Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success

Here’s your Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success for this week . .  .

Create Your Own Marketing Database

The best kind of leads to get as a marketer (no matter what kind of business you’re in) are those you generate yourself. These can come via referrals, networking, cold calling, email campaigns, etc.

When I first started out as an SEO writer, I landed 14 jobs in one week and within two months, I was so busy that I had to outsource work to other freelancers. I did all of this via leads I generated from email campaigns.

I targeted the types of firms I wanted to work with. I literally went online, found the contact info search engine optimization companies (my initial target market), and sent them customized email blasts. This was in 2007.

To this day, I still have this list and I continually add to it. This last part is extremely  important because, over time, the integrity of your list degrades. By how much? According to the HubSpot post, 25 Clever Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List:

It’s a sad fact, but your email marketing database degrades by about 25% every year. Your contacts’ email addresses change as they move from one company to another, they opt-out of your email communication, or they abandon that old AOL address they only use to fill out forms on websites.

[So] As a marketer, it’s your job to make sure you’re constantly adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns so you can keep your numbers moving up and to the right.

Make Annotations On Your List

I always note when I last contacted a prospect, what I said to them and how/if they responded. By keeping these type of detailed notes, you avoid contacting the same prospects too often AND you can stay top of mind by getting on schedule to reach out to them regularly (eg, once every month or two).

I have hundreds of contacts in my marketing database. Some will never use my firm’s SEO writing services; others have hired us after a couple of years of receiving e-blasts.

The point is, when you build your own marketing database, you’re building the foundation of your freelance writing business – from the ground up. And over time, it’ll pay huge dividends if you stay consistent with it.

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