How to Grow Your Freelance Business: Freelancing Advice from the Twitterverse

Twitter is my favorite social media outlet for business. I run across so much great information there that it boggles my mind. One of my frustrations with Twitter though is that links are quickly lost in a never-ending stream of more good stuff which pops up (I know, I know, that’s the way it’s supposed to be!).

In order to give these great tweets some more staying power, I’m going to start sharing them here periodically. This week so far, following is what I’ve shared via my Twitter account.

Grow Your Freelance Writing Business with This Great Info

Why u should invest $1,000 in launching ur #freelance business: http://t.co/FSCK2l7yBP (Gr8 advice; more freelancers should think like this)

RT @LinguaGreca  How I survived my first #freelancing famine http://t.co/hWhciQDWlm  by @cibliste RT @letilubelquis #xl8

RT @TXWriter 9 Factors that Add Value to Your #Freelancing Services http://freelancem.ag/freelancing-basics/value-added/ … #writing

RT @FrelanceWkGuide  The Single Most Important Freelancer Trait http://t.co/dixhqg0yI6  #Freelancing [via @kxecomms]

RT @freelancersu  @contently helps you build your #freelance dreams and stay sane | #Freelancing

How I Ditched Cubicle Life & Became a Globe-Trotting Freelancer http://ow.ly/lVDcd  #Freelancing (a post I did for JohnChow.com that I’d totally forgotten about until I ran across it in some surfing a few days ago).

45+ Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly http://ow.ly/lVAeh  #Freelancing #Writing

Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started #Freelance #Writing: http://ow.ly/lVzEA  #Freelancing

‏RT @lindamclay  How to Start #Freelancing With No Experience http://tinyurl.com/q4x2ch3  via @mashable #greattips!

RT @Copyediting Think b/c u #freelance u can’t save 4 retirement? Think again. In today’s News Roundup: http://ow.ly/kLqAI 

I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s tons of great info in these posts that shouldn’t be gobbled up in an ever-moving Twitter stream, right?

Have Any Tweets You’d Like to Share?

Please do so in the comments section below, and enjoy!


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    1. Monica,

      I feel ya about “eyes glazing over.” It can be so frustrating, esp when you click thru and the link is an advertisement or it doesn’t deliver on its promise.

      I do a lot of web reading to stay up on what’s going on in freelancing, and so the links I RT/share are ones where I’ve actually read the content.

      I’m glad you found the links helpful and hope I cut down on the time you spend hunting for “the gems” as you put it. 🙂
      Yuwanda, Site Editor recently posted…How to Grow Your Freelance Business: Freelancing Advice from the TwitterverseMy Profile

    2. Thanks for the round-up. The trouble I have with Twitter is that I see so many tweets like the ones you listed (links to “tips” and other such articles) that my eyes just start to glaze over them all (only about 10% of those headlines tend to lead to genuinely useful articles!). So again, thanks for filtering out the gems. 🙂