How to Build a Six-Figure Freelance Business by Outsourcing (The Freelance Writer’s Outsource Package)


Like most of ebooks I write, this one was written because I receive a lot of questions from freelance writers about the subject matter; in this case, outsourcing.

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I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and am accustomed to receiving questions from other freelancers about every aspect of freelance writing — from marketing, to rate setting, to website design.

It’s one of the reasons I started InkwellEditorial.com, a niche site for freelancers about how to start a successful freelance writing career.

Why I Started to Receive So Many Questions about Outsourcing

The questions about outsourcing really started in earnest though when I started doing SEO writing back in 2007.

I wrote an ebook about my successful foray into this niche of freelance writing (How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles. In this ebook, I detailed how I got so busy within the first couple of months that I had to outsource work to other freelancers.

The questions poured in – about every aspect of SEO writing, so I started a separate blog catering to those who wanted to start doing SEO content writing.

Initially, the questions were about the mechanics of this type of writing, eg, what are keywords, how to write an SEO article, what is anchor text, etc.

But as the years went on – and more and more found success in this niche — I started to receive questions from freelancers about how to operate/run/expand their freelance SEO writing business.

This signaled a couple of things to me: i) that many are not only finding success as freelance writers, they’re taking it to the next level and hiring employees; and ii) there’s tons of work out there for freelance writers (especially web/SEO writers) and many are finding it – and outsourcing it.

Hence, the need for info on outsourcing more than ever!

Unsolicited Testimonial

I was privileged to be one of the first to get a hold of Yuwanda’s new book The Freelancer’s Outsource Package. I read through it shortly after I received it and finished it in one sitting – couldn’t put it down. All I can say is wow! Yuwanda, you’ve done it again!

This is one of the most complete guides for managing a business with outsourced workers I have ever seen. Yuwanda covers all the essential aspects of outsourcing in great detail-from the pre-outsourcing stage to how to generate the necessary income to outsource, how to set the pay rate for your writers, what are the best sites to find quality workers, how to place an effective ad, etc- it’s all there. She also gets into real, concrete numbers to back up what she’s teaching. 

cover-lgIn addition to being the most complete outsourcing guide I’ve read, she also adds some invaluable information about taxes. Taxes is an area I’ve personally struggled with and I consider a weak spot. In fact, my lack of tax knowledge has created a lot of fear and stress that I’m gonna get in trouble with the IRS. Reading this book literally put my mind at ease on this issue. I now know exactly what I need to do to make sure I’m going to stay in Uncle Sam’s good graces. 

All in all-a very complete guide and an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make the transition from working in your business to working on your business. Thanks Yuwanda for creating this outstanding ebook. I look forward to applying what I’ve just learned and bringing my freelance writing business to the next level. 

Paul Lindquist
Batangas City, Philippines
Note: This freelance writer is an American citizen who lives and works abroad.

Questions about Outsourcing from Freelance Writers

Following are some questions I’ve received from fellow freelance writers about outsourcing. One freelancer wrote:

I . . . want to ask you a question about outsourcing. It seems I can hit my 6 figure goal by going that route. If I outsource, I don’t see how I can make a profit when i am offering bulk rates and outsource the work.

Do you have any suggestions on how to go about that?

Another wrote:

Hi Yuwanda,

Where can I find your newsletters on outsourcing? . . . I just need to refresh on where to find people to outsource articles to. I was thinking of elance but I heard their bidding takes 10 days before deciding on a winner – too long. Thanks for your help.

And yet another wrote:


My point in contacting you – I have come to the realization that even when I’m swamped with work there is obviously only so much I can accomplish as an individual.

I would like to look into outsourcing my work. The main concern I have is how to have faith that a person will do the job with flying colors. I have placed a few craigslist ads in the past looking for some great people (I received an overwhelming response) so I do have some people I’d like to try.

When you first went about hiring people to represent your hard work, did you draw up a contract with them? If so, what kind of issues do you feel is a MUST?

The last question I have is how to decide what kind of pay rate for the people I’d be outsourcing to? I can’t offer the moon & the stars right off the bat & I don’t want to lowball anyone.

And on and on and on.

Never Look for a Job Again – Ever!

This last question in particular really planted the seed for this ebook because it was so detailed.

This ebook will answer all of these questions . . . and a whole lot more, helping you to build a thriving freelance writing business that ensures you’ll never have to look for a job again – ever.


Because, the best way to build a successful business is to grow it to the point where you work on it, not in it, a concept we’ll discuss in detail within.

Following is a complete Table of Contents so you can see exactly what’s covered.



How/Why I Started to Receive So Many Questions about Outsourcing, Page 2

Questions about Outsourcing from Freelance Writers, Page 3

Never Look for a Job Again – Ever! Page 4


4 Things I Did That Helped Me Grow My Freelance Writing Business via Outsourcing, Page 9

How to Project Earnings Before You Start to Outsource: An Example, Page 10

How to Figure Out How Many Articles You Need to Write to Cover Monthly Expenses, Page 11

How to Figure Out How Many Articles You Need to Write to Earn $75,000/Year, Page 12

Freelance Taxes: Some Things You Should Know When Outsourcing, Page 12

Freelance Taxes: How to Pay Your Self-Employment Taxes Quarterly, Page 13

What Exactly Does It Mean to Work On Your Business Instead of In It? Page 13

3 Ways to Work On Your Business Instead of In It? Page 14

Planning Pays Off!, Page 15

Lessons to Take from This Section, Page 15

Two Benefits of Raising Your Rates before You Outsource, Page 16


How to Create a Marketing Plan to Meet Your Income Projections, Page 17

I. Start with a Concrete Financial Goal, Page 17

II. Work the Numbers, Page 17

III. Write Out a Schedule, Page 18

Sample Marketing Schedule that Can Get You to $100K/Year, Page 18

Monthly Marketing Tip, Page 19

Where to Find Prospects to Contact, Page 19

Marketing Plan Success: One Freelance SEO Writer’s Story – On the Way to $100K in Less Than One Year, Page 20

Earning Six Figures in One Year as a Freelance Writer: The Key? Page 20

Section Conclusion, Page 21


Checklist of What to Look for In Freelancers You Outsource To, Page 23

Freelance Writer’s Outsource Checklist, Page 24

The Advantages of Creating a Sign-Off Checklist, Page 25

Why It’s Important to Trust Your Gut When Outsourcing, Page 26

8 Outsourcing Tips I’ve Learned the Hard Way, Page 27

How to Determine When to Pay Freelancers: Don’t Make This Mistake, Page 28

3 Advantages of Assigning Accounts to Individual Outsourcers, Page 28

How to Determine What Deadlines to Give Freelancers, Page 29

Where to Advertise to Find Reliable Outsourcers, Page 30

The Difference between Placing Ads on Freelance Writing Sites and on Sites like Craisglist, Page 30

How to Write an Effective Freelance Job Ad, Page 30

Sample Job Ad, Page 31


Hiring Other Freelance Writers Tip, Page 33

Freelance Writers: How I Determine What to Pay Outsourcers I Contract With, Page 34

Freelance Writers: Why Having a Long-Range Plan Impacts What You Charge, Page 35

Freelance Business Owners: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty about What You Pay Other Freelance Writers, Page 35

Why You Should Be Proud of the Rates You Pay, Page 36


How to Handle Writing for Clients Who May Be Competitors, Page 37

Confidentiality, Non-Compete & Work-for-Hire Agreement, Page 38


What’s the Difference between an Employee and an Independent Contractor (1099er), Page 43

How to Determine If You Need to Issue a 1099-MISC (aka 1099) to a Freelancer, Page 43

What a 1099 Looks Like, Page 43

What a Filled Out 1099 Form Looks Like, Page 44

Documents to Get from Freelancers to Properly Prepare 1099 Tax Forms, Page 44

When to Send 1099s to Freelancers You’ve Used the Previous Tax Year, Page 45

What Is Form 1096 and Why You Must Know About It When You Outsource, Page 45

What Form 1096 Looks Like, Page 45

Where to Get Free Tax Forms You Need When You Outsource, Page 46

Why I Advise Hiring an Accountant When You First Start to Outsource, Page 46

How to Find a Reputable Accountant, Page 46



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