Want to Sell More Ebooks Online in 2013? Try This; It’s Worked Wonderfully for Me

First off, let me say Happy New Year. I hope you had a good one and are looking forward to this year. I had a wonderful 2012 on many levels, and am psyched to see what this year brings! Now, to today’s post . . .

Selling Ebooks Online in 2013 – One Way to Mix It Up

I’ve been receiving a lot of email about ebook writing lately. It’s understandable, as it’s the New Year and many aspiring authors have taken a pledged to finally get going on their self-publishing dreams. If you’re one of them, good for you!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I started guest blogging for e-Junkie a couple of months ago. In my most recent post there, I addressed how to sell more ebooks online – by bundling.

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What Is Ebook Bundling?

How to Sell More Ebooks Online by BundlingIn case you don’t know, bundling ebooks is when you offer two or more ebooks for sale for “one low price.”

One Main Advantage of Writing and Self-Publishing Your Own Line of Ebooks

FYI, this is one of the advantages of writing and self-publishing a lot of ebooks. You not only have multiple titles under your belt to build your brand as an author, but you get to sell them any way you want, ie, individually, as bundled titles, increase the price, decrease the price, etc.

As an ebook marketing tactic, bundling has worked wonderfully for me. For some of my titles, it’s almost doubled sales. I explain how in the post on e-Junkie. So, click on over and learn more about how to use this method to sell more ebooks online.

Tomorrow’s Post on SeoWritingJobs.com

As I wrote in this post, I’ve been doing a lot of trolling the web the last few weeks, staying abreast of what’s old and new in SEO writing. So, I’ll be covering some of the most important things SEO content writers need to know in 2013.

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Again, Happy 2013!

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