice on Automation

Written by Yuwanda Black

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week . . .

Identify One Task You Do Regularly to Automate . . .

Are there things you do every day – or want to do every day – that you can automate? For me, this is social media. I was a late adopter of social media. Twitter was my first (and still favorite) social media site that I interacted on regularly. I got an account in 2008 (I think).

Nowadays, I interact on six sites regularly, ie:




Twitter; and

Pinterest; and

StumbleUpon: After almost 5 years of not using this site, this summer, I dug out my account info and got active on it again.

Freelance Writing Advice on AutomationI use SocialOomph to auto post to Twitter, the account I interact on the most. Why?

Well, I’m constantly logged onto Facebook, because I keep up with friends and family there. The others (Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon), I only post to once a day at most.

Because I interact on twitter between half a dozen and a dozen times per day, I auto schedule posts because it allows me to be plugged in, without being plugged in, if you get my drift.

I check Twitter a few times a day to see if there are tweets that I need to personally respond to, but other than this, auto-tweeting keeps my product/services in front of customers while at the same time allowing me to get on with other work.

As you know, some activities (like social media) can be a major – unproductive – time suck. And as a freelancer time (not money!) is your most precious resource. So it literally and figuratively pays to maximize it wherever and whenever you can.

So do a rundown of your daily activities and see what you can automate. Even adding half an hour a day of time to your schedule can translate into thousands of dollars over time.

P.S.: Living in Jamaica

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    1. All writers do indeed require exposure in some form. There is no doubt that social media is a popular yet free way of getting that writing exposure. Just a simple, witty and funny comment can go viral and bring you lots of likes. My personal favorite is Twitter as I know that I’m restricted to only a few characters, so my writing message needs to be succinct and convincing.

    2. Looks like you have been quite successful at keeping up with your Twitter account. There just so many different avenues when it comes to Social Media now! Way too many to keep up with for most people nowadays. This is probably why I’m starting to see quite a few “Social Media” VA/Consultant/Manager type jobs popping up now. It really does train your time but it’s necessary for keeping the advantage over other similar businesses and people out there. I’m thinking of applying on one of those jobs since I’m actually quite fond on the social media timesuck. Even better if I get paid at least something for it. haha
      Dan @ StopEbookTheft recently posted…Google vs Pirates – Arrrr!My Profile

      • Then I think you should go for it Dan. And, it’s such an easy add-on service to a freelance writer’s business.

        As for how necessary it’s become — I remember when social media wasn’t even a part of my day. Now, it’s about two hours — easily. Some days, depending on comments and such, it can be more. As I said before, there just never seems to be enough time. 🙁