Inkwell Editorial Has a New Look!

Finally —  InkwellEditorial.com looks like it belongs in the 21st century!

While I’ve moved in, my new home still needs a lot of work. There are still:

–>Boxes to unpack (files to upload);

–>New furniture to be bought (plugins to be added)

–>Old furniture to be rearranged (files to be renamed/redirected) and

–>New roommates to move in (new resources to be added).

So, please be patient with me a bit longer. I’m getting it together (slowly, slowly).


. . . for sticking with me throughout this process. You guys have been so great, still coming back for content when I haven’t posted for months; still digging through old posts to find the info you need; still encouraging me to just hang in there when all I wanted to do was chuck the whole thing (you have no idea how many times I thought about just quitting this site altogether).

I’m getting teary just typing this, cuz I don’t think there are many sites where readers really stick with you through broken links, horrific design, irregular posting, etc.

Just so you know, it’s meant the world to me.

In a way, this break has been good, because it’s allowed me to store up a wealth of material to share with you. I’ll start posting again regularly in a few weeks once I get all the kinks worked out here — and boy do I have some wham doozy posts coming up.

Until then, enjoy the upcoming holiday . . .


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