Make Money Writing for Yourself and/or for Others: Here’s How & Why I Do It “All”

Welcome to our “Mission” page. Whether you arrived here because you subscribed to our newsletter, from a general web search on freelance writing, or from a link on another blog, I’m glad you’re here. If you’re interested in how to make money writing, you’ve landed in the right place. Why? Well, let me tell you a little story …

I’m a writer.”

When people ask me what I do, this is my answer. I used to say “SEO writer” or “freelance writer,” or “I work online.” All of this is true. Nowadays though, I keep it simple. I just say, “I’m a writer.” And, here’s why.

I make a living writing online in several ways, eg, self-publishing my own line of ebooks; developing and teaching online courses; as a blogger/affiliate marketer; and writing for clients. It all involves words … and lots of writing.

“You’re a Writer? Really?”

Invariably, when people learn what I do, the questions and observations start.

**What kind of books do you write? (They always assume it’s books, although writing takes many forms)
**Where can I find your books?
**How did you get started writing?
**”You’re so lucky. I wish I could do that. How can I get started.”

When I respond that they can too, I usually get a blank stare — as if they don’t believe me. While my writing career evolved to this point over numerous years, you can get straight to it and start yours out “on purpose.” What I mean by that is … if you want to make money writing, whether it’s as a blogger/affiliate marketer, or writing for clients, or creating your own info products (eg, e-classes), there’s nothing stopping you!

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Make Money Writing in 3 Ways

1. SEO Writing

You can use the search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge in it to drive traffic to your own blog and make money in affiliate marketing, promoting your own products/services, and to land freelance writing jobs.

Learning SEO changed the trajectory of my freelance career — because it allowed me to do all three of these things. It’s “must have” knowledge if you want to make a living online, and that’s why this course is included.

This class teaches you everything you need to know to get started as an online writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I started promoting affiliate products in 2008. Even though I’ve done pretty well, eg — having $100, $200, $300 days; and even a $900 day — my affiliate marketing earnings have never been consistent. I wanted to change this, and when I found this ecourse, I knew I’d struck gold.

Why is revealed in my in-depth review, which is where you’re taken when you click the link. And one of the best parts about this class is, Michelle, the course developer, keeps adding new, helpful strategies and material to the it — all of which is free. You pay once, and get lifetime access.

If you want to make money in affiliate marketing, this course will give you the fundamentals you need to hit the ground running.

Oh, and did I mention the private FB group she set up where you can get help to any question you may have about affiliate marketing for free 24/7/365? It’s the cherry on top of the course — the invaluable cherry.

3. Develop & Teach Classes Online

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online as a writer is to create your own stuff — whether it’s writing fiction and/or non-fiction books, or creating and selling your own e-classes/e-courses (I do all of this).

E-learning is HOT! It’s why you see so many commercials for it online — from top universities to online webinars and classes, the stigma/fear/hesitation about taking a class online is no longer there. In fact, it’s the only way many can fit in a class these days.

I developed my first e-classs in 2006, and have since developed three others. I’ll be developing more in the future. I’ve sold them from a low of less than $100, to as much as $1,497.

Online courses have added thousands of dollars to my annual income as a writer. It’s some of the easiest money you’ll ever make online as a writer because once it’s done, all you have to do is keep it updated.

As long as there’s an interest in the material, it’s an evergreen earning vehicle for you.

How to Get This Course for Free

When you enroll in the SEO Copywriting & the Guide to Killing it on Upwork course, you get this one at no cost. And, tons of other bonuses too!

3 Ways to Make Money Writing; All the Info You Need to Get Started

“Freelance writing” has definitely evolved over the years. There are so many more ways to make money writing now than when I first started in 1993.

So when you hear the phrase “freelance writing,” just know, it’s not just about writing for clients. You can do that, in addition to diving into these other outlets. I like to think of it as “no limit writing,” because there are no limits to the kind of freelance writing career you can build for yourself.

Happy writing!

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