How To Cope With Lack Of Support For Your Freelance Writing Career

I ran across the following article on Twitter this morning, and wanted to share some insight, based on my 21+ years as a freelance writer.

How To Cope With Lack Of Support For Your Freelancing Career

In my opinion, too many aspiring freelancers underestimate just how important this is.

Support from friends and family can literally make or break your freelance career — especially if YOU’RE already scared to be stepping out on your own and need some emotional hand-holding.

Why? Because you may doubt yourself and give up way too soon.

I discuss this in the ebook, “How to Know When You’re Ready to Quit Your Job to Freelance Fulltime: 6 Signs It’s Time and How to Go About It,” writing:

Your new career is a change for the whole family. So, prepare them by having a discussion about what your new work situation is going to mean (eg, tightening your financial belt, quiet time in the home while you’re working, etc.). This is particularly important if you have children.

… don’t let friends, family and acquaintances waste your time. Work time is work time. Don’t let anyone infringe on this.

Don’t be guilted into volunteering for the latest committee or going out to drink with the girls, or hanging out with your boyfriend “just this one time” because you freelance from home.

If you don’t create healthy boundaries that demand that others treat your new career with respect, they won’t. Trust me. And, if you have people in your life who constantly disparage and/or disrespect the boundaries you’ve set up when you start to freelance fulltime, really examine, “Do they have your best interests at heart?”

Sometimes, people we think mean us well don’t. They subliminally sabotage us.

You’d be amazed at how many will be supportive — and how many won’t (and who you might have to cut out of your life, or at least limit interaction with), when you decide to take the road less traveled (freelance).

And it’s because, many are afraid of pursuing their dreams, so when you start to pursue yours, it puts a mirror up to their lives. Sometimes the mirror makes them take charge of their own dreams, and start going after them. When this happens, they’re apt to be much more supportive of you.

Other times, it reinforces their fears and insecurities — and that may be taken out on you in unsupportive behavior.

Just a heads up.

What Resistance Have You Faced from Friends/Family as a Freelancer?

Did the way some people react surprise you? Has the family/friend dynamic changed since you started freelancing? Or, if you’re just thinking about it, are they receptive? Please share in the comments section below.

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