How to Make Money Writing Romance: Free Ecourse

How to Make Money Writing Romance is an Inkwell Editorial’s ecourse. It’s free and is taught/developed by a self-published author of almost 100 ebooks; with over 40 of them being romance novellas.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make money writing in this “hot” (pardon the pun) niche, this ecourse will answer all the questions you may have — and some you probably didn’t know you needed to ask.

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Making Money Writing Romance: Sex, Lies & Bank Accounts

There’s a lot that goes into being successful writing romance novels. Sure, you can luck up and publish a novel like Fifty Shades of Grey and achieve phenomenal success, but the chances of that happening are akin to hitting the lottery. Your romance writing career doesn’t have to be left to chance like this. Why?

Because the great thing about writing romance is that there’s a hungry audience for it. And if you know what you’re doing, you can be a mediocre writer with a small audience and still make money.

How to Make Money Writing Romance: Free Ecourse

Now, I hope you don’t want to be a mediocre writer with a small audience. But my point is, if you approach writing and self-publishing romance like a business, you can make more money than you ever dreamed as an indie author.

Popular Romance Writing Myths

Many self-published authors are raking in the dough — quietly and without fanfare — because they refused to listen to assumptions like:

  • You must get a traditional book deal to make money as a writer;
  • You need to work for years and hone your craft to become good enough to make money writing romance;
  • Self-published authors aren’t “real” writers; and
  • You can’t make enough money to live on writing and self-publishing romance.

I’m here to tell you — none of this is true. I know because I’ve done it — and so have many others.

And you know what? A lot of them stay quiet about it because it can be exhausting to listen to — and try to combat — the naysayers.

If you want to make a living writing romance — you can. And this course will teach you everything you need to know in order to do it.

Course Instructor

The course was developed by me, Yuwanda Black (the publisher of this site). I’ve been reading romance novels since my early teens. I devoured Harlequins, and when I got older, I started reading historical romance novels, which are my favorite.

As an American who currently lives and works from Jamaica — when I think about it — it was during the course of reading romance that I think my love of travel was developed. The magic of being transported away — literally on the wings of love — is something that never gets old for me.

I’ve never been to Scotland, but the picture painted in my mind of the rolling hills of the Highlands is something that is as vivid as if I’d wandered them myself. But, I digress. In spite of the fact that I’d been reading romance for decades, I never wrote one. All of my writing experience had been in the freelance sector — for businesses.

In 2002, I started writing and self-publishing my own books, but these were in the non-fiction, how-to sector. That changed in 2013. That year, I wrote my first romance novel and since then, I’ve written over 40 more, with more to come. This brings me to how and why this course was developed.

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You Too Can Learn How to Make Money Writing Romance

In 2014, I wrote a very popular ebook entitled, How to Make Money Writing Romance. I answered a lot of questions that I’d recevied via email and my social media accounts.

How to Make Money Writing Romance

I updated the book in 2016 because a lot changed in the self-publishing industry — especially with Amazon — between 2014 and 2016; namely, Amazon introduced its Kindle Unlimited (KU) program. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, it’s all coverd in the ebook — as well as how it impacted indie author sales.

Those two books covered a lot concerning what it takes to be successful as a self-published author of romance. However, what I made very clear that those ebooks didn’t cover was how to “write” romance. The focus in those titles was how to “make money” writing romance. Hence, this ecourse.

40+ Romance Novellas & Counting

I received feedback from readers wanting to know how to write a romance novel. When I first wrote How to Make Money Writing Romance in 2014, I’d probably written 6 or 7 novellas. so I didn’t feel qualified to tell someone how to “write” romance. I was still figuring it out myself — winging it, if you will.

By 2016 — with 30+ more titles under my belt, I felt ready to shared what I’ve learned about actually writing romance. But I just didn’t have time to put a course together. This brings us to the fall of 2017. I had the experience — and found the time — hence, the birth of this course.

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How Much Can You Earn Writing Romance?

In my best month, I earned almost $3,200. And it could have easily been more, had I not made so many mistakes (boy did I make some mistakes!) — all of which will be discussed in the full version of the ecourse. And get this, I’ve never been a mega seller (ie, selling thousands of books). In fact, I’ve only sold over 1,000 copies of my novels in one month just three times. Let that sink in.

My point? You don’t have to sell a lot of copies to make very good money writing romance.

Self-Published Author Earning $100,000+/Mo with Few Big Sellers

Even self-published authors like JA Konrath say this (he writes crime thrillers), as another successful self-published author, Lindsay Buroker pointed out in this post, writing:

A small number of Joe’s books make up the majority of his sales … And yet he’s making $100,000+ per month …

You might think that this sales distribution is odd, but numbers and marketing people will tell you that it’s quite normal. The oft-cited Pareto Principle, sometimes called the 80-20 Rule, informs us that it’s common for 80% of the yield or earnings to come from 20% of the products or services. So, in the ebook world, if you have 10 ebooks out, 2 might be your big sellers that account for most of your earnings.

I’ve found this to be true. You’ll have a few books that will sell well, pushing the sales of others. But the kicker is — as Lindsy points out in her post as well, you never know what those titles are going to be — what’s going to “pop” with readers and become a breakout seller. And that’s why it’s important to publish regularly; to cultivate a catalog of work.

Indie Romance Author Earnings Statistics

Following is a graphic from AuthorEarnings, which has a lot of detailed data on romance author sales.

How to Make Money Writing Romance: Indie Author Sales & EarningsBased on the chart above, the “average” roomance author earns over $8,700/year (over $700/month). Some other stats I found interesting that I can vouch for based on my own numbers are:

  • Romance novels published by indie authors continue to earn years after they’re published (3+ years, compared to Big Five titles, which tend to drop off steeply within months);
  • Book lengths of between 100-150 and 300-400 pages sell the best (those NOT in KU);
  • The more titles an author publishes, the more they tend to earn; and
  • Writing series earns you more.

Be sure to check out that post, there are tons of interesting stats there about romance writer earnings.

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Yes, Short Romance Novels Sell

I write short romance “novellas”; usually between 10,000 and 30,000 words, with most being in the 20,000 to 25,000-word range. One of my most popular novellas though, Just Sex Please, was just shy of 10,000 words (roughly 50 pages). So while longer books sell more, I’m here to tell ya, short ones sell too!

This is where good writing comes in. If you can tell a decent story in 10,000 words (or less), you can make money writing romance. There’s an audience for short novels for various reasons, eg:

  • People are busy and can’t find time to finish a 400-page book;
  • They want “snack stories” — you know the kind you can finishg sitting on the bus/metro, or at the dentist office; and
  • Boredom — some just want to move from one book to the next for variety sake.

So don’t think you have to write a 100,000-word tome to make money writing romance. You don’t. If you do research or visit romance reading forums, you’ll hear a lot of knocks against “shorts”, but I’m here to tell ya, they sell — and they sell well.

Now that you understand how the course came about, here’s what it will cover.

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How to Make Money Writing Romance: Course Syllabus

In the full version of the course, which will be released on November 15th, 2017, you will learn the following.


What You Should Know before You Start Writing Romance


  • How to Select a Romance Genre
  • How to Plot Your Romance Novel (So You Don’t Get Stuck)
  • How to Build a Character That Readers Will be Passionate About
  • How to Suck Readers in from the First Page
  • How to Create Tension between Your Characters
  • How to Create an Ending That Leaves Readers Wanting More
  • How to Write a Successful Romance Series
  • The Easiest Way to Write Your First Romance Novel


  • Self-Publishing Costs: How Much You Should Spend
  • The Most Popular Distribution Outlets & Their Costs
  • Outlets I’ve Used to Distribute My Books
  • Outlets to Be Leery Of


  • Proofreading / EditingWhy HostGator is the best web hosting company for self-published authors and freelance writers (IMO)
  • Creating Your Romance Novel Cover
  • Formatting & Uploading


  • A Surefire Way to Sell More Romance Novels
  • Your Best Marketing Tool
  • The Most Effective Marketing Methods I’ve Used
  • Your Author Website: What to Put On It


  • The Biggest Mistakes I Made Self-Publishing Romance
  • Reaching Out to Traditional Publishers: Should You & What to Expect
  • How to Get Your Editorial Team in Place
  • Forming Your Own Publishing Company: What You Need to Know


Use My Experience to Jumpstart Your Romance Writing Career

I’ve left nothing to chance, literally covering everything I’ve learned over the last few years about how to make money writing romance. If this way of earning as a writer appeals to you, enroll in this free course today.

After finishing it, you’ll have a concrete idea about what it takes to be successful as a romance author — and if it’s something you want to do. And, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Make Money Writing Romance: FREE EcourseFree Ecourse: How to Make Money Writing Romance

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