How to Start Making Money Online — No Matter What Type of Biz You Want to Start (An In-Depth Tutorial for Newbies)

Editor Note: I publish three newsletters; two cover freelance writing and one covers internet marketing for newbies. From time to time, the info that needs to be shared applies to all three niches.

So, even though this post was inspired by a reader of this site who is interested in writing and selling ebooks, it’s relevant for internet marketers as well — which is the group I initially wrote this newsletter for.

How to Start Making Money Online: The Definitive Tutorial

This is a long post — over 2,600 words. But, if you’ve ever asked or said to yourself:

“How do I start making money online”;”

“I don’t know where to start making money online;” and/or

“I’m so confused because there’s so much info online about how to start making money online;”

THIS tutorial contains the answer. You’ll come away knowing exactly what do to start your online, money-making journey — whether it’s as a freelance writer, an ebook seller or an internet/affiliate marketer.

Following is the question that was sent in by a reader that inspired me to write this tutorial. She wrote:

I can’t tell you how happy I am I found your site. You are doing exactly what I want to do and you make it simple to understand. Because of circumstances I work 60-70 hours a week at a job I hate. What would be the best something small I can start with so I can cut back on my overtime and work my way out of my job. You offer so much wonderful information I don’t know where to start. By the way, the booklet I purchased on e-books was wonderful. Thank You, L-

FYI, in answer to her specific question, “What would be the best something small I can start with so I can cut back on my overtime and work my way out of my job?” I’d say . . .

Read the rest of this post about how to start making money online.

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