73 Good-Paying, Online Work-from-Home Businesses You Can Start Today

Making a living working from home is relatively easy these days. Yes, I said easy. Why? Because there are so many opportunities that have been ushered in by the digital age, that your work doesn’t have to come from a large, international company.

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I’m a freelance writer, and I pay a VA (Virtual Assistant) to help me with my business. Yes, I earn enough to do that. And, there are many other soloprenuers, micropreneurs and small business alike who do as well.

This is in addition to the large conglomerates many think of when they think of companies that hire freelance talent.

Why This Economy Is Great for Freelancers

And I don’t mean from a raw numbers perspective, eg, the stock market is doing well/bad. What I mean is the way the world economy has shifted. We live in a “gig economy.” This spells opportunity for freelancers because when you freelance, you make your living by having many clients, instead of one job that can disappear at the drop of a hat.

Also, as a freelancer, you can develop multiple streams of income. I’m a freelance writer, but I also:

Why Freelance Writing Is One of the Most In-Demand Skills Today

73 Skills & Services That Make Great Home-Based BusinessesAnother thing that makes freelancing ideal these days is that it’s skill-based; meaning, if you have a variety of skills, eg, writing, web design and a knack for social media, you can parlay all of them into a bona fide business.

And FYI, creating content (freelance (SEO) writing) is one of the most needed skills in this new economy. Why?

Think about it … the sales cycle begins and ends with content. Customers these days like to be informed before they buy because there are usually so many choices, thanks to our web-based culture.

So, they read, research and comparison shop before buying. That means a need for:

  • product descriptions
  • case studies
  • reviews
  • white papers
  • blog posts
  • ebooks
  • social media content
  • etc.

And who do companies hire to create the bulk of this content?

Freelance writers.

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Get 73 Scam-Free, Work-from-Home Opportunities

This brings me to the interview with today’s guest, Caitlin Pyle. Caitlin put together the Work-at-Home Summit. What is it?

As Caitlin describes it, it’s “a place to learn the skills you can use to earn real money” working from home.  In Work-At-Home School, you’ll learn to:

  • Pinpoint which skills you have that people will pay for
  • Add to those skills so you are even more valuable
  • Put yourself out there in a way that makes people want to hire you
  • Get your first paying client
  • And… get handfuls of paying clients after that
  • You’ll even learn to get over mental barriers like procrastination and self-doubt.

FYI, here’s a mini guide that Caitlin put together that features 73 work-from-home businesses you can start relatively quickly, and 77 businesses that pay for these types of services.

Now, let’s hear from Caitlin herself. … Following are some questions I sent her to give you even more insight about how to make the Work-at-Home Summit (WAHS) work for you. Following is what she said:

1. There’s a ton of info available online about how to make money working from home? What makes WAHS different?

There is nothing online like WAHS. My team and I have scoured the internet for the best work-at-home experts with proven track records of success and brought them together under one virtual roof for six days to teach others how to succeed at working at home.

There are plenty of experts out there who love to tell you the benefits of working from home. Like how you get to create your own schedule, make a lot of money without a “real job,” and have the kind of lifestyle where you can travel whenever, wherever you want.

But how many of them ever tell you how YOU can make it happen? You’re going to learn the truth about working at home and what it takes to earn money — and how you can turn that into a real income, just like I have.

On top of the awesome free advice over the six days, you’ll also get dozens of free resources. There is literally no other place on the web where you’ll find this much legitimate information and free stuff about how to successfully make money at home.

2. What, in your experience, keeps many from achieving their work-from-home/freelance dreams?

They believe they don’t have enough skills and would need a new (or better) degree. This just isn’t true. I’ve worked from home for the last seven years and not a single client has asked for a degree. It doesn’t matter to them. All that matters is that you can get the job done well.Yuwanda Black of InkwellEditorial.com: Reviews, Scams, Testimonials (What They're Saying)

Some people also believe work-at-home gigs are a scam and you’d have to sell products you don’t like. This drives me crazy, but there are a lot of scams that prey on people’s naivete. Trust me. You don’t have to stuff envelopes, do network marketing, or anything else risky or shady to work at home.

Lastly is the belief that full-time jobs are financially “safer” than working for yourself. A lot of people assume that working at home costs more than having an office job –or that it’s a bigger financial risk than having a regular paycheck. They think the “risk” of working at home isn’t worth it.

But those people are wrong. Because the thing is, an employer can lay you off any time they want to — for any reason whatsoever. No severance package required.

3. What are the top two skills/attributes you’d say someone needs to make money from home?

It boils down to something I like to call the “Simple Success Formula”:

Skills x Action = Success

Learn valuable skills and use those skills to solve problems for others. It’s as simple as that.

4. What’s the first thing an attendee should do after the summit is over?

If they want to make their work-at-home dreams a reality, they should enroll in Work-at-Home School. They’ll get the guidance they need to build their dream career… all from the comfort of home, of course. 🙂 They’ll learn:

  • Where to find ideal clients you’ll love to work with
  • New, proven ways to land clients based on what’s working now
  • How to deal with taxes as a self-employed person (not so hard once you have
    the knowledge!)
  • How to save money on health coverage
  • How to get clients to chase you — instead of the other way around

And SO much more. It is the place where real people learn real skills they use to earn real money.

Ready to Take the Work-from-Home Plunge?

The advice dispensed in Question #3 here is the most important because where most wannabe freelancers fall down is not taking action. They’ll spend hours, days, weeks and even months researching something, thinking about it, planning for it … and still do nothing.

As I told a friend of mine once who always finds herself struggling, “If you keep doing the same thing, five years from now you’re going to be in the same position. If you want something different, you’re going to have to do something different.”

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The summit that Caitlin has put together is phenomenal. All you need to bring to it is a desire to start a freelance business. She’s done the research for you, so there are no scams. You don’t have to wonder if something will work or how to make it work.

The summit features bona find business owners who show you how. Many started out just like you — scared, frustrated, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, they did something about it.

Now, it’s your turn.

P.S.: Feb 5th Deadline

The cart closes (summit will be closed to new registrations) on Feb 5th until further notice.  Usually, when program creators do this, once the cart re-0pens, prices are higher. And, it’s usually closed for at least two to three months (some only open once a year!) before it re-opens again. So if you’re ready to start now, be sure to enroll now.

P.P.S.: Get the Skills You Need to Start a Home-Based Business Today!

Legit Ways to Make Money From Home: No Scams, No Surveys, No Selling to Friends & Family -- Free Training

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