Is Article Marketing Still Effective Since Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Update? Freelance Writers — What to Tell Your Clients

Every time Google does an update, the web lights up with everyone sharing their thoughts on what’s effective, what’s not, how to “beat” the latest algorithmic change, etc. Inevitably, article marketing gets brought up.

I discussed the effects of article marketing post-Panda and post-Penguin. So, here are my thoughts post-Hummingbird, Google’s latest update. FYI, this post was prompted by a question I received from an aspiring freelancer who wrote to me back in August. She said:

Question from a Freelancer About Article Marketing

I was recently reading your e-book on article marketing. In one of your sentences, you said “you submit articles to article directories in hopes they will get picked up by others.” What is the likelihood they will? How can we increase that probability?

My Answer

I replied …

How to Market with Articles Post Google Hummingbird UpdateN-:

This depends on so many factors outside of your control that it’s impossible to know (eg, publishing schedule of webmasters, type of content they look for, word length, style and tone of piece, etc.).

Unless you’re pitching a specific publication with a specific idea, there’s no guarantee of when/if your content will be published when you submit to article directories.

I don’t even worry about this.

The only thing you can do when it comes to article marketing is write great, informative content — and continually submit. If you develop a reputation for putting out great content, you’ll get some publishers who’ll consistently publish your stuff. That’s about the best you can hope for.

Hope this insight helps, and good luck with your article marketing efforts.

She wrote back, asking another question, ie:

Should You Submit Your Blog Content to Article Directories?

One other thing Yuwanda, sorry, is it ok to submit ones blog post as an article for article marketing? Thank you so much!

My Answer

I sent her the following reply …


Sure, but I don’t recommend it. Content on your blog should be unique to your blog because Google has gotten stricter about blogs that have duplicate content.

What I do is rewrite/repurpose posts on my blogs to use for article marketing. For example, this post is the original on my blog: http://www.seowritingjobs.com/seo-writing-sample-guidelines-post-penguin2-0/.

I rewrote/repurposed this post into an article marketing piece: http://yuwandablack.com/seo-writing-rules-post-penguin-2013.htm.

See? Same content, but totally rewritten/repurposed.

Remember, Google is all about unique, informative content these days. And while it means a lot more writing, it has to be done.

Now, my thoughts on how Hummingbird affects article marketing.

Why I Still Believe in Article Marketing – Even After Google’s Hummingbird Update

Here are the three reasons I still think article marketing is effective – even post-Hummingbird. Beyond this, I want to share a few more thoughts.

Freelance Writers: What You Should Be Telling Your Clients about Article Marketing Post-Hummingbird

I’ve been saying this for about six months now, but you need to impress upon your clients how important it is to build a community around their content. Article marketing is just one part of this piece.

They should also be ….

Publishing Newsletters

Getting Active on Social Media

Creating Infographics

Investing in Video Marketing

Creating Case Studies


And never forget – all of this means more work for you as a freelance writer.

Why is doing all of the above important? Because as I share in the above-linked to article on my article directory site:

. . . one of the findings of the CMI’s B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report, the company flat out says, “It seems to be that small businesses need to realise that . . . producing enough content on a regular basis is crucial for success.”

Article marketing is just content marketing – and if done consistently (this is where many fall down), it’s still effective.

Learn more about How to Write Content that Sells in the Wake of Hummingbird, Google’s Latest Algorithm Change.

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