What’s New at InkwellEditorial.com: Hybrid Freelance Writing & More

In case you haven’t noticed, InkwellEditorial.com has a new look! Same great info … but the mission around here has changed. This post explains why and how.

FYI, this is what the old, non-mobile friendly design looked like. As of this writing (November 2016), it had been eight years since I updated it, so it was time.

Why the Site Redesign?

Since it became a strictly online enterprise in 2004, Inkwell Editorial has been an authority site for first-hand info on how to start, run and/or grow a successful freelance writing business.

The site is an extension of me, the publisher, and over the years, my freelance writing life has changed, ie …

Using SEO Writing Knowledge to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

In 2007, I learned what SEO writing was. Learning this skill was a game changer because it taught me the fundamentals of how to market online. I used what I learned about how to write search engine-optimized (SEO) content to to start dibbling and dabbling in affiliate marketing in 2008.

I had some success promoting various affiliate products online using article marketing. One day, I earned $900 on a popular ebook I was promoting. To this day, I still earn money from a few products I wrote about using article marketing – and that was eight years ago at the time of this writing!

Note: Get the inside scoop on how the big boys and girls — those who earn thousands per DAY — make money in affiliate marketing.

Writing & Self-Publishing Ebooks

In 2010, over half of my earnings came from ebooks and e-classes I self-published. Realizing the income potential of self-publishing, in 2011, I put the pedal to the medal and self-published 50 ebooks.

hybrid-freelance-writing-inkwell-editorialMy self-publishing income back in 2010 was a surprise to me. It was a light-bulb moment. It made me realize that I was earning money as a writer in two ways: writing for myself and for others.

Romance Writing

FYI, in addition to writing non-fiction, how-to books, in 2013, I wrote my first romance novel. Since then, I’ve published over 40 more.

Freelance Writing

In addition to marketing affiliate products and self-publishing my own line of ebooks, I still take take on freelance writing jobs from clients. So I have three income streams – and I want to be able to talk about all of it here, because Inkwell Editorial IS me, my life, my business.

Inkwell Editorial’s New Mission: Make Money Writing … for Yourself and for Others

When I got the publishing contract last year to write The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook, I included a section on branding. That made me realize that my business has evolved over the years – evolved to the point where it had outgrown its initial mission. So my branding needed to reflect that.

Hence the redesign of the site, and the new slogan, which is “Make Money Writing … for Yourself and for Others.” Hence, the term hybrid freelance writing.

As my freelance writing career illustrates, there are so many ways to make money using your writing skill these days. You don’t have to be tied down to just taking on jobs from clients. Thanks to sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, etc., self-publishing has exploded.

So when you finish up that client project, you can write and self-publish your own line of ebooks if you so wish. Or, you can choose to put your knowledge of online writing (ie, SEO) to work and successfully promote affiliate products.

After all, if you have a foundational knowledge of search engine optimization – which all online writers almost have to know these days – you know how to do things like write an effective landing page, write traffic-pulling PPC ads, pen attention-grabbing headlines, write a strong call-to-action (CTA) statement, etc.

What We’ll Discuss Moving Forward

Because the mission of the site before this redesign was to help visitors start a successful freelance writing career, I didn’t feel comfortable talking about all the ways I earn from my writing skill, ie: affiliate marketing, romance writing, self-publishing, writing and selling e-courses online, and a host of other topics – at least not to a large degree.

With the site’s new mission firmly in place, I feel unshackled. If it will help you earn a living writing — for yourself or for clients — it will be discussed here. This will include topics like …

  • Organization & Productivity: How to be productive as a hybrid freelance writer;
  • Freelance Writing: How to market for and land freelance writing jobs;
  • Affiliate Marketing: How to choose affiliate products to promote;
  • Search Engine Optimization: What you should know about SEO today;
  • Self-Publishing: How to become an indie publisher;
  • Social Media Marketing: How to Land SM Clients, promote your products/services on SM; and
  • So Much More!

Again, the mission of the site is to help you put your writing skills to use to make money writing … for yourself and for others. These are exciting times to be a writer because there are so many ways to put your skills to use. I hope you enjoy the new journey we’re going on around here. I’m certainly psyched about it.

Happy writing!

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