How to Make Money Placing Free Ads Online

How I Earn $50-$150/Day Placing Ads on FREE Classified Ads Sites: An E-Book Excerpt

How would you like to consistently earn $50-$150/day promoting affiliate products? And the best part — spend only a few hours per day doing it? I do and I’ll tell you exactly how so that you can easily duplicate my success.

I wrote this ebook because I’ve been using free classified ads sites like backpage since January 2009. I started using them to promote one affiliate product. Sales were so brisk that I then started to using them to market my own e-books and e-classes. And it’s worked beautifully — for years!

Fast forward to 2016: I’ve sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of e-products (my own and others) using the free classified ads site backpage.

Note: You can use the formula I share to advertise on any free classified ads site. I just happen to be comfortable with backpage, so it’s my “go-to” site to place free classified ads.

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If you know anything about ebook publishing, you know that it can take a week, two weeks or even a month or more to start seeing sales from a new title (depending on the subject matter and price). So marketing on backpage works!

Consumer Alert: Backpage Ad Posting Software Scam. Nowadays, I either hire someone to post ads for me, or I post them myself.

Learn more about backpage ad posting services before hiring anyone to do it for you. There are reputable firms out there that offer this service, but you have to be careful because many of them that offer crappy service just change their name/website and continue to do business.

FYI, in the ebook I tell you how I place 50-60 ads per hour without using any software at all.

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