How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs Advice: How a New Freelance Writer Landed a $150 Gig with No Experience, No Samples & No Website – 4 Things She Did Right

It’s stories like the one I’m going to detail here that prove that if you want to be a freelance writer and you’re determined, it can happen. Lack of writing samples needn’t be a problem, lack of experience shouldn’t hold you back and even not having a website shouldn’t keep you from starting.

This freelance writer had none of these — and yet upon sending out her first email campaign, she landed a $150 writing assignment, with the possibility of more (paying up to $450 per article) to come.

Before I delve into her story, let me give you some background.

I’ve corresponded with this freelancer on a few occasions. She contacted me a few weeks ago (yes, mere weeks ago and she’s already found work!) wanting to know basically which one of Inkwell’s ebooks could help her get started as a freelance writer— in the least amount of time for the least amount of money.

She settled on the SEO writing ebook and implemented the marketing strategy I discuss there. Following is the email she sent me after landing her first gig.

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Finding Freelance Writing Success Merely Days after Starting to Market

Rec’d: Thu 4/08/10 12:13 PM

Dear Yuwanda,

I [implemented the marketing strategy you discuss in the SEO writing ebook] on April 4th . . . working daily. I believe as a result of the holiday [Easter], I have received a few auto-replies and out of office messages and probably some of my emails are sitting in the Spam box of my recipients.

I woke up today feeling lethargic despite the fact that it was a beautiful autumns [sic] day, dragged my feet around all day with a few welcomed interruptions and basically didn’t get to the computer until after lunch, a little crestfallen.

The first email I received was a response to my response to an auto-reply. This auto-reply had stipulated the company’s requirements which was that only serious, experienced and professional writers send the following:

1. Links to their articles on blogs, websites etc.(none of which I have)

2. Not less than 2-4 examples(and stressed not lists) of the sort of articles one would contribute to their ezine and under which one of their categories

3. etc., etc.

I responded honestly, I told them I did not have a blog nor website, I was doing this purely for the passion and as a source of income. I provided seven (7) ideas and stipulated the category and re-attached my writing samples(which they hadn’t read). I also asked if I could write an article of their choice just for their evaluation.

To recap, I had sent my email to two different people in two different departments at this company and they both responded with the auto-reply.

The email I received was from the editor-in-chief who ”liked my very detailed and interesting e-mail” and asked if I was interested in writing a ‘test article” for $150 on one of my seven ideas (they indicated one in particular). They also were interested in another of my ideas which she suggested would be something I could do after the test article and on their teams’ approval. They pay up to $450 per article and I notice the articles range from 150 words to about 350.

What this has done is given me hope, it has reiterated what you proclaim; that work can begin within hours or days of a [marketing] campaign and with perseverance.

As my ‘unofficial mentor’, I needed to share this with you, in confirmation of the sincerity in which you write and guide us. Thank you.

Note: Bolded text added for emphasis.

4 Things This New Freelance Writer Did Right to Land Her First Freelance Writing Assignment

The reason I wanted to share this is to give new freelance writers help, hope and inspiration. As this freelancer said, she was a little dejected. There’s no pick me up like landing a gig to get you out of the doldrums. But, this didn’t happened by chance. She did four things right, ie:

Read the rest of this post.

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