How to Write Better Content: Unique Tip for New Freelance Writers (and Old Ones Too!)

Written by Philip Masterson

How Weird Al Can Help You Become a Better Writer

As a new writer in the freelance industry, one of your major concerns will probably be writing a content that is free from grammar errors. Being able to successfully do this in an eye-catching manner may initially pose a challenge.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought about stepping out of the norm when you check the grammar in your writing? How about using a song as an inspiration to become a better writer?

Don’t rule out the contribution of music in polishing your content. Listening to Weird Al’s hit song, “Word Crimes” may just teach you a thing or two about how to have fun while improving your grammar. How? Read on.

Texting Is Different from Writing Content

People who are fond of sending text messages often neglect proper grammar use. Time Magazine’s Richard Corliss noticed that Weird Al touched on this in “Word Crimes.”

Writing Tips for New Freelance Writers

Think about the different people who may read a text message you send. If you were reading a professional content marketing blog, wouldn’t it leave kind of a bad taste in your mouth if the writer used some of the grammar many who text use? Wouldn’t you be kind of insulted by the carelessness of the writer?

Wouldn’t you wish the writer had taken time to double-check his grammar before posting the final written piece?

Research Is the Key to Certainty

Weird Al is surely going to throw a fit against Lady Gaga’s song, ”You and I”. The writer of an article in Inkwell Editorial noticed the grammar error in the famous song, which should have been titled “You and Me.” Another thing Weird Al touched on in “Word Crimes” is the proper usage of singular and plural forms of nouns.

Learning how to manage content marketing means making an effort to conduct research. Don’t think the readers of your content won’t notice even minor grammar mistakes. They do! It’s better to do extra research to correct obvious criticisms that will come your way than to hope that readers won’t notice.

Strong Impact Harsh Lyrics Produce

You may want to take the harsh lyrics of “Word Crimes” as constructive criticism, instead of as a possible insult. After hearing Weird Al refer to writers with poor grammar as ‘spastic,’ you may want to avoid tendencies to neglect giving all you’ve got to concentrate when writing.

Writing Tips for New Freelance Writers

Don’t think negative criticism is aimed at putting you down. Instead, use it as inspiration to be the best writer you can be.

Weird Al’s Rapping Motivates

Weird Al’s rapping can make a monotonous day writing your blog livelier. Play “Word Crimes” in your mind as you write. Let the rapping pump you up and get you excited to become extra cautious in using proper grammar when you write.

If you want to liven things up even more, rap aloud along with Weird Al’s song while you write. Just remember to tone down your voice a bit to avoid disturbing colleagues in your office, ok? 🙂

Emotional Release Boosts Learning

If you’ve ever felt bad after receiving negative criticism on your grammar, crying about it while listening to Weird Al may just be the key to make yourself feel better. Why/how? Releasing emotions — both positive and negative — can make you feel happier.

And, being in a good mood will help you concentrate when you write. When strong concentration is present during the writing process, you maximize alertness, which helps you to spot and correct grammatical errors before you hit publish.

Mistakes Are Universal

You’re not alone in having grammar errors in your content. It happens; you’re human.

So how do you handle it when it does? Correct it/them and move on. Don’t get stuck on the mistake(s), obsess over it/them or let it stop your writing flow.

Music’s Hidden Message

Music touches the mind and spirit. You may just extract messages from Weird Al’s song that you won’t get anywhere else. Let the possible hidden message inspire you to learn more to help you rectify grammar errors.

Writing a Song Equals to Better Content

Get inspired to write a grammar-themed song of your own after listening to “Word Crimes.” Writing lyrics will sharpen your writing skills one way or another.

As you write regularly, you get exposed to multiple word choices, paragraphs and sentence structures. Once you’ve gotten the hang of habitually writing, you’ll eventually produce more grammatically correct and error-free content without even realizing it. And there’s nothing spastic about that, now is there?

About the Author: Philip Masterson is a Market Specialist, Researcher, Security Advocate, and a Freelance Writer. He has written a range of topics including home and community security, technology, environment, world market, and world businesses. For more updates about Philip, follow him on Twitter.

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