How to Market Your Self-Published Ebook (Part IV): How to Effectively Use Your Blog to Sell Your Ebook

The most successful way I have been able to sell my ebook has been through my own blog. My women’s health site, Garlic And Lemons, has attracted women from all over the world who primarily are looking for natural approaches to addressing their problem with uterine fibroids.

My website had become an authority niche site to women who were desperately seeking this information from the perspective of another woman who had the same issue.

Note: Read Parts I, II and III of this series.

Why Having a Niche Blog/Site Sells More Ebooks

Most people come to the internet to find an answer to a question. Their question could be anything from how to soothe a wailing infant at 3 am, to how to become a security guard in Indiana.

Once a reader finds a site that answers their questions in a way that resonates with them, they tend to return to either find related information hidden in your past blog posts or read your latest blog offerings (these are usually the people who have joined your email list).

How Do Readers Find Your Website/Blog?

When creating a niche site, it’s important to understand how readers find your website. Some readers hop onto the internet and go directly to your home page.

How to Market Your Self-Published Ebook (Part IV): How to Effectively Use Your Blog to Sell Your Ebook

Some readers hop onto the internet and go directly to your home page. These are people who may have found you on social media or met you in person at a conference or networking event after receiving one of your business cards. However others are a bit more complicated.

It’s important to remember that a large number of new readers are finding your website via your blog posts. These are often people who may have no idea who you are. They are simply looking for a no-nonsense answer to their question.

As such, you only have a few moments to convince them to stick around and read what you have to offer.

Blog Content that Sells Ebooks

In order to sell your ebooks via your blog, your blog posts must have the kind of content that:

1. answers their questions directly; and

2. answers questions that are related to their original question.

Here’s how you can create a niche website that will sell more books without you doing a lot of obvious selling.

Defining Your Niche

Most of the work in creating an authoritative website that sells ebooks is in defining a strong niche. Your niche is more than just saying that you blog about lollipops, women’s shoes, or small business. Think about what you are passionate about, then intersect that with the group of people you are talking to.

One of the great things about people who are or aspire to be writers is that they often had careers in other areas. While you may not want to write about those careers directly, there are ways to be able to intersect an area of expertise with what you are passionate about now.

For year career teaching adult learners who wanted to complete their high school credential, go to college, or find appropriate job training. My area of expertise was adult learning techniques. While I no longer do that work, I use many of my teaching skills to write blog posts and ebooks.

Readers have told me that I have an uncanny ability to break down complicated processes like estrogen metabolization into blog posts that don’t require a degree in medicine to understand. Here are some more examples of how you can use your area of expertise to create your niche website.

* Expertise: creating websites

* Niche: creating websites for real estate professionals

* Expertise: baking cupcakes

* Niche: baking cupcakes for children with food allergies

* Expertise: public speaking

* Niche: public speaking for female sales professionals

Don’t be afraid to take the skills you spent years trying to build and marry them with a topic you are passionate about. This is often a prelude to success.

Creating Authoritative Content: Types of Content Readers Find Helpful

There are various types of content that readers will always find helpful:

Evergreen Content: This is content that is applicable to your field whether it was written yesterday or five years ago. These are the kinds of posts that people will refer to again and again.

Foundational Blog Posts: What are the questions that people who are new to your area of expertise tend to ask all the time? Write blog posts that answer these questions.

Lists of Resources: Everyone loves when you give them a list of free resources that saves them hours of online research. When you freely share this information, readers will naturally look to you as knowledgeable and will be more likely to buy your ebook once they know it’s available.

Breakdown of Processes: Does your industry have certain processes that need to be broken down into smaller, digestible pieces? Write blog posts that break down this information in the form of infographics, charts, videos, etc. If you can get rid of the mystery surrounding your topic, readers will want more information found in your ebooks.

Best Practice Research: Readers always want to know the shortcut to success. Give your readers nuggets of wisdom that help them to create a blueprint to their own success and they will always look to you as an authority.

Sell Your Ebook without “Selling”

What I love about blogging is that when you do the work in the beginning to define a niche site that people will find useful, then you never have to do a lot of selling that feels sleazy. Your readers will read your work and feel compelled to buy your ebook on their own.

What questions do you have about creating an authority niche site that sells ebooks?

Share Your Self-Publishing Insight? Ask Your Self-Publishing Questions?

Have you written an ebook and tried promoting it on your blog/website? Has it worked for you? Why/why not? What other ebook marketing methods have you tried? Feel free to share your insight/ask questions in the comments section below.

About the Author: Halona Black is Freelance Health Writer and Content Marketing Consultant in Orlando, FL. If you have questions about how to build your business through self-publishing ebooks, connect with her on her website or Google+.

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    1. Yuwanda, Thanks so much for allowing me to share my story with other writers. I hope it encourages others to give self publishing a try. I’ve been a freelance writer for almost a year now and the monthly income earned from my one ebook has paid a bill or two. I am working on writing more ebooks. But I am well aware that the benefits from self publishing is a long term income strategy. As a freelancer, I look at it as my safety net. When you work for yourself, you don’t get paid vacation, sick leave, or other perks you get as an employee. So building up my self publishing empire is essential to being able to take a few weeks off when I want to.
      Halona Black recently posted…How to Internationalize Your Health Content Marketing StrategyMy Profile

      • Halona:

        The pleasure has been all mine — believe me. So THANK YOU again!

        And RE ” When you work for yourself, you don’t get paid vacation, sick leave, or other perks you get as an employee. So building up my self publishing empire is essential to being able to take a few weeks off when I want to,” You’re one smart cooking. That’s EXACTLY why I started writing for myself like crazy once I realized how lucrative it could be.

        My retirement goal has always been 55 — 8 more years for me. If I keep my pace up, I’ll be able to retire long before that — writing just a few books a YEAR. So keep at it. It will pay off.

        And, continued success with your ebook (and future ones). 🙂

    2. Halona:

      Wow, just wow! There’s so much good information here that I don’t know where to start.

      I’ve been writing, self-publishing and selling ebooks online since 2002, and I can second EVERYTHING you said here.

      The most important thing out of all of this info is to niche it — everything else will flow from that, ie, the type of content you post.

      Just one thing I want to remind self-publishers and that is, writing your ebook is the easy part. Ebook marketing is where the real work comes in — as you can see by the great info Halona dispenses here.

      You must be patient. Self-publishing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. But it’s soooo worth it IMO.

      I’ve earned four figures per month for years as a self-publisher, and am on track to break five before the end of this year. BUT, I’ve been at this for over a decade now (12 years) and have written well over 50 ebooks.

      Some ebooks failed miserably; others were astounding successes. But, I kept writing (another important key). And now, it’s all paying off.

      So hang in there, you can do it! 🙂
      Yuwanda, Site Editor recently posted…How to Market Your Self-Published Ebook (Part IV): How to Effectively Use Your Blog to Sell Your EbookMy Profile