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Yuwanda Black Review, ScamI purchased your Seo Writing Ebook a few days ago and have been reading it and many other posts on your site. I’ve been a single father of four since 2005 and written articles for free and pay for decades. I retired mid-2001 and started piddling around on Elance.com and Guru.com. April 2014 was my best month and I was trying to think of a way to duplicate it. I don’t know how I found InkWellEditorial.com, but I’m so glad I did. I can write and sometimes get paid, but I didn’t have a marketing plan so repeat customers was by-guess and by-golly. I can’t thank you enough for the SeoWriting eBook and how much solid advice you give away for free. Today I purchased a domain name (domain name was listed) to start my own SEO writing business.~Steve, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHi there. I bought an e-book from you many months ago (which I keep coming back to and really like your writing style!!!). This was before I really understood a thing about how affiliate marketing works. Evidently, at that time I became an affiliate for Inkwell Editorial through e-junkie.com, though I had/have no idea how to begin! Thanks for such a well-written piece of information! After visiting a few of your sites again, I can totally understand why you have had great success online.~Linda, via email

Yuwanda Black: Reviews, Scams, Testimonials

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHey Yuwanda, Thanks for the advice on specializing in a niche. Because of your advice, I landed 2 clients this weekend. 🙂 Let me first tell you I was (and still am) incredibly sick. I caught a virus when I went on vacation last weekend, and I’ve been stuck in the house for a week. Nothing I take is making my condition any better. I was pretty bummed at first, but then I figured I’d use this down time to market more than I usually do. I have been contacting about 20 companies a day, but since I got sick and I couldn’t do any work at all, I bumped it up to 50 companies a day. After you told me to specialize in a niche, I decided that over the weekend I would try to contact 150 companies, since I wasn’t doing anything but sleeping and blowing my nose. Well Friday night I changed my query email to reflect that I specialize in [niche was named] and a couple of other things. But the [main niche] is what landed me clients. While I was marketing on Saturday, I got one really rude reply from an email I sent out that said “u suck Go away.” I was sitting there staring at it and was about to give up. I was already in a bad mood (I am not a nice sick person) and that negative response was just enough to make me want to go upstairs and just sleep for the rest of the day. But I decided to keep going, because by quitting I would just resign myself to failure. Wouldn’t you know it, the very next company I emailed replied back and asked me if I could write a web page for their website. I was ecstatic. The owner asked me to quote a price. I gave it to him and he doubled it and asked me to have it to him by Sunday. I did. I went into talks with his content manager and going forward they’re going to pay me my regular rate, but I’m still happy about it. I also landed another client that immediately sent me paperwork to sign so that I could work with him on some projects. I’d tell you about it but I signed an NDA so 🙂 You know how that goes. We started working together this morning. I’ve also had other responses asking me my rates. One company wants me to ghost blog for them. This niche is very, VERY new and I’m fortunate enough to be an expert in it . . . To be honest I didn’t think that it would get me business from SEO companies but it makes sense. Thanks so much Yuwanda. I’m looking forward to this fall, because I know that the busy season will start soon. I hope I can write to you soon and tell you that I have so much business I don’t know what to do with it. Have a great week. 🙂 PS – I never contacted 150 companies. I only contacted about 80. I still needed some rest. But if I hadn’t have pushed myself and taken your advice, I never would have landed two clients.~Kinya, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamYuwanda, you always give such thoughtful advice! Thanks to you, I finally moved from NJ to Orlando where I have a beautiful view of palm trees and a lovely pool. I write from my living room or the public library when I get a little stir crazy. And now I think I’m ready to hire a part time writer! I am always changing my website and will, of course, take this advice and go through it again with a fine tooth comb this coming weekend. Your work matters, Yuwanda!~Halona Black, 8/7/2013 in comments section of this post, A Freelance Writer Website Review: 7 Things This Freelancer Should Change Immediately to Increase Odds of Landing Clients

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamWow! Thanks. Great tip about health samples on my website. I just finished re-reading through the recommended posts and it’s funny how I’ve read them before but missed certain key points i.e. going back and looking at your competition’s website, layout etc. Just your one suggestion about my website coming through as “unprofessional” more leisure than serious. Loved that point. I am now re-thinking my whole strategy (hopefully I can revamp this same website and save money as opposed to getting a second). Some of us are very late bloomers, you have said the same things to us for years and it is only registering now i.e. I need to just focus on health in a way that it is easy to write about and interesting to read. I also need to structure my writing to exude “expert”. Thank you. You are my angel on earth!~Esayo Tetteth, via email, 8/1/2013 in response to feedback on this post, The Woes Of An Aspiring Freelance Writer: What Am I Doing Wrong?

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamThanks Yuwanda for the free ebook (Living the Freelance Life! — get it free when you subscribe). Yours was the 1st ebook I read about freelance writing. I followed a lot of your advice and it paid off!~Taheerah Barney, via Twitter @fleshandbrand

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamDear Yuwanda, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “Yuwanda Black is very knowledgeable in her field. I have hired her on more than one occasion, taken a writing course and after several years, continue to read her newsletters. I highly recommend Yuwanda Black’s services!” Service Category: Writer/Editor; Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once); Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert~Anneice Cody, via LinkedIn

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHey Yuwanda …just wanted to let you know how helpful your website has been for me. I formally commenced my freelance writing business www.thewritefit.biz in March this year and have gone from strength to strength. The website needs some work, but I’m up and running. I also landed two writing program gigs with Skywords thanks to your weekly freelance job blog 🙂 Couldn’t have gotten started without you! So, thanks!~Kristy Rackham, via Facebook (Inkwell Editorial)

I just wanted to thank you for all of your advice over the past year and featuring so many of my questions on your blog. I am happy to say today is my first day working totally for myself! I recently read your book about signs its time to leave your full time job and it spoke to me so much!~Laura Pennington, via Facebook (New Media Words)

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamI’ve been reading Inkwell Editorial for a couple of years, and you are so inspiring. Your conversational tone of writing and willingness to freely share so much information is quite admirable. I’m definitely a fan.~Cynthia Groover Dixon, via Facebook (New Media Words)

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamDear Yuwanda, my name is Matteo and I’ve been reading your Inkwell Editorial for a couple of weeks now. . . . let me tell you what you do is amazing. I’m sure your website helped a lot of wannabe freelancers, just like me.~Matteo Nava, via Facebook (New Media Words)

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamMy name is Katelyn Zarem and I am a student at UW Madison in WI. I just read your article “Freelance Success Story” and I wanted to thank you for putting your life out there to help motivate and inspire others. I honestly don’t know what I would like to do with my life and I’ve recently had to start back to ground zero and remember my interests. I love writing and I know that I am good at it. Unfortunately I like to do a lot of things so that has made my search rather difficult. I am studying Biology right now and have shadowed several OT’s, PT’s, and ST’s to see whether or not therapy is my calling. I’ve found that while I think these are worthwhile and rewarding professions, I feel as though the work would become monotonous and I would be helping people get back on their feet to do the things that they really want to do but I would be sacrificing what I really want to do. There’s another problem, I do like to help people and I am a coach, which has become my favorite job, and I want to find a career path that would allow me to help people and work with others. Finally, I’ve always gravitated towards art. Whether is be drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design, I love it all and I know when I come out of college, I would gravitate towards an entre-level job that allows me to use my creativity. Of course I am still looking and exploring, but I wanted to thank you for sharing you experiences as a freelance technical writer with me. It was a job that I sort of just stumbled upon and have enjoyed researching and learning more about. There are many aspects that I really like. So, this was quite a mouthful for me to share with you in order to say thanks, but since you shared a piece of your life with me, I felt it appropriate to share a bit of mine. Thank you again. Best Regards, Katelyn~via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamThank you Yuwanda! All of your books are top notch so thanks a mil. I was able to add value to the online writing marketplace by writing for SEO after reading your SEO writing ebook. I made some money and surprised myself with the possibilities of it all and… I’m more focused on building passive income from doing upfront work to receive income from over and over again. I’m mainly focused on building my ebook publishing empire. I’m starting with a children’s book I found a company to handle illustrations so now the next step is putting the marketing together. Thanks again, your such an inspiration for me and many other writers (I’m sure)! God bless, Maria~via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHi Yuwanda, Thanks very much for your help. Just to let you know I’ve just sent the payment via Paypal as the contract is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m absorbing so much information from your website at the moment I think my head’s going to explode! Thanks again, Ann~via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamDear Yuwanda, Just wanted to send a quick note to say, I’m so happy to have made your acquaintance this year! In my first year of business, your SEO writer resources helped me quickly gain some skills that led to steady work, and I’m really appreciate of that. It’s also been great to feel I’ve gotten to know you a bit through your blog and our correspondence. I want to wish you all the best this Christmas and hope it is relaxing and spent just the way you’d like. And here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous year ahead! Warmest regards from Vancouver, Nicole~via email

Yuwanda Black Review, Scam. . . all your hard work talked about in your Living the Freelance Life (comes with subscription to newsletter) is appreciated by other hard workers out here, Sidney, BC, Canada!~via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamThe SEO Copywriter Training Course is phenomenal! I highly recommend it.  I have wanted to pursue freelance writing for a while now, but I wasn’t sure which niche to focus on.  I stumbled across this website and after reading all of the informative posts I decided to sign up for the SEO Copywriter training.  The training itself was very easy to read and follow.  The style of writing kept my attention throughout the course. The fact that there is a 2 week deadline to submit assignments was extremely motivating to me, and the feedback I received on both my writing and marketing plan was priceless. On top of all of that Yuwanda is very quick about responding to any questions I have. I now feel confident that I have the tools to set up my SEO Copywriting business and be successful at itThanks! !~C. Norman, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, Scam. . . thanks for all your sound and actually useful advice. I have unsubscribed from all newletters [sic] except yours and one other one.~Michael, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHi Yuwanda, I am so happy with my growing [freelance SEO writing] business. It really does go pretty much just as you say it does. . . One of the things I really appreciate about you is that you are not afraid to speak the truth, i.e., “I am sensing fear,” “Remember this is *business,*” “You’re not *just* a freelance writer, but a full on internet marketing consultant,” and “Living the freelance life still means hard work and long hours at first (boy, does it).” Good luck with the marathon. I’ll be cheering on the sidelines for you. Blessings, Donna, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHi again Ms. Black, I subscribed to your newsletter and got the [Living the] Freelance Life ebook. I have to say you are my new SHERO! I can’t believe you have accomplished so much…you are truly a rock star! I really have to say it’s such a blessing for me as a black woman in her twenties to know of African American women who have been successful in this line of work. Well African American women in general who have reached their dreams…but to see a black woman who is rocking out at freelance writing and internet marketing always makes my day. Your ebook is gold…I hope I can take one of your courses and/or buy one of your books in the future. Particularly the ones about SEO copywriting and marketing ebooks. I wish you continued success! ~Tiff, P.S, if you are ever in the Los Angeles area I would still love to take you to lunch! :), via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamThank you Yuwanda … I’m looking forward to your feedback. The course was fantastic!! …. Really enjoyed it and I’ll be refering [sic] back to the material frequently. Thanks again ….~Steve, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamI was delighted to discover “5 Elements Samples that Land Freelance Writing Jobs Must Have“. It’s very helpful!~Freya, via email

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamHello Yuwanda, I have just purchased your e-book ‘How to Make Money Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles. I went through to complete my order and to save the e-books and my computer started downloading and then stopped and now I do not have the link. My order number is 3BJ5FE9S. . . Could you please help me as I am really keen to get reading. [sic] I also have to say what an amazing lady you are, I googled your name and you came on the first two pages of google (that was only as far as I looked…) WOW not many people can attain that status!  Well Done and a huge thank you for sharing this insight into your business and the blueprint for us. Warm Regards~Karyn, via email/span>

Yuwanda Black Review, ScamI have that particular ebook by Yuwanda Black and I will say, yes, it’s worth it (‘How to Make Money Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles). Yuwanda offers a wealth of information in all of her articles and they are enough to get you started if you’re new to the [freelance / SEO writing] biz. Opinions on Yuwanda Black’s ebooks, via WAHM Forum

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I hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that this month marked the first month that my writing income surpassed that of my day job. Thanks to your help and inspiration, I have more work than I know what to do with and have successfully landed a number of clients that give me recurring work. Thanks again for your advice!

Editor Note: This freelancer sent this email in on March 1, 2013. He purchased Inkwell Editorial’s SEO writing ebook in April 2012. And not even a year later, he made this kind of progress.

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