How I Wrote & Self-Published 40 Romance Novels in Just 22 Months

Yep, I actually did that – I wrote and self-published 22 romance novellas in just under two years. Do I recommend it? No. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! One month, I earned $3,200 – just from my romance novellas; not freelance writing projects and not my non-fiction books. Just from my little romance novels.

So if you want to make money writing romance, it’s possible.

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What It Takes to Make Good Money Writing Romance

As I share in my guest post on Horkey Handbook about how I managed to write so many romance novellas in such a short time, money is made in self-publishing in this genre by volume based on my experience.

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Every time you put out a new release, you increase your chance of finding an audience and making more money. So the more books you write and publish, the more you can ostensibly earn. This is what motivated me to keep writing and publishing.

One Big Drawback of Writing & Self-Publishing a Lot of Books Quickly

The downsides are that you can get burned out and it can be hard to stay motivated. As I say in the post on Horkey Handbook, from the spring of 2013 – when I wrote my first romance novella – to the fall of 2016, I wrote and self-published 44 romance novellas. So I took almost a year off from writing because I was just burned out and felt bereft of ideas.

At the end of 2017, I picked up writing romance again, and one of my writing goals for 2018 is to publish one a month.

Romance Author Salary: How Much You Can Earn

Luckily, I have a cache of books and even after not publishing anything for a while, I stilled earn between $200 and $500/month from my romance novels. This is with absolutely no promotion or anything.

Note: Part IV of A Lover for Beth coming December 15th.

As stated above, my best month was $3,200. Most of that came from Amazon; writing romance novels for kindle, which is the most popular e-reader. It took me six months to reach the $2,000 mark, and I shudder to think where I’d be if I hadn’t stopped publishing so prolifically; probably easily earning five figures/month (but I’m just not going to think about that!).

Think I’m kidding? The sky is literally the limit when it comes to how much you can earn as a self-published romance author, as the writer in this linked-to post proves.

Romance Readers are Prolific Readers

The one thing I love about writing romance is that readers in this niche buy and read lots of books. And, if they like you/your stories, they’ll purchase almost everything you put out. The one caveat? You must stay consistent to the niche you’ve chosen. For example, I write interracial romance novellas. All of mine (except one – an African American love story) are in this niche.

Make Money Writing Romance On the Beach: Freelance from the Caribbean

Learn How to Make Money Writing RomanceHow to Make Money Writing Romance

I’ve earned as much as $3,200 in one month writing short romance novels and selling them on Amazon (and other outlets). You can too! Learn how to:

  • Properly plot and write a romance novel;
  • Price your romance novels to sell;
  • Create covers that sell;
  • Make a full-time living writing romance (if that’s what you want); and
  • So much more.

Diversifying your writing income streams is one of the easiest ways to make a full-time living as a writer. Thanks to advances made in marketplaces like self-publishing and online education, the ways to make money writing are more diverse than ever. Learn more.

4 Tips for Writing Romance Novels Fast

FYI, if making money writing romance interests you, here are four tips for how to turn them out fast.

1. Hold yourself to a daily word countHow I Wrote & Self-Published 40 Romance Novels in 22 Months

One of the hardest things for me to do is just sit down and write. This is because – besides writing romance — I make money writing in other ways as well. So, to get around this, when I want to produce, I hold myself to a daily word count.

It  fluctuates – between 1,000 and 3,000 words per day usually; it all depends on what else is on my plate and the publishing schedule I hold myself to. Next year, I plan to write 1,500/words day.

How to Sell Short Stories on Amazon

My romance novellas are short (between 10,000 and 30,000 words usually), which will make it pretty easy to write and self-publish one per month.

And yes, short romance novels sell — very well actually.

2. Create a detailed outline

Some writers can sit down and write without an outline. I’ve done it that way as well, but after writing over 40 novellas, one thing that works for me is to create a detailed outline.

Even when my characters/the story goes “off script,” I still have a defined destination (via my outline).

3. Create a thorough character profile

Knowing your characters intimately makes the dialogue flow better (and faster); that’s one reason I included a Character Profile template in my romance writing ecourse.

4. Don’t obsess over it

Many writers obsess over their book, wanting it to be “perfect” before it’s released. Beyond making the grammar and spelling letter perfect; perfection doesn’t exist in writing. So write the best book you can, make sure it’s thoroughly proofed and edited, then publish that sucker and get started on the next one.

Get Paid to Write Romance Novels: A Tip

You don’t have to make money writing and self-publishing your own romance novels; you can ghostwrite them for others. I see tons of listings all the time on sites like Upwork for romance writers. The pay is usually crappy, but if you’re new, want to test your writing ability and interest in this niche — AND earn a little cash at the same time — you can try picking up one of these gigs to see how it goes.

The best route to making money in this niche is to write and self-publish for yourself (to Amazon and other outlets) in my opinion, but I just wanted you to know that romance writing gigs as a ghostwriter are out there too, ok?


Again, money is made in writing and self-publishing romance novels by volume for most indie authors. And, your best marketing tool is your next book. So write, edit, proofread, release. Then, rinse and repeat … and repeat and repeat.

P.S.: Don’t forget to check out the post on Horkey Handbook, which gives tons of detail on how I wrote so many ebooks in such a relatively short time span. Trust me, if I did it, you can too.

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