Hubstaff Talent: A Free Way to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

The outlets for freelancer writers (and other freelance professionals) to find gigs these days seem to be growing every day. Hubstaff Talent is one of them. It makes sense when you consider that, thanks to technology, the ability to work remotely is becoming (if not already is) somewhat of a norm.

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The Growth in Freelancing Worldwide

According to a survey by the Freelancers Union, an organization based in New York which represents some 300,000 freelancers, independent contractors make up 35 percent of U.S. workers and collectively earned $1 trillion in the past year (2015).

Experts estimate that approximately 1 in 12 U.S. households — more than 10 million people — rely on independent work for more than half of their income. And the U.S. isn’t the only economy where freelancing is growing.

  • India’s independent workforce, the second largest in the world at 15 million, fills about 40 percent of the world’s freelance jobs.
  • The European Union saw a 45 percent increase in the number of independent workers from 2012 to 2013. In fact, independent workers make up the fastest growing sector in the European Union labor market; and
  • A full 50 percent of the United Kingdom’s working population will be self-employed in the next five years, experts say.

What it all spells is massive opportunity for millions. As we live in a global economy, the pool of talent from which an employer can pull is no longer limited by geographic boundaries.

Thanks to the internet, and the type of work needed — eg, coding/programming, writing, graphic design, social media marketing, virtual administrative (VA) assistance, etc. — more work is being handled remotely than ever before. This brings us to the specific freelance marketplace this post is about.

Hubstaff Talent: A Quick, Easy, FREE Way to Find Freelance Gigs

The platform was launched in September 2016, and has rapidly grown to 20,000 freelancers. When a member of their team reached out to me, I was intrigued and went poking around. What I discovered made Hubstaff Talent seem almost too good to be true. So, I emailed the team member who had contacted me back, and asked for some more direct detail.

Following is how she responded to the questions I sent her. I think you’ll be curious enough to give the platform a try.

Hubstaff Talent: An Overview / Review of This Freelance Marketplace

1. What exactly is Hubstaff Talent?

Hubstaff Talent is a zero-fee marketplace that connects businesses with high-quality, freelance talent.

2. How did the idea for the company come about?

Hubstaff Talent was created because most freelance websites charge some type of fee for service, and also require business and freelancers to use their site for transactions.

We found this concept to be very limiting, especially for those who already have tools and systems they prefer in place. We wanted to create a freelance website that had no fees, no markups and no middlemen; hence, Hubstaff Talent.

3. What is the #1 thing that makes you unique from your competitors?

The main feature that sets us apart from the rest is that we are completely free to use for both businesses and freelancers alike.

We wanted to help businesses find great freelancers to work with and we wanted to provide a platform where freelancers could showcase their skills without having to pay.

4. What are 3 specific benefits freelancers get from using your marketplace?

Free to use: Freelancers do not have to pay to use Hubstaff Talent. They can create a profile, apply for jobs and connect with businesses for free. We do not take a percentage of wages earned; all money earned by freelancers from clients found through Hubstaff Talent is all theirs.

No Middlemen: Having to sign in to a different website every time you want to see if you have been contacted by a potential employer can get to be a lot. With Hubstaff Talent, interested businesses will reach out to freelancers via the email they provide on their profile, they don’t have to use a third party website to communicate.

Remote Job Board: Hubstaff Talent recently launched a remote job board so now freelancers can apply for hundreds of great remote positions.

5. What’s the #1 thing freelancers can do to get the most out of using your services?

When creating a profile upload a resume, this allows potential employers to quickly glance at freelancers work experience to determine if they would be a good fit for their open position. Including links to personal sites/portfolios is another great way to let potential employers see past work and get a better idea of quality of work.

6. How/where do freelancers sign up?

Getting started on Hubstaff Talent is easy, simply go to talent.hubstaff.com and click “Start a Profile.”

Looking to Hire Freelancers?

Via my SEO writing course, I know quite a few freelancers who have grown to the point where they need to outsource work. Learn more about how to use the platform for your outsourcing needs.

No Fees? Then How Do They Make Their Money?

When I first read that they didn’t charge any fees to contractors or businesses, this was the first question to pop into my head. And the reason the service is free is simple: Hubstaff sells time-tracking software for remote teams. They created Hubstaff Talent as a free way to help their clients find more talent (and clients).

It’s kind of like offering a free e-course as an upsell to a paid one. It’s a win-win or all.

Types of Gigs Found on Hubstaff Talent

When I clicked on “Browse Jobs” feature, following are some of the gigs that popped up:

  • US Based – Social Media Manager
  • Assistant Podcast Producer
  • WordPress Developer and Graphic Designer
  • Long Term Creative Content Creation (Facebook Text)
  • Copywriter
  • Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Artist, Animator
  • Researcher
  • Web Research and Data Entry
  • Developer (Microsoft)
  • Software Developer
  • Copywriting & Optimization (SEO)

Most of the gigs listed at this point seem to be skewed heavily towards tech, eg, software development, software engineering, web design, etc. But where those jobs exist, so does the need for writers. Hence, if you’re a tech writer, I’d definitely recommend putting up a profile. Also, as all online writing these days require some knowledge of SEO, if you do this type of writing, I would recommend that you create a profile. (Post continued below)

Hubstaff: A free way to find freelance writing gigsMake Money Writing SEO Content: Get the exact knowledge that pushed my freelance writing career to the next level – allowing me to travel and live abroad, get out of debt and really “live the freelance life.” One freelancer wrote:                                                                                                               Hey Yuwanda, I hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that this month marked the first month that my writing income surpassed that of my day job. Thanks to your help and inspiration, I have more work than I know what to do with and have successfully landed a number of clients that give me recurring work. Thanks again for your advice!”                                                                                       SEO writing changed the trajectory of my freelance writing career. It can do the same for you!

Hubstaff Talent Reviews

I found this comprehensive Hubstaff Talent review which was done a month after the site was launched. It’s definitely grown since then, although I’d still like to see more writing gigs added. A big plus which this review points out is that because the site is still fairly new, freelancers have lesser competition here compared to other freelance marketplaces.


When freelance marketplaces first started to flourish, I’ll be the first to admit, as a SEO writer, I was none too happy with them. Those $1 for 500-word writing gigs were a big turnoff, and I stayed firmly away from them. But over the last two to three years, that’s starting to change in my opinion.

I think it’s because as freelancing continues to grow, the industry is maturing. Higher-paying gigs can be found. Noted, brand-name companies scout for talent on them. For sure, there are still plenty of crappy, low-paying gigs to be found. But I know freelancers who have built six-figure freelance writing businesses using freelance marketplaces.

The tide continues to turn, as the appearance of freelance marketplaces like Hubstaff Talent highlight.

Your Take?

Will you give Hubstaff Talent a try? Leave a “yes” or “no” in the comments section below.

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