The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit! A Complete How-to, Shoestring Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Do you own a business? Are you thinking about starting one? Would you like to learn how to increase sales and generate leads — today? Is your marketing budget practically nonexistent?

Then The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit! A Complete How-to, Shoestring Marketing Kit, is for you.

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No matter what type of product/service you offer, you must market to be a success. Consistent marketing is the key to increasing sales and this e-book will put you two to three years ahead in marketing your business. Read on for how and why.

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Unsolicited Testimonial

I just wanted to tell you how invaluable I found your 87 page ebook on marketing to be. I read through it like a ravaged dog that had not eaten in several days. One of my handicaps has been that it is not easy for me to retain read information, there are days when I have to read through something three times before I get it. I got it the first time.

I wrote my press release and sent it out on the 10th of May receiving an average of 30 inquiries per hour on my website and orders. I was amazed when people emailed me and said they heard about my product on the radio. I have had inquiries from three local TV stations and one from Australia, a journalist from Upscale Magazine, Elle, Redbook and Vogue UK.

I am struggling now putting together a Media Kit. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing. I just wrote my first article today and sent it. The beginning of many. Thanks again.~Sharon P.

You will refer to this marketing kit over and over again as your business grows. It is specifically geared for those who are serious about starting/growing a small business, and who want to get a handle on marketing — now!

WHAT’S INCLUDED?Small Business Marketing Ebook: 7 Free & Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Freelance Biz

Included are seven low-cost, easy-to-implement marketing ideas. Each is powerful in its own right. Consistently combine two or more and watch your sales rapidly increase! Each idea is discussed in detail.

Samples are provided for ready reference so that you will know exactly what is being referred to every step of the way. Three free bonus reports (details below) are also included.

Real-life examples are used. Nothing is more believable or concrete than hearing from someone who has “been there and done that.” If you start out using these methods, you will be well on your way to success.

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”
— Epictetus, Greek Philosopher

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business simply because people have to know you exist before they buy from you.

The marketing methods discussed are specifically for small business owners who want to learn how to create sustained growth and generate steady sales on a shoe-string budget. All of the methods are proven and don’t require massive amounts of time.


If you are serious about succeeding at entrepreneurship in any form, then you must embrace marketing. Most small business owners have a great product/service, a lot of ambition and plenty of knowledge about servicing their customers. But, they have little or no knowledge of marketing (especially online).


What is it? It’s a process whereby you do the same thing on a consistent basis over a period of time. This system will lessen your workload, increase your sales, generate new leads and save you money. Instead of putting together the dreaded “marketing campaign” on major holidays or for special events, you will be marketing all year long.

The best thing about marketing success by the numbers is that it gives you a workable plan to stay on solid footing. That way, you don’t have to market in panic mode, eg, “If this campaign doesn’t work, then I might have to close shop.”

When you start marketing on a consistent basis, you are constantly drawing new customers into your fold. So, the ups and downs of the economy will have less of an effect on your business.


What’s the difference? Advertising usually refers to paid ads, spots, campaigns, etc. Marketing is all of the ways you get the word out about your business — paid or unpaid. Handing out flyers is marketing. Placing a classified ad in the newspaper is advertising.

Marketing success by the numbers includes paid and unpaid advertising. But, the paid methods are very low-cost (eg, under $20/month) and you will be able to implement them immediately.

Most small businesses market out of a sense of hopeful desperation, ie, sales are slow, so let’s “advertise.” You put all of your eggs in one basket and it almost never works out the way you hope. This, “shotgun marketing” rarely, if ever, works. You need a consistent plan.


Which would you rather do: send out 1,000 postcards at once, or send out 10 a day, every day? Consistency and time are all you need as far as marketing to grow a business. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you market consistently – to the right group – over a period of time, your business will grow!

Did you know that getting rich is simple? Not easy, simple. The same goes for losing weight, getting into shape, becoming a better, writer, runner, speaker, teacher, etc. Practice and time — that’s all it takes to become a better “whatever.”

The problem most small business owners have is impatience and sheer frustration that the business “is just not working.” Rarely is that the case. The truth is, you probably haven’t prepared for the long haul.

Remember, in business, the first few years, you are usually just greasing the pipes. After that, you shouldn’t have to work so hard for every sale.

Look at it this way, just because you send out 5,000 flyers does not mean that customers are going to start banging on your door. Especially when you consider that most buyers have to see your message 7 to 28 times (depending on which source you read) before they will act. It’s called building name [brand] recognition — and equally as important, trust.

After this, you have to wait until your customer has a need/desire for your product or service. Then, you have to be in the right price range.

In essence, you have to wait for all of these factors to align before a sale can take place. Seems like a long time? It’s really not.


If you don’t absorb anything else, remember this: marketing is the life-blood of every business.

That’s why marketing success by the numbers is such a necessary, viable, common-sense approach to marketing. It’s easy, low-cost and practically runs itself.

When you create a schedule, which the book outlines how to do, your marketing goes on auto pilot, leaving you more time to fiddle with why you opened your doors in the first place — to dazzle your customers with your wonderful product/service.

No more stressing about when to do this, how much that will cost, whom to call to get that done, et cetera. You will be able to work this plan yourself, or outsource it to someone else. The bottom line is, you won’t ever have to worry about marketing again.


One thing you will learn (if you don’t already know it), is the bigger they are (magazines, newspapers, etc.), the slower they move. So, just continue to market and run your business and media attention will come because consistency builds traction.


Think of all the products you are bombarded with on a daily basis. How do you explain purses that have a waiting list of two years to purchase; $1,500 boots that you can’t tell from $50 boots; and sweat suits that cost $400?

It’s brilliant, consistent marketing – that’s the explanation!


These free reports are chock full of ideas you can use immediately to increase sales.

1. Success by the Numbers: An in-depth look at how to automate your marketing program for maximum effect.

2. How to Surf the Web and Increase Your Profits: Learn effective surfing methods that will put you on the road to profits.

3. The Five Biggest Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make: What they are and how to avoid them!

REMEMBER: A sure-fire marketing plan is the best way to grow your business!

Following is a complete Table of Contents.



How to Use This Manual: 5 Steps



The Difference between Cold Email Campaigns and Newsletter Marketing

How Effective Can Cold Email Marketing Be? My Success Story: 14 Jobs in 1 Week

Isn’t Cold Emailing Spam?

How to Keep Your Cold Emails from Being Labeled Spam

3 Major Benefits of Cold Email Marketing


Earning a Consistent Four Figures per Month Publishing Newsletters

Why Newsletter Marketing Is So Effective

What a Newsletter Should Include

Here’s Exactly What to Do to Start Your Newsletter

Where to Find Free Content for Your Newsletters

How to Get Tens of Thousands of Newsletter Subscribers – In Just Weeks!

One of the Biggest Mistakes – and Lessons — I Ever Made/Learned about Newsletter Marketing

12 Things to Look for in Email List Management Software

How to Create an Email Campaign: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

8 Ways to Increase the Chances of Your Newsletter Subscribers Buying from You

How Many Dollars Is Each Newsletter Subscriber Worth?


4 Major Benefits of Marketing with Postcards

Overview: The 4 Elements of an Effective Postcard

How to Create Sales and Lead-Generating Postcards: 4 Tips

The 3 Best Ways to Make Postcards Work for You

How to Create an Effective Postcard Campaign: 6 Easy Steps

Marketing with Postcards: What Response Rate (ROI) Can I Expect? Page

What Types of Businesses Can Really Benefit from Marketing with Postcards

Where to Find Affordable Postcards Online

Postcard Mailing: How Much Will It Cost to Send My First Postcard Campaign

Learn More about Marketing with Postcards


What Is a Press Release? Page

The 6 Elements of an Effective Press Release

How to Make Your Press Release Relevant

The Difference between Press Releases and Web Articles

The 4 Best Ways to Make a Press Release Work for You

3 “Been Around a Long Time” Free Press Release Sites

The 5 Sections of a Press Release

Guide to Writing a Press Release

How to Submit Press Releases to Free PR Sites

Press Release Example

SEO Press Release: What It Is and Why It’s Extremely Important to Do It

How to Get Your Press Release in the Top Positions in Search Engine Results

SEO & Press Releases: Learn More

Why You Should Learn to Write Your Own Press Releases

Hire Professionals to Write Your Press Release: Online Sources

How Much Does It Cost to Write and Distribute a Press Release


What Is a Sales Letter?

The 4 Most Important Elements of a Successful Sales Letter

How to Start a Sales Letter: 4 Ways That Work!

Layout of a Sales Letter

Earn Thousands of Dollars Writing Sales Letters

Average Cost of a 500-piece Sales Letter Campaign

Sample Sales Lette


The 4 Main Reasons Every Web Entrepreneur Needs a Website / Blog

What’s the Difference between a Website and a Blog?

The #1 Thing to Consider When Trying to Decide Whether to Get a Website or a Blog

The Web Design Process: 5 Steps to Getting a Website

How Businesses Get Their Websites / Blogs to the Top of Search Engine Results

How to Register a Domain Name

Insight into How to Choose a Web Designer / Web Design Company

Questions to Ask All Potential Web Designers

Pages You Should Absolutely Have On Your Website/Blog

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company

The Web Hosting Company I Recommend

Web Hosting Costs

Why to Stay Away from Free Web Hosting Companies

How to Create Effective Web Content in Four Easy Steps

Finding a Freelance Writer/Editor/Content Developer: What to Look For

What You Need to Know about Maintaining / Updating Your Site

About Marketing Your Website/Blog


Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Use Social Media

The Most Popular Social Media Sites

YouTube Statistics – Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Social Media Outlet!

A Really Cheap Way to Get Videos to Put on YouTube

How to Select Which Social Media Sites to Interact On

5 FREE Ways to Build a Responsive Social Media Community

The Best Way to Create Traffic (and Get More Sales and Leads) Using Social Media

Social Media Productivity Tools


FREE REPORT #1: The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make — And How You Can Avoid Them!

FREE REPORT #2: How and Why to Automate Your Marketing Plan

FREE REPORT #3: How to Use the Internet to Increase Sales No Matter What Your Business Is

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